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  1. Thanks for that but I am on mid semester break presently, I might leave it until they force me to read it soon enough lol.
  2. In RL discussing power at University the girls in my sociology class were convinced us guys have it easy and had us on a pedestal for having some easy life and won life's lottery for being one. When I explained how much I envied their existence for various reasons they were puzzled that a guy would think their emotions, clothes choice, gentleness, communication, interests, freedom to do things socially and express emotion without a tough persona was an advantage . They seemed doubtful that femininity and the things that go with it is a strength. That is what started this thread, I think some of the strengths of femininity can dominate in SL over attributes men normally exist with due to the nature of what is more popular/important in a virtual world society.
  3. That was too deep for SL, be careful you might break it. Thinking that deep might cause lag from people considering why they are there. JK
  4. yeah that's why i never rent anything i dont have land rights for if I can help it. being able to return, ban etc is too good.
  5. Do one of two things 1. Ignore and wait for it to go away it because rentals usually dont last long. 2. Rez a cube on your side and hide it then put a picture on it you like. Usually it isn't worth fussing over..
  6. Many men (but not all) are not overly concerned about appearance unlike women nor are they judged as much about their apprearance. That makes the greater market of SL goods targeted at women. Being a guy it is naturally more difficult to compete in that area unless you have some RL fashion experience in the women’s market segment you are interested in creating for. Women however do naturally have an advantage as a creator because they can think for their customers. I had to get female players inworld to show me how to construct a nice looking avatar which was a challenge for me. Likewise, in the creation area I had get knowledge from inworld residents or the women I live with RL as I had no idea about many things. Things I assumed might be really cool sucked and weren't in fashion lol. For many men (but not all) communicating is an issue as their brains are wired up to be problem solvers that don’t just chat socially for the sake of it. Women on the other hand tend to talk a lot and SL is largely about communication and friends and quite often multi tasking. Ever had the "Hi babe wanna Fu..k" chat that struggles to progress much further? Female avatars also experience substantially more attention from strangers of both sexes than a male one does. From my experience with using both male and female avatars, women are more likely to be propositioned and therefore have the power to be the selective decision makers for a relationship to progress beyond friends.
  7. One thing in the world of social media which is kind of what this is it is better to have a circle of friends you are compatible with that compliment you as a friend or virtual date. The turnover and temporary nature of many those relationships these days is a bit more of a modern thing in the selection process. I don’t get offended by it anymore and just see it as an opportunity to meet someone new.
  8. It’s SL, somebody will tell you what you want to hear for a while and make your dream come true...
  9. I could have half answered my question in my post but that is no fun. As a guy myself in society I feel like I have always had certain privileges like strength, size, naturally good at math, logic, mechanical altitude and have noticed higher paying jobs for the average person in those jobs in the trade or STEM fields and it is predominated by men as they are more likely to possess higher levels of attributes desirable for those jobs or enjoy the traditional public perception that they do that opens doors to employment. For building in RL strength is a huge advantage to work in construction whereas in SL you need creativity. In SL the arts and creativity are valued more highly than say being an inworld engineer. Being an electrician, carpenter or a plumber is replaced by using photoshop and 3D modelling programs thereby levelling out the employment playing field. Predominantly the biggest drivers of the SL digital economy are the sale of products targeted at women as a market such as clothing or body parts. Most guys experience difficulty conceptualising and creating those items and need help from women to do it. I think here are also other power reversal areas particularly in relationships and who inhabits the most desirable form.
  10. Typically, men in society often have privilege in many ways including strength, height, positions of power and higher wages. Does SL reverse this balance of power by a virtual world society placing greater value on attributes many women possess or are more likely to be better at than men?
  11. Some of you guys following this might be interested in this. It seems sex is biological but gender may be a construct of society and our gender roles are forced on us.
  12. Lol now you might have to confess to what you have seen.
  13. I think it is somewhere between the shopping and dance sims. Well so I heard..
  14. It is weird when one day you find the strange adventure you began in SL is becoming how you live RL.
  15. If it involves nudity I usually do that somewhere nobody can see for the sake of other users. For clothing sometimes I’ll try it on in store by removing the body first then putting back on when covered with the demo. For hair snd anything external there is no problem anywhere. One thing I do is use the Firestorm camera controls to remember where the vender is so I dont lose it in a big store in case I want to buy it. It’s so easy to lose where the item was checking out the demo I have on.
  16. What i do is firstly don’t load the SL library in my viewers by disabling it jn settings. That alone gets rid if heaps of useless junk. Usually I just make a few folders to find in search HAIR- with sub categories of creator to put purchases into. Landscaping- folder has everything I bought for filling vacant land when renting. With all these new mesh body parts I have to constantly find appliers and huds I bought for a great solution is a folder named two unusual keys together not used by many people. ==Mesh head-Catwa (all associated apliers and heads go in here). ==Mesh bodies == Other mesh parts that way when I want one of those things I type == in the search bar and those are the only results in my inventory. As for the rest of the inv I remember what I need to and the rest doesnt matter. I’m very fussy about the things I buy so lots of stuff ends up in the trash and I keep the best quality only in a few folders. There’s no point organizing junk..
  17. Feel free to say hi if you see me online, I’m always up for a chat with someone.
  18. This is one of the things I noticed about the SL community as a whole, the way there is so many lonely, sensitive and easily hurt people using it to try to socialise. Unless you are interested in one of the more common activities people congregate at meeting people is not easy and you can find yourself at a loss for something to do.
  19. Can just see it now married life- Wake up, feed cat, eat, get ready for work, wash up. Go to work and pay bills. Get kids ad run them around, make them do homework feed them and clean up after them. Eat dinner and play SL for a couple of hours for sanity. Party on..
  20. I view a relationship inworld the same as one anywhere with a real person so mentally cheating is still cheating. I have a strict no relationship beyond plutonic for that reason. Chardy has got tear stains from all the people in busted up relationships crying on my shoulder years on end one after another trying to console them :(. Guard your heart in SL because you will find someone that shares the same cyber fantasy and the bond is so easy to do. I never forget its not real and RL must come first including sleep and family and friends etc. As for addiction just like smartphones, social media, poker machines, and other electronic devices gaming is addictive as it stimulates the production of dopamine in your body. Alcohol and recreational drugs do the same thing. So I guess SL might be doubly addictive as feelings of love and relationships exist as well and you need more and more of it for the same high. When you try to stop you may experience withdrawal symptoms and will need to keep logging in day and night to avoid getting withdrawal symptoms ( been there done that).
  21. For my male alt he usually ends up clean shaven too. It depends on the look I am after. Sometimes a three day growth, a denim jacket and jeans is always a good look in both worlds.
  22. Sorry I wasn’t laughing at you at all it was closer to empathy. Shaving is a PITA to me and since it would make you feel more complete I really wish I could just give mine to you. Actually tomorrow I’m getting electrolysis to remove some of it where I keep cutting myself shaving just below my nose and lip . I actually don’t like body hair at all much either.
  23. They might be thinking the same about donating the beer belly to a trans guy feeling left out. Did I mention you can have my facial hair any time you want to shave every day? I’ll drop it in your inventory and you don’t have to trade me anything for that but it will arrive with mod copy permissions only so it can’t come back lol.
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