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  1. will the above methods allow for a smooth transition from the day state to the night state? I don't want the pupil of the eye to "snap" from daytime to nighttime states. that's not realistic
  2. May I see an example? I can fill in the blanks from there... I'm not really that good at WRITING scripts from scratch.. to be honest.
  3. I want to make a prim eyeball that consists of 2 prims.. the pupil, and the iris/sclera combined.. I want to make it so that based on the time of day, the pupil dilates/contracts, Being fully dilated at midnight in world. I'm going to be using two spheres. The pupil prim will be dimpled so that it looks like a cone, all I want to know is how to change the dimple based on time of day. :3 Thanks
  4. Hello, I am trying to make a Quadruped avatar using the bento skeleton. (I also use the Firestorm Viewer) I have animated and rigged it already, but the problem is that the animations do not work in SL as expected. It appears as though the axis of rotation for the bones has changed in the transition from Blender to Second Life. I'm really not sure why this is happening. I have included all joint positions in uploading the mesh. I made a running animation for my Quad avatar. when I try to preview it in Second life, it looks more like a worm with legs rocking side to side. Here's what it is in Blender: Here's the result in the Firestorm Viewer:
  5. I'm uploading a mesh to the test grid to test animesh.. I can't click the animated mesh check box, even though the mesh IS rigged, is under 20,000 triangles by a lot, and I am in the animesh test region... Do I have to use the base avatar skeleton or something? because nothing I am doing seems to be fixing the problem.
  6. Then maybe there should be a similar forum under Adult Content?
  7. I have a question about Animesh. Can it work on Avatar Attachments? for example, An animated pet that rides on my shoulder? or does it only work for other objects?
  8. I tend to turn it on when I'm on my snake avatar, I really love those glossy scales and normal map textures. Otherwise I leave it off, because my PC doesn't seem to handle the advanced graphics too well.
  9. I noticed this too, and I just entered these forums tonight... I think there should be some kind of Hookups forum somewhere to un-clutter this forum of topics unrelated to its purpose.
  10. The Project arousal system has some automatic features that you might be interested in, and can work with any brand of genitals that has a plugin for it. Unfortunately, most of the features require the bits to be clicked in order to increase arousal... but the "click and hold" grab feature is something that I found to be very amusing to me. You can even add arousal to yourself using that method. it's very interactive, especially with all the plugins available.
  11. Hello, I'm going to say that the general purpose of this thread is to help find each other new places to visit. My favorite area to hang out is the Sudden Stop furry sandbox. I have made many friends in my happy little community, and they are more like my second family now. Whether you're a furry or not, where do you say your favorite place to hang out is?
  12. THIS..... I cannot use this specific avatar for this reason. and it only happens with THIS avatar. This is also my favorite avatar... Please help!!
  13. I cannot do anything anymore with ALL of my avatars because I cannot click the HUD that is on it. Sometimes the cursor changes but it doesnt give me the action! I have no Idea why! Could someone give me an answer?
  14. Is there a way I can fix all of my avatars' HUDs?
  15. This might actually be fun! but I would have to lose the ninja look. Hey May I be a wolf? The only wolf avatar I have though is the dire wolf so yeah.
  16. Yeah topic says it all. Basically I dont want Moderate or Adult because they think I can't handle it. which I can. it won't let me. And I also want it to be a little slightly funny. in some places.
  17. Nevermind, I figured out if I uncheck "Read material library", then it imports!
  18. Ok so I have a mesh, more like 20 meshes that I want to import seperately. All of them have UVS. When I import one of the .obj files from Blender 2.61 It gives me an error! is says, "error while importing file, see the log file for details." Am I doing anything wrong? how can I fix it?
  19. So I have 2 avatars that I bought, and when I try to switch to the wolf one it won't go back on four legs! it stands up and looks weird so I need to know how to make it go back on four legs again. If you know how please reply!
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