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  1. I know. But i will find a new home eventually
  2. Thank you ^^ I actually am going to hold out for a home. I really wanted one. The boat was cool but I prefer the house
  3. Ok so after some thinking I released my Boat. I do not want to live next to this guy. I am going to be refreshing until I find a home. Or if more become available then fantastic. Whom ever gets my old place I wish you luck and just remember to restrict sounds. ^^
  4. It is alright. I just wish he would have went about it in a different way.
  5. I would but honestly I want my boat to look good i am going to move though as soon as houses are available.
  6. Thank you. For the most part I meet nice people. That was the first jerk I met in my time on SL
  7. Apparently the sound was never restricted to parcel when i got it. So i fixed it. It is now restricted.
  8. The problem is I thought the music was automatically restricted to my parcel. I had no idea that they could hear it. And i would be more likely to have seen an IM than a notecard. They sent me two note cards but i only knew that from me messaging the owner of the object. I was gone from SL for a week due to RL issues. They apparently had sent the first a week ago. So yeah it was really upsetting coming back to this. But when i read the message above when i tried to return the object i corrected the issue right away. I am more embarrassed about how my home looked.
  9. Ok i willl do that. I wish i knew to do that before.
  10. It is fixed. The neighbor basically put it there from his land.
  11. So I came home to this and not sure what to do. Never got a message about my sound but I fixed it. Sooo now I don't know how to get rid of this....
  12. Awe such a cutie! I love puppies
  13. I only need to send my kid off to school in the morning other than that no plans soooo I am just going to stay up xD. I am going to be dead tomorrow haha
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