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  1. Option 1 If you buy cheap and it is crappy, drink more wine or beer and it will soon be the best one you ever bought for a while.. Option 2 save up and buy from a reputable known creator with a demo and you will love it for years.
  2. Just on this, as annoyed as I am with the new ID requirement issue there may be other things to consider. Trump and friends have had a direct detrimental affect on my RL investments and employment and cost me plenty of money in the last few years too so I am a little empathetic here. Additionally, job lay offs in industry affected by the trade war with China and other previous policies are affecting people I know and their spending habits particularly industry, mining and retail employees. A changing world economy since the GFC has had record low interest rates and slow economic growth worldwide. This in turn reduces disposable income people have. For most people spending money on a recreational video game is a luxury after household expenses and living costs are paid. Maybe I am wrong but LL might be really feeling the pinch here and are trying things to fill the shortfall even though they may not want to. Basic accounts rely on the owners purchasing and using currency in the economy and from my experience quite a few spend sparingly or never do, so unless they are creators that sell products that LL get a commission cut from or spend money they would be a liability the company has to pay for.
  3. I started one of those and understand much more about gender related issues now than when it began in 2016. I thought for some of the participants and particularly those that shared sensitive and honest info about themselves at that time that disappearing into the land of deleted threads couldn't hurt as it may cause issues RL in some cases particularly if a family member reads it with no prior knowledge of the authors' situation. Mostly it was well behaved, honest and heartfelt by people feeling conflicted by their birth sex vs the gender they feel they are. I was trying to protect all concerned as it was a response to my frustration of stereotyping however the thread evolved into something beyond my original intention.
  4. Anyone leaving now is bad news with all the empty sims. If us long term players are leaving there must be something amis. To have an account, the memories and the relationships that go with that main account ended it’s a big deal after such a long time particularly if used regularly like mine was, and to a degree forms part of my identity and contains years of creation work. I’m sad about it, I always thought they would unplug SL before I left and moved on. I’m just making a few last posts as it helps with the sadness.
  5. SL is a good procrastination tool that has proven so far invaluable to avoid doing tasks like reading boring texts I must do lol. Like the reading I must do now.
  6. Mine will be ending after 12 years before the end of this week and I will concentrate on my Uni degree without a computer game distraction
  7. Problem fixed, everything in my MP stores is $0L now....
  8. In that the official thread is closed to questions I'd love these concerns addressed. Assuming data encryption makes data theft impossible as stated what happens in the event of the following.. Regarding providing my Australian government document with a photo ID- What guarantee is there the subsidiary company will not be sold off or end up in the hands of another owner that can change the TOS as stated in the TIia TOS the company can do. To what extent is the subsequent owner of the company at liberty to to protect and not sell my data? In the event the US government changes privacy laws and can force the owner of Tilia to hand over my data what protection is in place to stop the US govt from building a personal profile on non US citizens using the supplied sensitive dcument/s? Similar questions in the event of a court order to supply data during an investigation?
  9. Thanks anyway. I love SL and don’t really want to leave. The reason I stay is creating and my inworld businesses. Financially I don’t need revenue from SL sales, it’s more the spirit of it that is challenging future participation. .
  10. Yeah I know it sucks for all concerned. Sorry for being the fun police in this thread. Will Residents outside the U.S. still need to provide verification or ID for credit processing transactions? Yes, anyone who processes credit will need to present a government-issued ID. <- There is zero chance of this happening with photo ID or not
  11. SL has been fun but since I wont accept the TOS as it stands even if it is because of US law, I cant justify selling my SL creations for profit if there is no avenue for exchange into my bank account or Paypal. I might list both stores products for free in fairness to my customers.
  12. I’m an Australian and the US can keep their law. Maybe they they should provide me the same personal information they want from me for a transaction when I buy Linden’s..
  13. Except in 2007 there was no requirement to provide a document with my home address, a social security card or similar, just a name and means to deposit money such as a CC or later PayPal.
  14. I tried to cash out to PayPal yesterday and had to agree to the TOS first. I do or used to cash out due to having two smaller SL businesses for years.
  15. I’m thinking the same thing ATM, can’t get the cash out so I might as well give it to a charity inworld that goes to a RL need. Any suggestions?
  16. Think about it, multinational companies worth billions and governments struggle to stop hackers stealing info and selling it on the dark web. Do you want to take that risk and trust this company can protect all your sensitive RL info to collect a few Lindens from a content creating business? I wouldn’t do it for a thousand bucks, I’d leave it in there. FYI I read the terms and privacy policy. That’s the contract terms I would have to agree to but won’t do. It’s not a knee jerk reaction it’s experience. Once bitten twice shy. The Tilia team say they have good intentions but sorry guys for me the risk outweighs the potential benefit.
  17. In your Debug Settings Advanced>DebugSettings NoInventoryLibrary=true Set the above value to true and your inventory will not load, reset to false when you want to use any items in the inventory.
  18. From my understanding of contract law I am bound by the original TOS conditions I agreed to in 2007 and that didn't require the sort of imposing additional information LL wants now for a process credit payment. I hope one of the bigger SL businesses takes LL to court over this as they are trapping everyone's money and holding it to ransom for the sort of personal ID data that can be compromised and used for identity theft and fraudulent financial transactions needlessly. The original TOS is what I agreed to and I'm not giving them my birthday, home address, photo, phone number and documents for what they are proposing. Maybe they can keep their game and I will do something else with my time and join everyone else on the way out..
  19. yeah that's why i never rent anything i dont have land rights for if I can help it. being able to return, ban etc is too good.
  20. Do one of two things 1. Ignore and wait for it to go away it because rentals usually dont last long. 2. Rez a cube on your side and hide it then put a picture on it you like. Usually it isn't worth fussing over..
  21. If it involves nudity I usually do that somewhere nobody can see for the sake of other users. For clothing sometimes I’ll try it on in store by removing the body first then putting back on when covered with the demo. For hair snd anything external there is no problem anywhere. One thing I do is use the Firestorm camera controls to remember where the vender is so I dont lose it in a big store in case I want to buy it. It’s so easy to lose where the item was checking out the demo I have on.
  22. What i do is firstly don’t load the SL library in my viewers by disabling it jn settings. That alone gets rid if heaps of useless junk. Usually I just make a few folders to find in search HAIR- with sub categories of creator to put purchases into. Landscaping- folder has everything I bought for filling vacant land when renting. With all these new mesh body parts I have to constantly find appliers and huds I bought for a great solution is a folder named two unusual keys together not used by many people. ==Mesh head-Catwa (all associated apliers and heads go in here). ==Mesh bodies == Other mesh parts that way when I want one of those things I type == in the search bar and those are the only results in my inventory. As for the rest of the inv I remember what I need to and the rest doesnt matter. I’m very fussy about the things I buy so lots of stuff ends up in the trash and I keep the best quality only in a few folders. There’s no point organizing junk..
  23. Feel free to say hi if you see me online, I’m always up for a chat with someone.
  24. Noobs with bad avis and free sex bits. Vampires. Goreans. Furries. People that wont improve their avatar beyond stock Linden. Griefers. Tossers in general same as RL.
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