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  1. And why do people leave all the windows and doors open on a home when they abandon it? I often get homes shortly after a release which have obviously been taken and quickly abandoned with all windows and doors open. I tend to close all the doors and windows and change decor to a nice neutral colour as if I am selling in RL
  2. I'm wondering who is managing to get the newly released homes. I have only got one newly released since the first stilt release. Since then, the same abandons over and over. I guess they don't like people changing homes and have found a way to stop it maybe?
  3. Sailing on Ocean's Prey in a little boat I had in my alt's inventory from many years ago. How spoilt we are with the amount of open ocean regions in Bellisseria.
  4. This is a really lovely kitchen with lots of choices. I love the oven too.
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KraftWork/246/149/21 Saturday Sale- beaded lights in a variety of colours 75 L for all. 2 Li eachAlso at Kraftwork for Wanderlust weekend, Indigo set 50 L. I'm not sure of the Li on these because I didn't buy and forgot to check.
  6. Since the releases aren't automated, I don't expect there will be any releases over the weekend?
  7. The vendors in some some stores automatically refund you if you have bought the item before. I wish they all did that. I Sometimes I have no recollection at all of buying items so now I always search my inventory first. I have tried to be organized in my inventory but still its a bit of a mess and difficult to find things 🙄
  8. At the minute there are second generation Traditionals, Stilt on land, houseboats, Victorians, Loghomes and campers available on the land page. Edited to add there now are stilts on water on the land page
  9. My internet isn't fast enough for these slow releases. Only ever really pick up ones others have abandoned soon after the release. I love the stilt homes, the on water, pier and on land all have a vibe I like.
  10. Trads- I tend to decorate them in line with their name, traditionally, with a nice fireplace, soft comfy sofa and a cosy feel. Houseboats- relaxed, informal furniture and nautical themed objects and a little row boat moored outside. And lots of wine and cheese for some reason. Trailers- Bohemian feel, relaxed and colourful inside and an abundance of flowers and greenery outside, barbeque and garden chairs. I have a very private one beside a river that I don't expect to ever give up. Victorians- originally I called mine Villa Diodati and filled it with gothic style furniture and Victorian patte
  11. It ticks every single box; Square parcel ☑️ View of lighthouse ☑️ Attached to land ☑️ End of the row ☑️ Privacy ☑️
  12. Maybe your settings? I can hear gentle waves and seagulls etc x
  13. On my way home from work and sitting outside waiting on my husband getting a takeaway and decided to have a look and see if stilts were released. Delighted, I got one no problem, attached to the pier but over water. I'm loving these houses. Beautiful ambience noise too. I feel like I'm at the seaside. Thanks to Patch and the whole team. Great job as usual. Merry Christmas.
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