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  1. Hey all. We moved our in world store and so we need to update the LM's that are included in each and every listing folder. Im talking about the landmark that is in the actual delivery folder, not the one one the listing page. I.E. Take out oldlandmark put in newlandmark in the listings. There Is a Way to Do this All at Once I hope? Finding/Selecting links doesn't seem to work. Am I blind? Let me know cus the LM's that are going to my customers folders are not taking them to the right location. Nuts
  2. Make that twice in one day. And parts of a build i was making didnt come back after teh first
  3. Wow very nice but the HUDS were working at one time. I check these things and they functioned perfectly after I set them up and were sold, but NOW those and any newer ones do nto function after transfer of ownership. Mesh Texture Changer - HUD Setup Script (Place in HUD) Mesh Texture Changer - Sender Script (Place in HUD) Mesh Texture Changer - Receiver Script (Place in Mesh Item) The setup entailed me editing a file named MTC - Config Notecard.cfg, also placed in the HUD and it looked like this; ~These Things Will Break the Device If Done:~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Do Not Remove "*" Symbols ~Do Not Remove "~" Symbols ~Do Not Rename Button 1, Button 2, etc ~Do Not Reset The Script in the Hud After You Finalize ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~Configuration~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Enter in a Unique, Negative, Number Below. ~You Should Never Reuse this Number in Any Other HUD ~Think of this Number as a Security Key to Your HUD. ~This Number Can be Any Negative Number Between -1 and -5243212~ Unique ID: -555 ~Enter in the UUID of Each Texture Next to the Face # That it Should Appear On. ~Do Not Delete Face UUID Lines - Instead Just Leave Them Blank ~All Textures Should be Full Perm That You Enter Here Otherwise ~You Run the Risk of Permission Problems. *Button 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Face 0 UUID: <uuid number went here > Face 1 UUID: Face 2 UUID: Face 3 UUID: Face 4 UUID: Face 5 UUID: Face 6 UUID: Face 7 UUID: *Button 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Face 0 UUID: <ditto> Face 1 UUID: Face 2 UUID: Face 3 UUID: Face 4 UUID: Face 5 UUID: Face 6 UUID: Face 7 UUID: ect. When done I hit finalize on a menu that pops up every time I saved the cfg file. then a small save in inventory-then-rerez-hud-to-ground procedure happens that sets the perms proper. Done it many many times. I'm hoping this rings a bell for somebody out there... They worked after I sold them, people liked them. Then they stopped working. ALL OF them that been sold. Any HUDS I made recently work for me until I sell them. Now I do have more complex and rather confusing texture application systems that work fine. They use a different way of doing things. But since a rather sizable amount of HUDs that were sold to people stopped working long after they bought them with out warning tells me somebody changed the rules which in turn broke them. Phooey.. (Thank You for showing me the script tho..)
  4. Almost 2 years ago I made some simple HUDs that would apply one of any 8 textures to the Mesh item (a beach towel, or shirt, or pants or whatever) its made for. I was selling them on world and in MP. They worked great for everybody. Until recently. Now they don't except for me. Once one changes ownership thru a sale or gift to an alt of mine (to test whats going on) they break. All that happens is the mouse cursor changes to a finger over the HUD but that's it.. This also includes the HUDS that were sold before they stopped working, Ive asked customers who bought one and they reported that the HUD worked before but not anymore.. So who did what to break my HUDS? 🤔
  5. Did you try going to (menu MY market place > Merchant Home ) to Reports on the left side and select Top Selling Products..?
  6. Note to self, if issues arise again SPECIFY Resync... Thnx, ladies, to the both of U.
  7. Oh man that just confuses me, But thnx for the just saying, it is good to know this... as for the double L; Thanks LL for your complete lack of technical support and getting things not done or fixed in a timely manner.
  8. Now I know about the password not being the trick anymore, and I just checked with one of my alts and nothing has changed with his inv.. I am thankful that INV update no longer replaces ADITI INV with new because there is 1 item in there that was deleted from my AGNI that would b gone. At leas I get to play with it when I log on to beta. AND WOW on my main ava when i saw my inv jump from 70k in AGNI to close to 98,000 in ADITI I had a lil fit.. But then again since I cant do much in the beta site and its supposed to be added from the AGNI at every log on why not just close your eyes and hold that delete button down so you wont have to dig thru a semi familiar inventory of chaos in the bets site? I just may put on that one item I want to keep and delete my beta inv. I WILL NEVER EVER use 98K items Anyway I did put in a support ticket the day I opened this dialog.. No response yet.. my 2 alts have teh inv that had when they were 6 months old. Yes I would like some cheese with my wine.
  9. I should scroll up more often.. Silly Me. Thanx
  10. Well that was the issue I could not find what I thought was the proper .. well.. Its not a billing issue and I saw where that was at. Its not a bug.. per say.. Shows how often I need to deal with anything more then a buggy modem. DO yo have a a wiki link for me please?
  11. OK I did this once before, I thought it has something to do with changing the password that makes the INV that you have on SL to port over to the beta site so you can use it when making stuff. I changed the password twice. (this is for my 2 alts not the main ava) and waited 3 days. The alts 'agreed' to the TOS and can log on to there but the inv is almost at "factory default".. ugh., My question is where do I go to submit a ticked to ask for a lil bit a help?
  12. Well... I am suggesting it now.. When is the next overhaul?
  13. Why isn't there a sub category of 'wrestling' and or 'boxing'? I have seen tons of the wrestling and boxing equipment for which there is a big following. But no sub category in Market Place to list it under. There is lots of the equipment in MP and for sale in world. Currently there is a sub category for fishing and camping and hunting (what exactly is hunted, the Easter wabbit.?). But the equipment for that seem to be more for decor then anything. But I could be wrong. Since some complain about things being not categorized correctly give some of us who do care the ability to categorize our stuff in a more precise manner.. I mean for instance where would a fighting octagon go? Or Wrestling singlets? Or boxing shorts? Just under sporting goods? But if i had a fishing pole I know exactly where it would go and likely would be de-listed if I didn't put it under fishing equipment.
  14. I just read this whole thread and I believe you guys love to suffer. Go to Casper, you can get a free set of vendors that work with drop boxes and a Hippo import tool of some kind ( i never used it) I believe for 5% of the income or buy the vendors and rake in 100%. The customer service is there most the 24 hours of a day. Of the 3 times that I noticed a disruption of service (in the same amount of years) Casper and his team was on it like a chicken on a june bug resorting service. (That is to say very aggressively) Took no more then a day on the worse occurrence. (1 was a HD over load, 2 were on line cyber attacks) But we were all updated constantly in the group chat letting us know of the progress of restoring services. In Caspers profile he states that he is not a hobbyist here but it is his profession. The wiki help site he has covers everything you can think of and its kept up to date for the most part. There have been many updates and upgrades in code to keep things running smoothly as well so he isn't just siting taking money he is there making it happen. No I am not his spokesperson no I am not an advocate I am just a guy who has played store with my partner in SL for almost 3 years (I wanted to play doctor he wanted to play store..) and have almost just under 1,000 listings and its all run smoothly. It pays the weekly tiers easily. Dont believe me ask ANYONE in the Caspervend group chat and see what they say. Good luck with your Hippo
  15. So try using those deleted items as related and see what happens... Errror messages maybe? Maybe that will burp it out of the sytem.
  16. Hi folks. Sometime in the last few months I lost my accessory's folder. In it i kept items that were given to me by those I call friends. A cowboy hat and a ring with custom engraving. I just now discovered the fact that I have them in my beta site INV. Is there any way to just move them to my SL INV soon cus I changed my password just days ago to sync the INV (before I knew I had the lost items in my beta inv.) I would really b a happy second lifer if I could retrieve those items and bring them back into my SL life
  17. Hi there. I am trying to figure out how to make a animated gif file to dispay in SL.. I know its not really a gif file but a sequence of frames in a png or targa texture. I have tried Perigrine and that doesnt work at all, it takes the animted gif to convert and gives back nothing but a page of broken links. Is there a handy program to convert a animated gif to a targa texture of X by Y frames?
  18. I have been using the SWA stuff out of the thank u BOX since just after Feb but up until a few days ago it all worked. What still works is the non security like age detector and mistress and a few other odds and ends. But the sec orb and panel vanishes in a few seconds. Why did it have to stop working, it wasnt broken so Y did they fix it? And Y did they decide o o it now?. Also some of the reading files in a few boxes don't say nice things about the Lindens. So i figured there b drama around. Imagine that
  19. I was told here to talk to live chat and live chat told me to file another report which I already have 3 times - teh person refused to help. She didnt say it would b considered a nuisance btw to file a 4th time. So I go to file a 4th report to have the grieving stopped, and when i get no response (land manager is out of town) where do I go next or what loops do I jump thru or circles do I run in? Or is it OK to be a griever? ================Since I can not ad a answer to ur question below I will tell U here; a helper here told me to go to live chat. And I have as already stated I filed 4 reports now.. Its easieer to find a land logger script online and grieve as well then it is to get from help from LL
  20. As I type this my region where I own a parcel is being grieved, I requested help 3 times thru the report abuse option and got no response. I own a premium accoiunt. Explain AND Do not tell me about inapropriate behavier when the parcel is under attack and they are not going to disclose who or how they deal with the griver? I do not care how they deal with it or whom just fix it. Cus if that is exceptable beahavior to grieve a parcel then Im gonna by myself a hud and join the crowd
  21. Since they have 4 other channels in SL that have ahm well, I ghues theyt call em shows to watch in SL how can one make another SL channel with a totally differnt content. That being fighting matches using MMA that are held in SL. Does it take a SL tele studio and hwo much will it cost and stuff liek that.. Or point me in teh direction of the info please.
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