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  1. Check out Philosophy House. They have group meetings that might align with some of your interests. I have not personally attended any of their groups, so I can't vouch for them, I just know of them.
  2. That is because it was edited. The Wayback Machine will tell you differently.
  3. I am a store owner and I make clothing and sell it with copy/modify permissions. I do not understand the reason behind no modify either. I actually encourage the use of tinting objects so you can more perfectly match with other creations. Although I don't (yet) have a tinting feature in my HUD, even when/if I do, my objects will still remain modify. I sell my newer products by body size now and they contain all of the colors. But even when I sold by color, they were modify. I didn't have a higher number of white color sales. You're right, people don't do it because looks bad (lightly tinting can look ok but definitely not vivid or dark colors). I've had good feedback from customers thanking me for selling with modify permissions, so they can add or remove scripts. But I did have one customer bring a new "negative" reason to selling with modify permission. They told me on some products, they have increased their screen zoom size by a lot, so the little texture thumbnail would fill their screen and take a screenshot, then make new colors for the item in their own program. This doesn't bother me enough to not sell with modify permissions as, 1- its gonna look like crap since that thumbnail quality is very bad lol, and 2- for most people that is just too much work anyway.
  4. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Reduce your LOD to the minimum you can run without having issues with bad sculpts and mesh. That's what's chewing up your video memory. Ideally you should be able to run it at 2; mine is at 2.5 because of a few specific problem items I have. If you have items that give you serious problems at a LOD of 2.5 you should think about replacing them. Sorry I do not know what you mean. There is no problem with LOD. The LOD graphic option, whether on 2 or 4, makes no difference in the lag - the only reason i mentioned it was because objects distort if its on a low setting - most people like to have it on 4.
  5. seanabrady wrote: Its a miniature game of Simon. You won't be able to take it off till you beat the WHOLE game! In other words...I have no clue. I was actually buying that for a minute there... lol ALSO, if you want to see what something is that someone is wearing, (if its an object anyways) you can right click on that object, choose 'more' in the menu, and choose 'inspect' there. A window ill pop up with the object name and creator (and some more info) so what you can do is search the creator and usually they will have a link to their store in their profile or picks and find the item in world for yourself!
  6. ^ what she said! Theres other brands out there, many clothing makers making appliers for them as well. Try these places: uLukie (the ghetto/cutie booty) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NorthStar%20Polaris/163/177/1530 Banned booty http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/beautiful%20land%203/102/59/38 Sking Brazilia booty http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual%20Freedom/21/229/24 (these ones are huge though) Those are the only mesh booties i know of at the moment. hope that helps!
  7. Sorry to revive a kinda old topic but I am having the same issues... heres my pc specs: intel core i5-2500 cpu @ 3.3ghz 8 gb ram windows 8 64 bit graphics: nvidia geforce gtx 650 Ti I have a new house, decorating with mesh furniture, mesh landscaping. pretty much everything in the house is mesh, including the house. my fps doesnt drop nearly as low as the OP but it drops significantly enough to tick me off. Ive ransacked my house looking for high-poly items and removing them... It may have helped only very little, but not enough. However, lowering the viewer texture memory buffer setting does reduce the fps lag (who knows why??), but it ticks me off in another way, which is textures keep loading over and over when i am moving my view around and it just looks like crap! So its either deal with crappy textures, or deal with crappy fps. cant have best of both worlds i suppose. I have been playing with maybe another solution ... if someone else is having this problem perhaps they can see if it helps them any. On my computer, im always running second life graphics on the 'high' notch. I lowered the notch down one, the notch before 'high' which all it really does is just change the water reflection down to 'all static objects.' I keep the LOD at 4 though. I noticed a reduce in fps lag, for now. This is with the texture memory buffer setting on max as well. Maybe its because i am surrounded by water at my house, i dont know really. I do want to add more memory to my computer (at least to 16 gb) but i am really unsure whether it will actually help the problem or not.
  8. There is a body called Lena Lush Body ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KL-Lena-Lush-Body/5992805 ), it may have more supporters than slink at the moment, because slink is a bit newer. however the lena mesh body is a bit curvy. the most popular body was the wowmeh, which is not currently being sold, but from what i know they are coming out with an updated version, so you could wait it out for that, but it could be awhile lol.
  9. try saving solid textures as 24-bit .tga and if you make whispy pieces then you can do those as .png the black tips might be where the transparency in the hair is (when u switched the alpha mode, it makes transparent parts of it turn black). so also check your texture and be sure the whole image is filled (no alpha transparency on it)
  10. Hi Im looking to move soon and I am looking for a beach themed homestead (residential) with terraform rights to make my own shape island and what not. I dont like privacy walls or stupid floating random ugly crap... it really seems to be difficult to find NICE looking themed sims. I also have kittycats but I am not big into breeding, I just like to have the cats (they arent very script-y). I may also look into 1/2 homesteads but I am not totally sure about that yet. If you have any places for rent with these terms, please message me on the forums or in game with slurls.
  11. you will have to rig the shoes to the avatar... the kit will probably be needed for that.
  12. it would be nice to have a bulk image uploader anyways, but also in bulk edit page, too. Sure would help with the carpal tunnel feeling you get in your wrist from editing so many mp listings
  13. Could it have anything to do with the email provider marking the emails as spam? I use gmail, all my emails are coming through fine, but I also have filters set up for specific things to go straight to trash, etc. maybe something like this could help with the mass email amounts not getting sent to spam?
  14. Lmao this is funny makes me curious as to what your really getting though.
  15. OMG i just started watching Dr who with my husband and we just watched that episode today haha
  16. Nice videos to the both of you... gives some food for thought.
  17. Unfortunatly, it can take 2 weeks (maybe more) just to get the designer applier kit from them. I applied for one about that much time ago and still have not received one. I expect many other designers are experiencing the same... then theres the time it takes to update their clothing with the appliers.
  18. I think this wouldnt look half bad as system layer clothing.
  19. Im im not mistaken, cant you already do this? in the marketplace manage listings page, select all the boxes, selected it, and press the go button, then change the slurl there and press update. all your products slurls are updated... unless this feature isnt working?
  20. I would have to go with what Amethyst said, which was about flagging the review. I have flagged a couple of my rude reviews actually, and they have been removed before. I do admit though, i hate getting a rude or negative review, it really brings you down as the creator, especially in the cases where nothing can be done because the customer just didnt get what was expected. but some reviews that are negative can have some constructive critism to make the product better, in which a few cases i have done so.
  21. Right click on any folder in the inventory and select 'new notecard'
  22. I have the wowmeh mesh body. I am not into mesh clothes myself so i am prefectly happy with wearing applier clothing. at the moment though, wowmeh was forced to take their item off the market and remake it. so, until then, i would suggest just to wait it out and stick with what you got, or maybe think about getting the slink body if you really want it. however, the wowmeh body is the most supported one at the moment.
  23. oh my god. i really hope this is a mistake and will be fixed soon. over 200 of my items on the marketplace have all been unlisted and they do contain the word 'lola' in the keywords loooooool. looks like i have to change them all to 'lolas' huh.. wow.
  24. @ Monti - I think I tried doing vertex groups once but that was before joining it to the armature. then when I did all my vertex groups got erased. Maybe I will try it again though after I assign the armature @ DerpWolf Could you explain further? Are you saying I should make a basic hair, weight it good, then use it to transfer weights to each hair I make? I am not sure how to do that.
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