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  1. That is a stunning setting. A keeper for sure. Yes seems quite a few from the forum have homes there now. I sometimes see forum members when I am 'fishing' too. Seems we often are catching the same homes 😊
  2. Waves. Its a stunning region. Can't see a bad spot on it.
  3. Feeling restless and on the move again . Picked up a lovely camper in Saltmarsh.
  4. Have a day off work today and spending some time fixing up my houseboat.
  5. I remember visiting this when I first came to SL in 2007. Must do a bit of exploring on this. I also remember a big airship (Zeppelin?) we used to go to but I think that has gone. I thought Titanic was an awesome build too, back in the day.
  6. You can cam out to the mailbox and change house types that way.
  7. I haven't always felt drawn to the houseboats especially if they are hemmed in by lots of others but this one is at the end plus the views are of open sea. I can only really use the Windlass model though as the others point the other way and there is a houseboat behind me. I haven't experienced much lag here and there seem to be quite a few dots on the map. It's in Lapis region.
  8. At the minute there are loads of lovely campers and houseboats available easily for anyone that wants one. I caught this lovely houseboat earlier with my RL husbands account, it has lovely views of open seas to enjoy and a cute little sandy area with seating which I am going to pretend is my garden I am decorating it at the minute.
  9. I have no problem with 5 times a day. I rarely use my 5. I like to keep a house/ boat/camper and play with it for a while before switching. I was really addressing your point about switching homes not being what Bellisseria was designed for. It felt like a jibe at people who enjoy this side of Linden Homes. Apologies if you did not mean it that way. I just see it as an added enjoyment of Bellisseia.
  10. I don't know why you think I missed your point. It's the same point you always make.
  11. I think Bellisseria was designed to attract more people to premium accounts. It has achieved that goal I think. I also think that beyond that, like SL, Bellisseria is designed to be whatever the residents enjoy (within reason). For some that may be exploring, creating, socialising etc. As long as what someone is doing, doesn't impact adversely on someone else, there shouldn't be a problem. People enjoying house hunting does not impact adversely on anyone, in fact if people didn't post here, no one would even know people were changing homes.
  12. There are lots of these sites but I found this one particularly helpful for colouring the walls of the Victorian houses. If you type 'victorian' into the search bar, it will give a choice of colour schemes and the RBG numbers. https://www.color-hex.com/color-palettes/
  13. I also find it amazing how low Li some really detailed items are. I don't find it possible to tell just by looking at something whether it will be low or high Li. I'm not a creator so don't really understand why some things that are really detailed and realistic are low Li and other things which look quite simple are high Li.
  14. Thank you. i must have a look at LAQ. I do have curtains from there that are really low Li but I haven't looked there in ages.
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