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  1. After todays bout of restarts, i've noticed that sims coming back online seem to be suffering from a drop in performance. Orion, Impeccable and Tease all seem to be suffering, though Orion is deffinitely the worst with an average FPS/Physics FPS of 20-25
  2. Cheers Soft. That's pretty much the response i expected. Guess the tin hat crowd will have to go back to predicting doom and despair in another manner
  3. Apparently a number of groups, typically those with no group image, are displaying this: Naturally, the tinfoil hat crowd are screaming about hackers. Anyone able to shed some light?
  4. It's tuesday. You tried to log in to a sim that was rebooting. Sorry, sky is still up
  5. The region snapshotter hasn't been working for a while anyway. I constantly see the same tiles on the world map for days at a time, with piles of vehicles up against a sim border. The chances of 30 vehicles crossing the same sim border at the exact same second is fairly low, so hell if i know what's going on with it
  6. After yesterdays bout of restarts, i made a long distance flight i haven't been able to make in months. The vehicle bug fix appears to have worked Maestro, i present you with a manly slap on the backside!
  7. Sims come and go on aditi, so choosing a specific one to log in to is always hit and miss
  8. The inventory database is finnicky on the best of days. Do you really want to give it a heart attack like this? :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  9. Believe me, i know. I like to sail/fly and often run in to bugs. I was just trying to help you narrow it down some
  10. Blake sea doesn't have any RC regions. Just main channel
  11. My testing seems to suggest it's related, in some way, to the Magnum RC channel. Every time i trigger one of the two Parcel Full bugs, it involves a magnum sim
  12. Oh and i filed a bug report on it here: BUG-4251
  13. It frequently happens to me on a particular crossing. Komaga Take > Oshima. Komaga has 10847 free prims, Oshima has 11595 free. Plane is an Adventure Air DC-10-30F with an LI of 95. Mostly mesh aircraft. I did, however, notice that Komaga is Magnum and Oshima is bluesteel. The bug also triggered going from Welsh > Taber. Again, both have sufficient prims but crosses from one server channel to another
  14. I simply missed "Blake Sea - " off the start of those sim names. Support fixed any i found that were knackered anyway
  15. I've been seeing the same problem. Specifically on the crossing from Jones Locker > Indian. I enter jones locker, the next region fails to appear and the plane gets eaten on the crossing between the two regions. After that, i cannot teleport out or even walk back the way i came. Sounds like a network problem at the datacentre to me Oh and it's not just the blake. I had the same thing happen east of Bay City
  16. This isn't actually true. It seems to be one of those things LL put in to effect then undid somehow. Vehicles currently use the parcel pool. I've hit a couple of situations where i'll get half way across a region, flying normally, and hit a full parcel, resulting in the loss of the aircraft. So alas, they borked the plan to have them draw from a different pool
  17. I like to use photoshop as an analogy. Say you're making a nice new shirt for SL. You use templates so you download the relevant files, which takes time. You then have all these layers that need to be made in to one single texture. Think of the old way as an amatuer doing it. It takes time because they don't really know what they're doing. They make mistakes and it ends up looking a bit messy sometimes. They get it all together, into one texture and upload it. The new way is the master texturer. They already have the relevant tools and can put it all together in a far shorter time with less mistakes. No waiting for templates and other files to download. No faffing around with correcting mistakes.
  18. Wi-Fi is about the worst thing for SL. It can make even the most powerful gaming computers fail to run SL properly
  19. Temp Uploads were always an unsupported hack that hijacked part of the avatar baking process. The exploit was fixed but you should be glad that LL decided to provide a replacement rather than opting to make us pay for every WIP texture we upload
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