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  1. ...hovers over a picture of the product. I'm setting up an art collection and I'd like to show the artist and title of the work when the viewer's mouse hovers over the work (sometimes a picture, sometimes an object). When shopping some merchants have this feature on their displays. Usually it's the price with text, preceded by an "i" in a black circle. How do you do that? Thanks, Ath
  2. Have been trying to log on to Aditi for 3 days now. Always get the same message: Have tried selecting a destination, such as Mesh Sandbox 5 => nogo Also have tried an earlier viewer version => nogo. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Aditi_Notes reports that Aditi is alive and kicking. The SL site reports that I've passed the Mesh tutorial/test... So, what's up? Ath
  3. In recent weeks, possibly since updating to SLviewer 3-3-2-258114, I've had increasing problems with objects and avatars texturing correctly (there are pictures below). I rolled back to version 3-3-1-254524 and experienced the same problem. Rebaking helps but doesn't solve it. The draw weight of the avatar shown is 64575. Running only one viewer. Included is a screenshot of CPU performances.
  4. I'm also experiencing crashes when trying to work with mesh. Uploads go fine, then when I try to edit the mesh, I crash. Usually working with them on Aditi goes fine; the crashes mostly occur on Agni. I'm using the SL viewer, version S3-3-0-251182. Frankly I think we have a bug here, but good luck with reporting it. There are other things I've noticed about meshes: >>A number of mesh garments in one location causes tremendous lag. >>I got so frustrated with trying to handle a mesh I bought that I asked a friend to delete it just to get rid of it (is the asset serve
  5. This object cannot be returned using the /manage/return menu selection (right click). It also turns invisible from some angles and is not near any of my parcel boundaries. The owner is having trouble finding it. I'm setting up a platform nearby, and will send her a landmark. But still wonder why it's here. P.S. More info: any platform set up nearby is auto-returned as being on the neighbor's parcel.
  6. Today I bought some mesh trees. When I tried to edit one, my viewer quit. Now I'm trying to delete it by using the about land/objects/show, but still crashing. My prim count allowed for the parcel still shows more that 200 prims available. Using SLviewer, vers. 3-3-0-251182 Is there any solution?
  7. Myranua, Not seeing your blog name or URL in your signature (have been know to be blind to what i'm looking for); and not finding it via Google. Will you post it, please? Love the shirt in your pic, BTW Ath
  8. Replying to question about number of ppl signing up on SL a day... Found the number at the Metaverse Journal. Here's the quote: ...He starts off by emphasising that right now, there are still 16-thousand new signups per day (although no confirmation on how many have stuck with it a month later).. --Rod Humble
  9. Sixteen thousand (16,000) people sign up on SL a day. How long do they last here? The learning curve is pretty steep. What do you think of a public service mentoring program where more experienced members (3-4 years) help newbies learn the ropes? Mentors could contribute a few hours a week (or more). If LL deems fit, perhaps there could be a small stipend. It would be like a buddy system. Unsure how long a partnership should last. And maybe it should be administered and managed by residents.
  10. Quick! Off the top of your head, what are some of the best, most informative blogs about SecondLife?
  11. I'm using WIN7 64-bit too. And the crash reports can't go through
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