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Found 2 results

  1. I was a player of Progeny for a while. Progeny is a vampire game within Second Life. You can bite other vampires(which is usually fighting) and you can bite humans(people who are not in the game) To fill up on blood. My friends and I would get attacked a lot when I first joined. When I learned how to fight better I went after a lot of the attackers in the game. Frankly, I would win and they didn’t like it. In a time frame of months, I paid fifty dollars every month to the game's Patreon. I would estimate about five-hundred dollars in total. I was banned by the moderators(diabolics) of the game. I did nothing more than play the game. I pushed the bite button on the HUD. Turns out these aggressors and bullies are friends of the moderators of the game and they complained which got me banned. It’s politics. These people gossip, create drama, lies, and they make me look so bad. Today a Progeny group notice went out saying I have alts in the system(just trying to make me look worse), and the moderator was saying stuff about eating people’s faces. The issue with the notices is that it leads to a chat discussion in the group where a lot of people were talking badly about me. Frankly, It’s just a form of harassment and bullying by a community with over 3,000 members. It’s only a selected few that do this harassment and bullying. I have videos of these people harassing and bullying me. They would physically push my avatar around the sim, swearing at me, saying derogatory things towards me. I tried to handle this type of harassment against me within Progeny. But, they are just too corrupt and biased. Once again, politics. Is there anything I can do about these people trying to put me on blast, and their harassment towards me? Anything about the hundreds of dollars I lost in the game for no reason? Someone told me I should take legal action.
  2. There is a person on sl that has my sim, as well as one of my admins in her profile, making some false claims on us. We did report her, which by the way I never do cause sl as it is gives plenty of options to deal with griefers and harassers but in this case I felt that it is needed. Now is there a way to follow up on this because what she is doing is really not legal even. Here what happened in detail. She came to our rp sim, and started argument with one of our admins , claiming that her name is racist, which it is not true and she never had that thrown at her but hey, opinions wary so we did not hold that against her and did not give her a warning or anything of sorts, just did not continued conversation. Later that day she started to argue with me over one of the sim rules, it's an rp sim. Claiming that the site is not clear, now I don't hold that against her, just explain in detail what happened so her doing can be shown for what it really is. I did point out that she just overlooked a line, which admittedly is written in bold print and in large right there. She did not take it too well and told me that I can't take criticism and me putting "lol" is not appreciated and I am making bad first impression, that site sucks and she is right. At this point I do believe any sim owner would be in full right to ban her for sheer ignorance and disrespect but thats not how we roll so I tried to smooth it out while pointing out that first impression goes both ways. She did not seem to agree and decided to leave with a huge "your sim and everything about it sucks" message. Left and muted me so I could not even reply. After that she put in her profile picks that this place is a place to avoid and listed why, same as my admin as people to avoid. In most cases I am fine with people having other opinion, not everyone gonna like me or my sim, thats matter of life and thats ok but what she is doing is harassment. My partner sent her offliner, politely asking her to rethinking putting that in her profile because no one means her ill and that she has full right for opinion but what she does in picks is not cool. To which she replied rather rudely and insulted us all over again. How do you deal with this beside report? Because lets be very clear here, opinion and free speech is a thing but slandering is a legal issue that is punishable. She put in her profile that our admin is racist and basically thinks it's ok to use N word which came completely out of blue because she claims it in a way like "she has that as her name so this must be same thing." She is starting drama and slandering others and does it for sim as well, claiming things she does not even know or understand, plus it is clear that her quote on quote opinion/review is based largely on her bias which is not quite honest, she even makes some claims on me there which can't be more distant from truth as well. Over all, it is unpleasant thing to have around and while I do not care for something like a ban for her or anything, by all means, she should enjoy sl as all of us, but in same time she should not lie about others and places like that. I would be more than content with her being forced to remove that from her profile.
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