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  1. It would be nice, I don't really care if people with their performance slider set to low can't render me. One thing I found odd is that an item consisting of mostly invisible objects had a very high rendering complexity. Shouldn't something like that have a rendering cost close to zero since there almost nothing to render?
  2. For your phone, it probably won't help much because your router is often assigning your phone's IP address (a private address), and your router is the only thing getting a public address from your ISP so the the Internet at large you generally have the same IP since the IPs tend to be sticky to the same router MAC. Not that you couldn't just change the MAC address on your router a little bit to cause your ISP to assign a different IP address, but it's probably going to require rebooting your cable modem at a minimum. I actually think the problem is only going to get worse though. We are mo
  3. It's pretty easy to get caught by something like this, because friends pass pictures to each other all the time on Skype and this looks like any other picture at casual glance. A friend's hacked account sent this to me and I noticed it because the icon was different and windows reported the type as a scr (which is really an executable under the hood). Even the filename showed as .png, it was a pretty clever little trick. Also for people relying on antivirus? I can tell you that mine didn't catch it, and when I uploaded to a tester site only about 25% of the engines picked it up. Would more h
  4. I can think of a few things to try to correlate, to see if those might be related: 1. Do you have 'Auto Play Media' turned on? Turn it off. It's probably the worst security nightmare out there I can see. I've run into sim where there are objects "streaming" things like seo sites, and none will be the wiser if you don't look at currently playing media. I have no idea how secure the internal web browser is but I don't have high confidence in it. 2. Do you do any kind of object scripting that could expose your email address? Doesn't sound likely, or you'd have found it by now I'm betting 3. Ar
  5. Good. Cursive takes time to learn that could be spent learning something more useful (like how to touch type), and it's hard to read compared to block letters. Why use it at all then? It's faster to write by hand than block letters. I for one won't be sad to see it go. I guess the question becomes then... what will signatures look like? Will they just become a certificate thumbprint from the ID chip embedded in your hand in the future?
  6. Well, putting sims on indicidual servers is one of the major problems with the fundamental design of their system, because it ultimately requires you to get bigger and badder hardware if you want to scale a sim up. Fortunately with advances in cloud design over the last several years we don't have to deal with this anymore. It's not that it was a bad design, it was pretty good in its day but its outdated. If you think about SL for a moment, every asset is represented by a GUID. It's pretty simple to make a hashing algorithm to divide these GUID into an arbitrary number of relatively even buck
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone above this line has been trolled. --^ Anyway though, just as an observation: it's very entertaining to see the difference in how folks respond for this kind of post based on the genrder of the original poster. I guess I've been trolled too, since I responded.
  8. I'm getting this too. I even tried to create a support ticket, but it wasn't working, lol. I can't buy lindens, and I won't risk buying them on a page serving third-party ads with a browser I can't use to protect myself against them so I guess I'm stuck being unable to buy linden dollars until they get it fixed EDIT: I was able to get it working. Basically went in and found all cookies with SecondLife in the name and deleted them. After that it seems to work normally
  9. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Bree Giffen wrote: You can't just point to the high priced escort doing it just to maintain her lifestyle or to the college student paying her way through college. It's hard to believe they're normal run of the mill girls who will just drop out of prostitution when they get what they want and return to a healthy normal life. Secondly, those examples are such small fractions of prostitution that you can't really make an argument for prostitution just by pointing to those. One of my nieces spent some time overseas studying sex workers as part of her academic work
  10. I know if I was going to make a tool that stole accounts, I would definitely put a message in there that broadcasted that fact in local chat whenever I stole one. Maybe that's just me, though But yeah, sounds like he was just goofing off
  11. I do it with the background prim as well. The best I could suggest is to make the picture as large as you can fit on the screen and at the higest resolution you can. Second, you might try turning off anti-aliasing which will probably look really horrifying at first but will completely separate your AV from the background letting you do a color replace in your graphics program. When you put the new background in, then you should be able to enable anti-aliasing again and have it blend in seamlessly with the AV. I haven't tried it personally so I'm not sure if it would work as good as it sou
  12. There's a lot of reasons to use IM even for strangers, for example if I see something kinda neat about their AV I might IM them and compliment or ask them more about it and no, I'm not flirting: It's a genuine compliment. IMs are better for this kinda thing since a public message might be awkward since it is drawing possibly unwanted attention to them. That being said, it sounds like you just need to use the option in preferences: Only friends are allowed to IM me. This should resolve the problem since your friends should know enough about you to know your boundaries.
  13. Actually.... Men are almost as likely to be victims of Domestic Violence as women are: http://domesticviolencestatistics.org/men-the-overlooked-victims-of-domestic-violence/ Just sayin' But if you want to talk about generalities, women know that men are strictly averse to hitting a woman for any reason even if she attacks him physically, so they can exploit this fact to abuse their partner because he will just put up with it. Also keep in mind that you're going to respond much differently being suddenly exposed to a different balance in hormones than someone who has experienced it their who
  14. He doesn't have to file a DMCA complaint, and in fact cannot since he doesn't own it. What he can do is flag the item for violating the Marketplace policies on branding and they'll remove the item: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines
  15. Syo Emerald wrote: Aren't there schools and classes and such in SL? I think I heard about such things a while ago. Also I'm curious what place that was, where you met just people who spoke it badly. I found one school, but it was mostly deserted except for some videos, many with broken links. I believe they have a weekly class, but it happens when I'm at work. I didn't find a place where they speak it bady, I was just joking that I would gravitate to a place with other beginning speakers and try to make coherent sentences. Now that I know more about how to find things in SL, I might be
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