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  1. Next time I get on the husband's PC I will try and recreate that one and see which it was. Have to agree that most are crap. There is one, not sure which but it just turns my screen white and I cannot even see anything.
  2. I never change from the default water because I find the others mostly look worse (not sure if it is my graphics on my laptop or not but I find it difficult to get the water to look good in photos). The only setting I ever change is the WL sky and though I cannot remember exactly which I had it set at for these photos , I nearly always use 'Adored realistic ambiant', Gwen's Light or one of the Nacron ones esp Nacron's Afternoon or Day Mood (Firestorm). I share your frustration in finding water which looks good in photos. I took these when using my husband's PC and I am using a laptop now otherwise I would have scrolled through to find which setting looks like the one I used.
  3. So glad this is being fixed. I hate ban lines.
  4. Some new stay at home club items up; These lamps are 4 Li but very pretty This skull would be nice on the log home wall. It is 1 Li The gift which contains the skull also has a rug and this little table which is 2 Li
  5. The log homes have a similar vibe to the campers. I love the peacefulness.
  6. I bought the strong face head a month or so ago before it was discounted lol But now at least my alts all look a lot better. Yes the discount is very generous too. I love the free genus head offer too because its great for new people.
  7. I must get out and explore more. With the very generous free Genus Bento head gift, I have been trying to make my alts a bit better looking and less cookie cutter, and haven't yet had the time. ❤️
  8. I love those sort of houses and also the big terrace types like London has, Eaton Place type.
  9. I got one like that. I figured with such a big release the moles would be very busy so I left the house alone. I didn't report it, thinking if it was a common problem then it would be sorted. Next day when I logged in, it had been resolved. I'm not sure if a mole fixed it or there was a restart for the whole region and that fixed it. Either way, don't give up a parcel you like because of that. It can and will be sorted.
  10. Griefers, those miserable people who like to spoil everyone's fun. I know a few in RL too 😄
  11. I always look forward to your posts about your explorations. I love the big redwood trees over the roads. And your last sentence is something it's good to remember.
  12. I was lucky enough to grab a lovely log home on my phone. I have so enjoyed starting to decorate it tonight. The log regions are so lovely, I adore the wall and ivy and lilies in particular in the creation pack. I'm a fan of all the home types and the Victorian homes I did not think could be equalled. I was wrong. The whole Linden team and moles have done a fantastic job. I can't wait to explore the areas surrounding my new log home.
  13. Elyeah


    Love the names, Yew Betcha 😄
  14. We all do. This is a tense time for all of us, those with health problems, those with loved ones with health problems, elderly relatives and young pregnant mothers. Also so many people's livelihoods gone. I am healthy, my job is secure so I am lucky. May this thing disappear soon as a threat. Meanwhile bit of escapism is good for you xx
  15. Elyeah


    Getting excited just looking at the map
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