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  1. Jezzzzzus you enjoyed setting the OP straight. That was long winded. good thing you added in some Or it would have seemed harsh. Good day
  2. EBM5555


    Maybe look over the post again. I think the OP is talking about buying gachas has on MP that are being resold. And therefore is not one of the idiots you are mentioning. Maybe ease up because a case could be made for buying directly from a gacha vendor. So many of you top poster are strung really tight and quick to snark. I understand the complaint the op is making. But I try to keep in mind that the residents reselling are not 'professionals', and maybe unfamiliar with a somewhat difficult MP. I second the notion that most resellers don't seem to be trying that hard. It such a crap shoot buying gachas on MP. Fraud occurs. Used items can be adulterated and/ or misshapen. I still do buy . Just take a leap of faith.
  3. There are wrinkle applies as in tattoos. I found some on MP. That's all I can recall. But I liked just layering wrinkles over my fav skin. And yes it did apply onto my mesh head.
  4. Thank you, I liked your answer. Also I had no idea that one island was some of the first land in SL . But I did notice it had very little for sale and no abandoned land.
  5. I remember when I first started SL having similar feelings. Okay I recommend you go to a blog called Seraphim SL . Go to the fairs it mentions. I think that to be invited to a fair the creators usually have some respected talent. Maybe mention your style here and others will be able to tell you their favorites. For interiors maybe start with ummm maybe "what's next "
  6. Well I think the lindens took it down already. Hot dang that was quick. the link is broken and I tried searching for the store name "babyhawt" and nothing came up. Jezzzus, if it is really down already that was super quick.
  7. Wait by first person, do you mean mouse Look? Hmm, I am guessing you have never gone into the debug setting and messed around with the mouse look camera settings? If not I would think that would be the place to fix this issue. i doubt your maitreya body has anything to do with this issue. 1. I have that body and don't have that issue. Also, it is a body and not a head soooo. I have changed my Rear camera settings so that my view doesn't seem to be floating 20ft in the air over my body. I'm not the best to give advice on how to change it for mouselook . But it can be done.
  8. That is lingerie for a child. The title of your post should have been "found age play pedo paraphernalia on MP" Which sexual age play is about the one and only sex act SL forbids. That MP item, store, and owner just need a bunch of abuse reports to bring it to the lindens attention. If any of those pictures advertising those sex outfits were in rl a bunch of people would be going to jail, obviously. So yes it is sexual age play. Plus read the creator's profile it a mix of sex, sex and little girl lingerie stuff. Again this all is against SL's TOS. It just needs to be reported.
  9. So, on mainland a parcel will be for sale with a price set at 21. L$/m , or 104 L$/m , then surrounding it will be a bunch of abandoned land. I see high land prices all over but they are surrounded by abandoned land. what gives? Why do some people price their land so high, just to abandon it in the end.
  10. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get started? Maybe an online class? A good set of online videos? Also, to anyone able to use Maya or similar programs to create mesh : how did you get started? I feel kinda lucky to have the program to play with for free, and I will have it for free for the next few years. I am am looking into courses at my college but running into trouble. I would be willing to pay for online courses if other though they were helpful. I am not sure what is my end goal . Just a long term SL resident that is curious.
  11. This is interesting to think about because real world economics might help to predict the future trends in Sansar. DarkAgain's response seems to follow the "cost of living" model. I think they might be on to something. If residents of Sansar have a lower cost on housing then their overall budget may go more towards goods. At this point, I think that our best info is that Lindens will be the currency. So just talking about the US dollar, we get an exchange rate of about 250 L for every dollar? That will be a familiar feeling to anyone coming from SL. I bet at first their will be a boom in Sansar of SL residents coming to visit out of curiosity. I would also suspect that goods in Sansar will cost a bit more than SL. If we looked at the higher end goods of SL made out of world by creators with lots invested in their products, that might give insight to the economy in Sansar. Won't all the goods there be made out of world by people with higher level skills? These creators are already showing us what they think their time and efforts are worth by the prices they set them for in SL. So the parameters of our guess would be : 1. RL people's budgets for their virtual leisure. 2. Professional ( or semi) Creators value of their time and effort. 3. A mentally of a linden dollars value carried over from the pre-existence of this currency. ( cost of living would factor into this area) I keep thinking Sansar's economy will mimic a RL vacation town. Something about the economy will be off, because few people living in the area can find work that supports them to live in a vacation town. Therefore, the entire class of residents will be missing from the circle of money flow. ( in SL many residents support themselves in the game off what they create in world, back in the day simple things like shapes etc) This would spell death for an area unless they can keep up the novelty affect and continue to attract visitors to spend outside money. I don't know. I am probably making a comparison to much of SL residents, who knows what crowd Sansar will attract ? If it is their first time seeing a linden exchange ? They could be cheap? But then It should come back to the creators having a value in their minds for their time and work. Sadly, if they can make a go of it they leave. But hahahha artist love RL vacation towns cause people love to treat themselves. Ahahahahahhh idk.
  12. Have you heard about standard sizes? Do you know how to make your body invisible (alpha) ? Which avatar from SL are you using ? Other then using those things together to make clothes fit . If you need more help , just say.
  13. Genesis lab has one, kinda subtle but yes. Or you could pick a Lelutka that has the basic shape you like and then apply an Asian skin from the Skinnery. That is the best I can say
  14. Seriously, the low prim count of mesh is amazing. The above post talk about mesh being for the money spenders but wait = when 100 prims can beautifully fill a whole house ..... Then they only need a tiny piece of land big enough for their home. Very good point made.
  15. My 2 cents. Mesh has increased avatar diversity. My point is easy enough to prove: The big butts. (Which seem to manage to find plenty of clothes.) I know if you have been on the grid you have seen the fat mesh behinds! Also, boobs in many shapes and sizes. Plus clothes are going into fit mesh that wraps around any shape. All most all my clothes are fit mesh, now. Plus the new skeleton thing the lindens are doing; I guess will help improve avatar diversity. Oh and I downloaded Maya for FREE. ( just saying) Didn't mess with it much but it was difficult. The "intro to programing" course I took didn't mention it and I really didn't learn anything helpful for SL! Mesh's existence doesn't stop anyone from prim building. It just stops them from being able to sell it. Was their fun in making money or the building ? Or I guess the issue is that residents can't stand in a sandbox working together on a build because mesh is imported. But other than the above , I really agree with you. I want to scream when I am in SL because it is so SILENT, Silent and anti-social. So silent . Another thing though - mainland looks like crap. Some really outdated hodge Podgorica crap flung randomly around. OUTDATED and ABANDONED however, I bought my first land mainland plot recently and I enjoy driving the roads. I still manage to find fun and make new friends: it's just harder. If you wanted to talk about Sansar: I don't know. I have heard so many theories on it that it is not even fun to debate the what ifs. Well that is probably all 2 cents covers.
  16. Can you post a LM to where the newcomers land I would like to see it. I have no idea where they come in and have not seen it since I was new. I barely remember some rooms, chained together with prompts to cam around. Then a destination guide but in portals.
  17. Now that you brought them up I am curious also. I wonder what ever happened to them? Maybe someone will be nice and tell us
  18. First, I was trying to be brief & light-hearted to encourage a healthy debate. I try to avoid bad forms of debate such as personal attacks. I felt the need to give some parameters in order to be able to answer the prompt. When forming my reply, I considered the global aspects of SL. But, I couldn’t see where the differences of individual resident’s ideologies trump TOS, or in any way can even affect TOS. Therefore, I thought it was logical to point out that the culture of SL is formed from the top –down and that it follows contract law, created by the CEOs which are in turn regulated by laws ( leans/ bias) where they are based which is in California, USA. To be really simple my answer is YES, residents of SL are more liberal than their non-SL playing counterparts in their respective regions of the world due to the exposure SL provides to other cultures which raises the individual tolerance. P.S. If provincial is narrow minded thinking revolving around a bias towards one’s own empire then I find it funny that your second sentence to me was “Besides, it's all irrelevant, all politicians are an unneccessary waste of space and time”. Were you thinking of all the politicians in the world, like the newly elected women in Saudi Arabia? What about good ole honest Abe? What purpose did your personal attack on my thinking and a blanket statement about politicians serve in this debate? Did I miss some nuance in your statement as you seemed to have missed in mine?
  19. Okay guys, stand back.... I think I got this one. I think they wants to know if SL would be a red or blue state on the map. Well SL is based in Cali so it should follow California's lean. Recall SL is not a democracy. The owners of SL write the TOS. But if they meant anything else, I don't know if it is possible to answer.
  20. I have this feeling that the SIMSs latest release can give insight into the minds at LL. Not sure if I can put it into words but something about: LL & Sims having common industry trends. Trends: 1. An average computer being able to handle the game 2. Ease of a new player being able to figure out a game 3. Nothing to creepy that would scare away the mainstream. Like overaly realistic avatars. A look that has another world / immersion vibe. 4. Simple games / quest built into it. not sure why but they seem to think this "sells" it. 5. Open continuous worlds seem to be on a decline, maybe they are not worth the effort and hurt trend "#1" whatever Sansar becomes, I think it will be following trends. I imagine a focus in the last decade has changed. From can we put a man on the moon, to how many men can we get to come to our moon amusement park here on earth.
  21. EBM5555

    Sky Clutter

    I was thinking about sky clutter earlier today. I almost took a pic & posted it in the forum. I joined in 2010 & I just started to hang out on mainland and bought my first ML parcel last week. The sky is like some dystopian future. I'm not in a mood to hobble my graphics to overcome it but on second thought I might. I've been traveling all over mainland and it is fun because I've never expored it before = it has its good & bad. I just might try your idea.
  22. Sharing information does good; there is lots of good that can come from this post. I don't know: it just seemed harsh . But, on 2nd thought there is no need for me to say anything.
  23. Thank you both, at least I know I'm not just losing my mind. I will give your ideas a try as well.
  24. This is why I quit that body ealy 2015. Not enough clothes, & just to hard to find clothes.
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