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  1. My first home in Bellisseria was a traditional home in Foxbridge. It was an abandon and I got it end of August last year. It had a little river running along the back so I felt very lucky. The first home I got in a release was a houseboat in Alala which I named Pelagos and I was delighted with it.
  2. Most of my best situated homes have been abandons and I caught this one just over an hour ago. I love it so thank you to whoever gave it up ❤️
  3. I thought it was stuck too but when I went over and checked, it is taken but the owner has called it 'Linden Home'.
  4. I'm going to let a seaside Vic in Bingle go in 10 minutes- 4am SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bingle/99/229/36
  5. Still in maintenance at 07.35 am SL time which makes me think the theory of two properties needed to 'push' them on to the land page is correct.
  6. Letting my log home go as I have a Vic and I want to try for a stilt home when they are released. This log home is reasonably private. It backs on to a river and has just a hill/mountain in front which is why I fell in love with it. Lovely wee spot. I'll let it go at 7.15am SL time. It's been deep cleaned and the grass has just been cut 😉 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Honeyyard/122/75/51
  7. I love all the flowers and greenery. I particularly like the roses, hydrangea and the lillies that are in the content creation packs. At my home I love the little fountain area in front.
  8. If someone pays double the amount of a single premium account holder so that they get 2 Linden homes or pays 3 times as much or 4 or whatever, its their business and no one elses. Each time they pay they get a chance at getting a home they love. Just like if you go to the fair and play on the shooting range. You get as many tries as you pay for. Do you go to the fair and complain because someone else pays for more tries than you and wins a prize? You might not deem it fair but life isn't fair. Anyone any idea when the stilt homes are being released or is it still just a guessing game?
  9. Giving this log home up at around 10am SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Axton/104/238/51
  10. Next time I get on the husband's PC I will try and recreate that one and see which it was. Have to agree that most are crap. There is one, not sure which but it just turns my screen white and I cannot even see anything.
  11. I never change from the default water because I find the others mostly look worse (not sure if it is my graphics on my laptop or not but I find it difficult to get the water to look good in photos). The only setting I ever change is the WL sky and though I cannot remember exactly which I had it set at for these photos , I nearly always use 'Adored realistic ambiant', Gwen's Light or one of the Nacron ones esp Nacron's Afternoon or Day Mood (Firestorm). I share your frustration in finding water which looks good in photos. I took these when using my husband's PC and I am using a laptop now othe
  12. So glad this is being fixed. I hate ban lines.
  13. Some new stay at home club items up; These lamps are 4 Li but very pretty This skull would be nice on the log home wall. It is 1 Li The gift which contains the skull also has a rug and this little table which is 2 Li
  14. The log homes have a similar vibe to the campers. I love the peacefulness.
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