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  1. Oh! I'm sorry I didn't see this reply! I'd love to meet you hehe, just add me in world. YummyClaw Display name: Alice
  2. So, I was online without any issues last night, and I haven't changed anything about anything on my avatar or my computer. When I wake up today, I find I can't get my avatar to load. I'm just a cloud floating around. I've tried clearing the cache, restarting my computer, rebaking textures, and even resetting my modem. Nothing else has any connectivity issues. The world and other peoples avatars load plenty fast, and the lagmeter says everything is in the green. My huds show up like normal, and my movement is smooth and unhindered. Is there some other cause for my avatar not loading, when it
  3. I am a female who portrays herself as a human, and I am looking for a pretty vampire person to hang around with. My preferences are as follows. 1: Speaks good english. 2: Is a female, or a well groomed and stylish male, with no facial/body hair and no overly large muscle tone. AKA anyone pretty. 3: Not looking for a serious relationship, just a fun companion who can do some private roleplay once in awhile~ 4: Good avatar. Preferably a mesh body, or at least one that is well put together. Your overall style can be however you wish, though I personally have a preference for more curvy, gothy
  4. So, I've fairly recently gotten into the TMP body, since it's the best way I've found to make a curvy avatar without having seems all over the body. I've run into one consistent problem with it though... SO MANY items in the marketplace are rigged or fitted mesh items (which can't be adjusted at all) and look great, and claim to support TMP, but then don't... So for example, you'll search "tmp jacket", and then you'll find this really great looking complete outfit, which has a jacket close to what you are looking for. Then... Upon closer investigation, you see that the level of TMP s
  5. I know that. I meant, how do I change their order in the Edit Appearence mode, where the save buttons for outfits are?
  6. So I make multiple outfits on a regular basis. From there, I also make variations on the same outfit, for places that require specific huds or items. Though I've noticed that (in the default viewer), I see no way to rearange the list of the different saved outfits. In the Inventory screen, they're just alphabetical. In the Change Appearence window, they're just kept in the order they were created. While this isn't exactly a big deal, it does bother me to have things out of order like that, and I'd like to be able to rearange them. Does anyone know of a way to do this?
  7. As I said, I can see other people's physics perfectly fine. It's only my own that I cannot see, but according to other people, they DO see them on me.
  8. So, here is my strange situation. Me and a friend both have the same custom body. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SKINGBRAZILIA-DOLL-3-PAPAYA/6985117 This body uses Omega system, and comes with its own wearable physics item, with a menu for adjustments. Now, I (person 1) see person 2's physics working perfectly. Even when idle, there's subtle swaying flowing along with the AO. According to person 2, the same thing is happening on my avatar, but I don't see it. For me, my avatar's physics don't show. A strange situation. So to simplify: Person 1 sees person 2's physics perfectly Person
  9. So tonight/this morning I've been having weird issues all over. I'll give you the play by play with what I've had... First, I had trouble changing outfits. Parts would change, while others wouldnt. Next I tried relogging, and my account got put on hold for a good 2 minutes Then upon returning, my avatar was loaded even less than previously. Grey skin, mesh items not properly transparent, items missing, etc Next I cleared my cache to start over. Upon coming back in, everyone else would load properly, but I would still only load half way I relog again and get put on hold again I come back agai
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