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  1. Let's discuss the possibilities My discord > k a i s e r Raa#8141 or contact inworld Thanks
  2. just use display bot or something... go to smartbots main office for more suggestions..
  3. That is not how it works.. $L1 per user? ... no one will bid on this... You should pay by day or week / You need army of people or bots.. i know how it works i used to do that and used to make $15k+ month but it depends on your niche of business
  4. Heyo... IM me... i used to make custom tats so yeh...
  5. I do not live in SL... I had to take a break .... something called RL life ... and yes people message me about the tattoo and i replied them..... and again yes people waited ... how much do you make without taking the break ?
  6. i was a custom tattoo artist..... FYI....need more proof ?
  7. wish they find someone way to live in second life .. transform into secondlife
  8. no actually i have been here for more than 6 years. I forgot my previous account so i made this one. but you are right people are keep saying it is going to die.. but i guess it won't
  9. well i didn't exactly said it is dead..i am asking is it going to die?? i don't want this game (more than a game) to die. this is the most intelligent game ever made (my personal opinion)
  10. i hope you are right... It's sad to lose something even if it is a virtual... memories
  11. Ya but it is difference with the social islands. We used to meet same people everyday. people who born there and learned things There are sme places like London city etc...
  12. 5,6.7,9 .. are closed i guess rest social islands are dead like not many people 5 months back 1,2,5,6 were very popular. Social 1 for roleplay/vampires Social 2 for all cool people same with the 5/6
  13. so i have been gone for like 5 months and many things changed Many socials islands are closed or others are dead, Many people got banned from social islands My old friends are gone because of this decision I used to run a store and was making around 20k lindens per months and now not many people buying. Even my landord sold all of his land. I guess they are promoting Sansar more and more....not sure but SL used to be a very coool.... User activity is decreasing... SL needs more social placed where people can meet and greet I guess they are going to close (or merge)
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