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  1. Dutch alto sax player Piet Noordijk ( † 2011) with strings Charlie Parker was the first one who played together with string orchestra. There is an album called "Charlie Parker with strings"
  2. Toshiko Akiyoshi / Lew Tabackin Big Band By far the best Big Band ever if you ask me 👌 I was very lucky to hear the band several times live
  3. North Sea Jazz Festival 1996. Philip Catherine (Belgium), Guitar en John Engels (Netherlands), Drums are still among us. John Engels (88 !!) is still touring and playing. Alto sax Piet Noordijk (Netherlands), Piano Cees Slinger, (Netherlands) Bass Ray Brown (USA)
  4. I posted this one before. Can't get enough of it. One for the late evening, midnight here now. From the Album At Large. Copenhagen 1960
  5. Roud Midnight, a very famous Monk composition here in cross-over style bij Gianni Bardaro Gianni played often in SL in the early years of his career around 2010. I heard him many times in SL. He is very active in RL nowadays.
  6. The Master himself ! Monk was touring all over in Europe in the 60ties Even in my home town when I was too young for his music
  7. Beautyfull song. It brings back memories of my first love in SL. Many years ago 💖
  8. The first one was at Stockholm, second one at Paris. This was the final tour of the Miles Davis John Coltrane quintet
  9. This is the reason why I love jazz......
  10. The Oscar Peterson trio with Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen 1963 I have the original LP from 1963 inherited from my father
  11. My favourite recording of Erena Terakubo. Still looking forward for her first appearance in Europe. Here together with Emmet Cohen who I heard two weeks ago in Paris. Jazz is not dead..it just moved to the small clubs instead of the big festivals from the past.
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