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  1. I think perhaps you are too focused on the FPS reading.........95 % of all sl users would be tthrilled if they were getting 40 to 80 fps. The truth is you could not tell the difference in SL between 40 fps and 80 fps other than reading the fps guage.
  2. The hard truth is that to have reasonably good graphics, you need a laptop with a dedicated graphics Chip such as Nvidia TI550 M or 650m or 750M etc, Note that i did not say graphics card....because laptops typically dont have graphics card. Most will come with only non- dedicated graphic memory called "integrated graphics" included in the main cpu processor or on the motherboard. Having a dedicated memory graphics chip is what is needed for good SL performance. A Nvidia TI 550 is about the minium performance level required for SL and would allow "high" graphics settings. BUt
  3. Try this test.......open your inventory.......to the animations folder....double click on any one of them.... You will get a little blue window asking if you want to play animation in world or locally. select either one to play the animation.......See if that works....and let us know.
  4. Hi.... interesting problem ...I took a stab at it....here is the script and ill attach photo of sign object //Swinging sign by Darleen Emerald 23 Oct 2014 vector start_pos = <215.036,208.059,46.611>;// note: just copy start_pos from edit object window rotation start_rot; integer started=FALSE; default { state_entry() { llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS,FALSE); start_rot= llEuler2Rot(<0,90,0> * DEG_TO_RAD); } touch_start(integer total_number) { if(!started) { llSetStatus(ST
  5. Hi Maestro, I've noticed that most of the "Open water" regions in the Blake sea regions.....are now using RC Snack server software. I read some complaints about bad sim crossings in Vehicles on those Snack servers on the Virtual World Sailing site Howerver i went there today to test sim crossings with one of my Airlpane vehicles in those RC Snack servers regions. (I was testing blake sea areas near Hollywood) I found no problems at all ...sim crossing seemed perfectly normal. dd
  6. Hi I wont try to fix your script but ill give you one of mine for slow open and close. Just cut and paste as new script //Darleen Emerald Feb 2011 // Make the door........(prim size 0.3,5.0,4.0) (set prim rot to 180,0,90) (set path cut to 0.375,0.875) // Note on prim rotation....right side=180,0,90 or left side= 0,0,270 // Note....Set door prim to the GROUP that is allowed entry door is locked for all others // add sound files to contents "Door open" and "Door close" integer vgIntDoorSwing = 2;//dont change this value rotation vgRotDoorSwing; float speed = 0.04;// *
  7. Maestro/Andrew....ok fine can you please give some indication of the Status/ estimate of when we can expect some resolution of all of these "vehicle returned for Parcel full "bugs? There seems to be a 3rd bug of getting parcel full returns of vehicles ...when the parcel is not actually full also. And it seems to be happening more often recently. BTW all of these are vehicles with pilot avatar sitting,,,just in case that was not clear.
  8. Andrew or Maestro...can you say if there is a bug fix in the works for Flying vehicles with avatar sitting being returned after entering a new sim that happens to have one parcel that is full ? I think prims are supposed to be "barrowed " from sim server "reserve prims" so that flying vehicles with avatar sitting do not get returned or interfered with even is parcel is full. true? Also note that most of the time.....the vehicle owner is ejected from the vehicle into some "limbo" state. that usually requires a teleport or re-log. Even if able to tel
  9. I did not say it was new issue this week...Magnum servers have had this issue for several weeks or more. This bug was fixed on Main agni server several weeks ago....but not on Magnum sim servers The fix was not a viewer fix...it was a sim server fix in how the server sends info to the viewer.
  10. @ Maestro This problem is mostly fixed on the Main agni servers.......BUT Magnum RC Channel servers still have this issue. Why was this not also fixed on Magnum servers? This is the bug where you need to right click on groups of linked prims to make them visible. Toggling atmospheric shaders option in Graphics preferences will make all the prims in the entire sim visible again also. Any idea when this will get fixed?
  11. Andrew....thanks for taking the time to post this explaination An informed resident is a happy resident
  12. Well done Andrew and Maesto !! Just finished testing 4 different aircraft for Sim Crossings in Magnum Sandboxes. Aircraft Sim Crossings are good again Thank you thank you. I hope to see the 1814 Bug fix in a main agni servers next week. Could you share with us what the "fix" was and why it works now?
  13. Maestro........In order to properly test aircraft sim crossings after putting bug fix 1814 in Magnum sims on Wednesday. Can you tell us where to find 2 Magnum sims that are next to each other? I find lots of Magnum sims but always they are alone with different type sims around them. My home sim is a magnum sim and has a LL maintenence sim next to it but its not a Magnum sim. I am not sure what to expect if only one sim has the 1814 bug fix and not both sims. any ideas? thanks
  14. The reason for setting LOD to 4.0 is to view normal prim polygons with more sides so they appear to more closely resemble a round shape....when viewed from a distance. A wheel for example. You may be correct about micoprims ...I realy dont know as I dont use microprims. As in jewelery i guess you mean? Yes..I agree changing LOD factor has nothing to do with the "Sim Surrounding issue" This looks more like a graphics card/chip issue. LilMisty: is this a new problem? or you have always have this problem? I am going to guess that your video card is overheating. Check to see if the v
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