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  1. "Yes, I checked the Received Items and such as mentioned, only a few of the bunch that I'm missing were there. But I'm literally missing folders and some order histories. Even so I can find some of the items in my inventory only by the means of them being on an outfit. Other than that I can't seem to do anything else like find the original or order purchase."
  2. This has been going on for some time but when I try to find something in my inventory I know I have and cannot find it, I have to go back to the marketplace history and get the items I'm missing redelivered(IF I bought it off the marketplace!). This is driving me crazy with not knowing what I have missing from my inventory to have to get it redelivered. An example is I knew I had a "Follow grab hug HUD" and was going to hug a friend with it to find it NOT in my inventory when I know I had the item. Why does this keep happening to me?!?
  3. Lol its nothing serious to be considered 'stalking' and is more-so 'following' or 'searching'. It's all Roleplay in a sim we all hang out at I couldn't find him that time and he gave me the invite to a new place I haven't been to. It is all a game.
  4. I am a spy and informant by RP Sessions and I am to locate friends and friends of friends across sims, but how can I do that if their location is off?
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