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  1. My birthday party was 100% online, and a lot people came to visit during that day. A ton of pictures were taken, but i like this one, friends from years, months, days and even people that tped to meet me and eat cake with us ♥ SL is part of my RL since 2007 and it will probably stay for a long time. Thanks LL / MoonLab ☻ Btw - Lindens, send me a bear ❤️ winter has come to Brazil and those bears help me when i go to sleep.
  2. Couldn't send the application. Contact me inworld.
  3. The Skybox Hostel is now open! We offer: Skybox Houses - L$ 10 per week Breedable Platforms - L$ 100 per week Skyboxes from 1024 to 15232sqm! - Starting at L$ 100 per week Skydomes - L$ 50 per week! Security by CasperSafe Prims can be arranged (: For Business Market Stalls, Starter Stores and Stores are available in our commercial plaza! Your Shop need privacy? We have Business Skyboxes - L$ 50 per week! Come check! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tweddle/59/22/82 %PROMOTION% Pay 4 Weeks a
  4. If you are looking for a huge place to live or start your business, look no further! Come check http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tweddle/61/99/77 Ocean can be seen from 3 sides.
  5. Home > Forums > Commerce Forum > Inworld Employment > Needs hud It's in the employment forum. Btw this could be at the WANTED forum https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/313-wanted/
  6. I own 2 Stores in Second Life, we sell a huge number of products, scripts, clothes, 3D Object, custom stuff, well, I've developed a HUD that anyone can use to work at my stores. It's very simple, just double click the HUD, touch Login, touch the vendor machine that you want to login, and select Connect at the HUD and done, for the next 5 minutes you will get 50% of every sale made in that vendor machine. If you focus on selling our "Business in a Box" you can make up to 1k L$ in a single day! (A Building (3 stories) + XPM Merchant Pack (own creations) + thousands of products to
  7. I was only telling the world that I exist and I do know how to make stuff '-' but it's okay - edited to fit the guidelines.
  8. I'm here to invite people to come visit me! I'm always alone at my land, trying to make a living. if you have some time to spare, join me for a coffee
  9. Affordable Hostel for everyone! Starting at L$ 35 per week! Fully Furnished Skyboxes for residential use. All Skyboxes have an EXCLUSIVE INFINITE POOL! Come to check and you will never regret! Visit us: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business Park/41/198/22 ♦ Skybox Hostel ♦ Skybox Room Rental ♦
  10. Anyone looking for friends is welcome to add me djespektro.aeon
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