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  1. I caught this houseboat a couple of weeks back. I've always wanted one with a lighthouse view. I will keep this one for a while.
  2. I've been doing the same. I have a lot of fantasy stuff from way back but it's so outdated and primmy but I'm enjoying finding new stuff while I wait for the release.
  3. A few more free things from SL 18 Shop and Hop Fantasy Pixels 2 Planters Both 2 Li each http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poppy/97/51/53 Dreamland Designs Peaceful Wild Garden Decor with animated butterflies 10 Li http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hollyhock/231/156/53 The Home Store Tranquility Garden 4 Li http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Snowflake/25/80/53
  4. How long after the reveal are homes usually released? I'm absolutely excited to get one of these 😁
  5. There is some free fantasy grass From Finca at the SL 18 Shop and Hop, on the Chickory region secondlife://CHICKORY/97/128/57 It's free and is very nicely done. 2Li for each patch and the patches of grass are reasonably large.
  6. I think I'm gonna love these. ❤
  7. I thought it looked like it was behind the boxes but could just be my eyes. I do agree the book looks magical, a spell book. I also like the colours and the arch. I am thinking some sort of witchy wizardy cottage.
  8. hmmm casting spells, maybe a wizardy type cottage...
  9. You can just see the frame of a window on the left. It looks curved. Arch shaped windows?
  10. Can I just clarify that when people are using terms like 'transferred' and 'passed' in the context of Linden homes, that what they mean by this is simply that they are abandoning a home and informing people when. Their friends/forum members or whoever can try for the home by going on land page but they don't really have any more chance than anyone else. There could be several homes on the land page and the friend might get one of the others or the home might not show for whatever reason. I once tried for a home in Deer Pass which someone on the forum had announced they were abandoning. I tried refreshing the land page for 2 hours and I even visited the parcel and it was still in maintenance. It was something like 8 hours before someone was able to claim it. So there isn't always even any advantage of knowing a home will be abandoned. I've been in Second Life since around 2007 and I find it best not to let anything or anyone upset you. SL should be fun. I dropped out for a few years because for me it had stopped being fun. I joined originally as the university I was at had a region where students could socialise. I met people there who I thought were friends but who turned out to be malicious people who pretended to be new like me and I let it get to me when I realised they were playing games with alts and deceiving me. Fool me once and all that.... Now I love SL again, more than ever. It's not worth it to let someone getting a nicer positioned home than yours spoil your experience of SL. If you keep trying and refreshing the home page you will eventually get the location you love. Remember that having fun is what SL is about.
  11. I love that one over the water.
  12. I love the way they have formed the coast line along there and the fact that there are loads of flowers.
  13. The home I had the longest was a coastal Victorian. It was perfect with sea at the back and a cute little victorian park at the front. It was on a sort of little island with a bridge connecting to other land. I had it for over a year and decided I didn't like that fact that a large part of the garden was sandy 🙄 I was rolling the dice on the land page a few weeks later when the Victorian category showed up and I clicked and got a lovely coastal Victorian with grass. Pure luck but I was pleased as I regretted letting my Vic go almost from the moment I hit the abandon button. This one is a keeper as is my camper.
  14. I got the giraffe one :-)
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