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  1. A lot of us who are for modernization of SL are not really complaining for the most part, more like showing that SL can be better and that things aren't as gloomy in term of SL's future as many would believe (and propagate) most of us are just really invested in SL and it's frustrating sometimes to see it unfairly perceived over and over again so I guess there's where the venting comes from
  2. Just putting this out here, to make it seem less like I'm just upping my expectations without any goal I'd say we have done it when people and the media look at SL and then go like, "Wow holy this is so great, why don't more people get on SL? Guys look at SL now, wow!" - and then people get on SL because it's great and exciting, and you know, like, snowball this rejuvenation of SL as the virtual world that keeps going and gets better and everyone are just excited about it, talk about it, make videos about it, see SL in a very different light I follow all the Second Life coverage as much as I can and a lot of them keep referring to it in borderline past tense, or "it's still there", "still around", "still profitable" comparing SL with all these newer virtual worlds that offer a lot less than what SL offers because they are better at convincing people that they are the better shinier platforms
  3. I have talked with some Lindens about it, I'm talking about it here so we also have better expectations of what's possible so that more of us (or anyone checking the forums) can see that SL still have things up its sleeves c=
  4. That looks great (and I hope LL don't take this as me not appreciating the hard works that they have done) but it can certainly be better And no, we didn't have things that look as good in term of welcome area, it's really possible though
  5. We're so trapped, we are believing that the upper limit of design and presentations of SL are things based on SL's relative standards that we have seen so far, and then believing that improvement can't be made in those regards. "That's just how things are on SL" - well of course perhaps eternally if we keep looking at the same pond and rearranging the same set of stones to construct our vision It's really a mindset thing I can't fathom the notion that what we have are SL's upper limits
  6. Having a starting area like this would IMPROVE first user experience: An example of what a level artist can do, of course with SL's engine it won't look as good but even just counting the mesh & design work it's a definite improvement over what we have. Of course a good artist can also make it so it won't lag with proper optimization, and make sure there are no weird things like object popping in from low draw distance (by tailoring the space so the surrounding area that is visible is within draw distance) Then we can tweak the default camera preset to make it more modern, which is super easy to do from debug settings We can also replace the current HUD on welcome areas with more modern-looking ones, that's properly and efficiently guiding the users through the hoops THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT CAN BE DONE WITH VERY LITTLE COST - we gotta escape this closed-mindedness, stop thinking about SL from what you have seen inside SL and you'll see all the possibilities! c= Another thing with presentation: modern dev diaries. A continuous series of /modern/ styled development vlog, the possibilities of what we can do to improve SL's image is endless, it's why it's so frustrating to me when people keep making u-turns to what we have on SL when envisioning these things, of course we're going nowhere that way There are so, so, so many more that can be done for very little cost it's insanity that we're not even considering those Tagging @Patch Lindenfor reference
  7. LL can > Hire a AAA game level artist or someone with equivalent experience / willpower > Make a flagship tailored showcase modern continent equal in appearance to modern standards > Make it the starting continent for new users There are many more that they can do, if they do it RIGHT it will change most people's perception of SL in a rather short period of time c=
  8. That's one of the things I like so much about SL and the Lindens, I don't universally dislike corporations but a lot of them out there are like creepy heartless authoritarians and LL just never seem to be that way to me, even with their downsides, with the focus on human-first approach and communities and stuff c=
  9. LL and everyone that are willing to help! c= LL has the nicest and most dedicated people, just gotta get everyone out of this self-imposed box of what's possible with SL
  10. Second rising of Second Life is not impossible. I'm showing this to everyone because I want everyone to believe, the answer is in the details, this is a simplified video supplement of it There are pathways for Second Life to play an important role in the upcoming Metaverse future Development and cost-effective surgical rebranding plus change of user experience can be done, there are so many possibilities, we should stop thinking about Second Life from what we know about Second Life, from there we can drive hype and interest, and use the capital for more development I'm either insane or right c= the more apathy and defeatism towards SL I see the more I want to show the contrary! We can do this ♥
  11. I've made one and showed it to the Lindens based on what I think can help, I'm sure they also have their own internal one, let's hope for the best c=
  12. This is big, hopefully LL can start making much needed moves in time before the odds are getting worse
  13. Awe thanks Whimsy x3 check out Jomo if you want realistic furry avatars, they made some c=
  14. Was wondering why I couldn't login earlier, I hope they fix it soon 🦊
  15. Second Life was never meant to be the Web 2.0, but a virtual civilization, an integral part of what will make the future Metaverse truly a Metaverse
  16. No matter how much you're earning on Second Life is not against the ToS unless you break any ToS specific rule while doing so c= the rest is a matter of their country's laws and regulations regarding income tax
  17. Seems like a texture loading issue, have you tried refreshing your cache? It can be either your cache, internet connection or VRAM capacity issue
  18. Show the before and after look of your avatar after you take off your mesh head and body! c= It can be either pictures or videos, it can be hilarious Edit: Picture for those who prefer pictures
  19. To be human is for one to adhere to certain values which can be summarized as preference and priority for the maximization of preferred existential variables and minimization of undesired existential variables, while negatively impacting others' preference as little as possible Humanism is a set of values, if one holds these values then they are human by definition regardless of who or what they are
  20. Some creators and people are gathering to rez their Gacha items to remember the "fun times" c= gachas are personally not my thing but interesting to see some people see gachas are fun
  21. I'm worried about how it will affect SL's economy, like about 20 minutes after the announcement I got a group chat linking to the announcement, and someone was saying how gachas are they main source of income on SL, I'm sure that's also true for many merchants. I know exchange and cashout fees are not SL's main sources of revenue but it might trickle down to those as well, as there would be less people who are able to buy lands or get premium if they can't adapt. I'm sure LL and the merchants have their ways to deal with the possible negative impacts though c=
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