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  1. Someone I know very well, took part in this. She isn't on the forums and I thought it would be fitting to share her part in this, because I think, she did a great job. I hope that is okay. I'm a huge fan of this challenge and I think it's great to see all of your faces this way!
  2. I can relate to that, most of the time.
  3. After going through this thread; You all gave me some confidence, to give this a shot. I hope this close enough. Yikes.
  4. Why not just meet some women in game and share your interests. Wouldn't it be a lot more enjoyable for you? I'm almost certain you could strike up a conversation or two, like you have here. Make some friends that eventually will share the same urges. Then both of you would have at least a mildly small connection and or attraction. Most likely a repeat performance if you're any good. Probably a much more satisfying experience for the both of you.
  5. Working on my next photo and this is my inspiration. Hope you all ~ > Enjoy <~
  6. To my knowledge.. I believe Toddledoo is the popular choice. I'm not an expert in this area though.
  7. It seems this new player just needed help with Alphas and returning to the game with Mesh. ( I think ) hopefully this is enough to help them into the right direction. Yo no soy español Estoy usando un traductor. Desearía poder ayudar más, pero espero que este enlace pueda ayudarlo un poco. Ver esto podría ayudar. Ver esto podría ayudar. Más que el primero. Espero que esto te ayude. La mejor de las suertes.
  8. How exciting! This all looks great. Here is to five more! 🍻
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