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  1. Oh in the machinima itself tons of edits... I meant after I finished it and put it up on youtube. What happened was I finished the video, published it, posted it here, and it got flagged on youtube for adult content, restricted viewing over 18 only, and I looked up what causes that and a lot of bad things! I assumed it was nudity as the cause for my flag so I went back and looked at it and I actually missed a bunch of background stuff in some of the stores. I had no idea that was even in the scene. So just to be safe I went back and zoomed way in some of the store shots to hide the signs in background and then of course the emoji covering other stuff I added. That photo of the film editor was just the edits I had to make to not get flagged for adult content. I was actually shocked myself what was in one of the backgrounds as I had no idea it was even there when I put the video up on youtube. I gotta pay more attention to backgrounds!
  2. bangs head on desk... found one more background needs cover up....
  3. 8 edits to make youtube happier!....number 8 sound edit on bottom. could have made the cover ups less clunky but I'd rather be working on new movie.
  4. do elves date gnomes? i'm not sure they have ever existed in same fantasy story.
  5. A wondering gnome. I just came back too like some of the posters above.
  6. I was fascinated by this animesh parrot that did circles and landed on the girls shoulders. It screeched at the guy next to her too when it got near his head.
  7. Dancing in a club on a female avatar. Started out fun and made lot's of lindens but in the end was too crazy as I was pretending to be female in rl which I was not. So actual relationships would form based on lies which was terrible.
  8. Posted here om youtube. https://youtu.be/ZoXmF2wfPOU
  9. The video nailed the part that second life in 2020 for a lot of people is trying to look the best as possible and shopping for new outfits and make up etc..
  10. Oh never get "liquid cooling" option.... my friend did and it's a noisy computer!
  11. This is just what I do and just my opinion, but I just go to the HP web site and look at their gaming PC's. I've just always used HP computers as they work well for me. You want a computer with a good Nvidia graphics card in it. They have some gaming laptops there with Nvidia cards in them starting around $800 for an older NVidia card.... the 10xx series. Really one should buy the newest Nvidia card available though it will cost a little more. But I myself will never buy a lap top for a few reasons, only buy desktops. One is there is no easy way to open up lap tops and hit them with an air duster every month or so. Dust is the number one reason computers die. Second I have a newer HP gaming computer with a newer Nvidia card and last time I opened up my side panel to get the dust out of the fans, well the Nvidia card is huge..... looks like a space ship.....I know they make Nvidia cards for lap tops..... but yea they can't be as good right..... they have to be tiny to fit in there. But yea a HP gaming lap top with the best Nvidia card you can afford.... the more RAM helps games as well. I run second life on ultra with no problems. EDIT: You really do need a "gaming" computer to run games..... the only difference between a "gaming" one and a normal one is the gaming one has a better graphics card.... the only difference in price is around $300.... which is the cost of the better graphics card
  12. Seems like such an easy thing to program into the game. Landlord sets the land prim limit for each land user. But yea needs to be added to game coding. I've never gone over my limit, but the limit is there in my land tabs....says like 850 used of 900...... but I assume from this thread I can go over that and then it's up to the land owner to notice and return some of my items? I was guessing if I tried rezzing over my limit it would auto block it. I could test it but I scared. My landlord already returned a simple ceiling on my house that I had raised off the main structure temperately to work on the house below it.....told me to read the land notices or whatever where it said no high stuff on the ground.... no walls over 4 meters and on and on....yet my new neighbor just put 20 foot walls next to my house..... sigh..... lol
  13. How many prims would I get for 500 a week? Also, can I role play myself? Really myself is a role if you think about it as next life I will have a different role.
  14. Awesome video! You inspired me so I will do a decorate with me, autumn decorating video today. Love your house!
  15. another fav of mine.....another artist who left earth way too soon...
  16. how do you turn it off? I wanna turn it off..... every time i see it, it freaks me out!
  17. One of the best surprise - (spoiler) (musical) endings in a movie ever made! The hippie shaved his head and took the place of his friend who just joined the army on base so his friend could see his friends one last time before being deployed to vietnam....while the army guy was offbase..... they were called up to fly to vietnam.... the hippie went......as the friend just arrived back and discovered this....
  18. I need to do a re-make of this as the video quality is so bad by whoever made it...
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