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  1. Hey all .... looking for some good MESH clothing/hair shops (cute/sexy/casual clothes and for hair long ones/styled/straight/curly etc..) ....if anyone knows some good ones feel free to leave suggestions ...that's all I'm asking for nothing else ps (please don't try to be a smarty pants ... just looking for some good shops here ..thankyou) ?
  2. you her lawyer or something? ?
  3. Thankyou really appreciate it
  4. not the topic ..got any store names? no? then bye ?
  5. I know ..that's why I want glitter ..I don't want to wear anything else ...
  6. Can anyone recommend me some Mesh Glittery Lingerie stores? (Maitreya) ?
  7. It's ok I found it ...it was at the blush section on my catwa head hud ...thanks for your help ?
  8. yes tried to clear it and also hide it in both upper and lower and it still won't come off completely ... ?
  9. I did but it only hides the upper part ..the lower still shows....
  10. Hi....so I have a catwa head and I just bought a hairbase for it ....fits very well I'm pleased with it ..the only problem is I don't know how to remove it the hud is only for applying...can somebody help me with this ? Thankyou! ?
  11. the scripts are on i've checked and also nothing is covering my hud i checked all of these things i've been reading about in comments ...it just wont do anything when you click to change the lip colour for example..oh and i tried other viewers too ..but just nothing..its so frustrating it happened when sl had the new update
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