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  1. Hello! I would very much so love links to new skin stores! Pepe is outdated, but I love their content. ❤️
  2. I want some new and old friends, the ones who are on my list of blocked will stay blocked- but those who know who they are, have not been. I would like some friends who I can hang with; role play, have fun. I am a blunt person, and I protect my own. discord available; if you've ever felt hurt; insulted, harassed,pestered; annoyed by me, I am deeply sorry.
  3. Guys; I just want to do a PSA; with out being insulted for it. please remember in roleplay sims, your goal is to have members, so why the heck, would you insult your members for giving a fair opinion and say"YOU WANT IT YOUR WAY?" When I just want to see people happily sharing a good story? if you want someone who is a detailed roleplayer; please add me beacause I have no luck in finding other people who understand what it is like to speed type. please ignore the "Drama " Claims because in short- they are to blame - I asked people to stop so many times, it isn't logged on their end, it is in my firstorm. my discord. please learn that you can trust me. I have all sorts of characters but the one I wanna bring into a sim is a Psionic Elf that I worked really hard on.I do adjustments for each sim. if your looking for a high experienced player ( PLEASE IGNORE THE POSSIBLE ATTACKERS BELOW. ) who detail posts; can roleplay fast, and get the job done, Despite popular rumors; follows the rules; but will step up to remind you owners that even though you have a sim? your members make it thrive too. who is someone who just is blunt, not over sensitive; who just wants to tell a good story. samanthaprater resident, contact me in world because I am losing all hope that logic still exists.please don't say I am pitty partying myself. I am trying to move forward; but ya'll keep causing havoc over absolutely dumb disagreements; if you want an experienced ( Since I was nine, twenty nine on the twentieth,) role player who would be willing to learn your ways, work the ropes; please absoloutly ask me. I am tired of not fitting in. I do not gor. I do not slave. sorry, but I am looking to tell a story;a adult is fine as I'd prefer it; but not all about XXX.. I just wanna emerge myself into a fantasy world so I can avoid issues. is that so hard? ps. I do grammar check when I roleplay. I repost and repost; a lot on word. I just want to tell a good story. that's all.if you care all about the money signs , you'll only chase off your storytellers. why does no one see it? CONTACT ME IN WORLD ; I DO NOT RESPOND HERE . SamanthaPrater Resident. Elf; Mer, Fae, Dragon, Moon Elf, Seelie; Lava Mer, other misc's I can play; I do not like Family Sims.
  4. Up to five accounts per household. No more than two accounts in a single 24-hour period." <---Up to five account's .answers me. thanks!
  5. What's the official statement,thats saying someone can have how many account numbers? TOS may be a little outdated because I think that should be greatly upped. Some folks have 20+ and one of them is using them to harass me on.I'd just like to know what the official number is? thank you.
  6. WHY CAN'T THINGS BE SOLVED THIS EASILY FOR ME? -eye twitch- What did you say to get help with people defaming you etc?
  7. THEY need to focus on THIS World more then Sansar. instead.they need to implant new graphics on SL and stop being memory hogs x.x ; I love SL but I would rather have SL as it is instead of Sansar trying to be something like every other world. they need to improve this. not let it falter.
  8. ps. if it helps , I've been role playing since I was age nine and can detail post.
  9. Hello, Some of you may know me and some may not, I'm a long term member with a full bento avatar and a customized shape I'm proud of. I'm seeking a Drama as free can be, (because as some of you know I don't want in,) I'm a hard worker, I've worked at several places, I just want a safe ADULT rated place to work.I'm verifiable. I'd like to begin working and learning how to properly do a card as well.I used to host and do other things a lot. I'd like a place that just is accepting that I'm willing to put the time in. PLEASE CONTACT ME IN WORLD! !!!! I barely respond here despite recent issues. I just want to move on and enjoy my sl. can you blame me? I'd like to put my mind and objects where I can be needed. I also do Graphics and logos. but I want something that'd keep my mind occupied :).
  10. I am wondering that myself. because LL usually reacts to things like this right quick lol.
  11. In my up and coming sim. Ears are close enough, I would SO love a pair of ears that are omega, like this? that can accept bento.
  12. If anyone would like to get to know me, PLEASE message me in world! I barely pay attention to the forums. x.x Samanthaprater resident.
  13. Of course! Feel free to message me in world ! Samanthaprater resident.
  14. Hugs! I've moved forward, but I also do appreciate this quote. I stood up for myself, and I just now would enjoy more friends, I let go of my fear of being judged, and also judgement.
  15. Me 2019 , Blueberry themed outfit :). they did a small contest in the chat for the outfit pack, this was my entry. I did not win, but I still like this shot! linked the better one !
  16. Sorry for the long term title, HELLO You may know me you may not, but I am SamanthaPrater In-world, Welcome ! I have been working on my sim for eight year's and it is finally getting built. My SL Aunt is helping out and she's doing a fantastic job. I am FINALLY Doing this sim I've been talking about for years as well. We could use another investor in the sim, as I have had three sims stolen from me, I refuse to do another Co owner. I want someone who is good with working with role players, understands that this is an Eight-teen Plus sim, and want's a new roleplay to flourish. Furries are encouraged to join. We would love multiples that want to help a new sim like this show up, and stay up. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, I am NOT a new role player. I DO come with people, all we need is another person (S) to help us. PLEASE DIRECT MESSAGE me IN WORLD. I want a Free-form world, that people can have fun, and remember what kind of roleplayer they want to be. It's been too stressful, to seriously held and it turned into a naughty sim very quick for many of us. I want to stress out it, so please read the sim title when around. Roleplaying is a passion of mine, I've been doing this since age NINE on other sites, etc, and now I can create it visually. with help. I've been saving up, pieces for eight years, and more. and I want people to join our team as well.The Lore is based on the idea of portals, but it is SO MUCH MORE than what's been done, I wanted to change the aspect of what people expect and I thought of EVERY SINGLE RULE I could think of to make people feel warm, welcome and safe in my sim. I do not do Co -Owner, too many hands in the kitchen is bad. Each of us has a place, when it comes to investing you'll get perks in the sim, if you've always wanted to do something, ASK me don't demand it, I am friendly despite all that has happened to me, I am curious, and I want ideas thrown at me . I want people like that when we work together. so please, do not be afraid to Direct message me in-world, as I barely pay attention to the forums? thanks! I just have one need- More team members. :).And if they want to invest in over all items, please do. Investors to me want to see a sim thrive, that has been there , not change it. I will send in all of the information on the plot in world, etc, I want to bring back what ROLE PLAYING should be. FUN, creativity, imaginative. story, friends. This sim is not met for children at all, and Free-form will it be. it is NOT a Naughty SIM at ALL. PLEASE read the note-card of the rules when there.IF THEY DO NOT SUIT YOU, we aren't going to work together,well. The Short Rule's : I want a realistic 1875 Environment. The below is not acceptable. If you love role playing, Steampunk and more, please message ! thanks! also if the title sounds interesting, please message anyways:). Again, I don't mean to repeat myself, but I don't like having a Co owner due to three stolen sims. I want people who want to see THIS idea happen. <3. thank you! PLEASE MESSAGE IN WORLD. NOT HERE. Samanthaprater Resident. Reading the rules is a must in this sim. You are not allowed: Kemono Avatars, anime avatars, un-realistic furs, Cartoon characters, child-like and or small immature avatars, they must be adult in shape and characteristics. No public nudity under any circumstances will be accepted.
  17. I have actually learned to shut my heart off, <3 I hope to meet you as well as the rest! I know this and learned that the hard way, I have something called RED FLAGS I trust in now <3. please don't be afraid to message me in world.
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