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  1. beethros Karas wrote: I want to hire a woman who is OLD... CCCCCCCARRRRRRRRROLLLLLLLLLLLE !!!!!!!!!
  2. According to the argument of the Many-Worlds Interpretation, there will exist at least one "universe" in which this video is an accurate reflection of reality. This isn't that universe. On the other hand, the MWI implies that there is at least one universe where the MWI is invalid. It might be this one.
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: I don't know what the EU VAT rate is, but it looks like it might be north of the UK's 20%. Erm, Europe is NOT one coherent fiscal entity. It makes the USA look politically rational. Well, almost. For clarification, all of the individual self-ruling countries (and even some of the feisty little parts of countries who like to pretend that they have some sort of independence) in the EU determine for themselves their rates of VAT for varying categories of both goods and services. Note that I said "rates", since there is not even necessarily a single rate of VAT within a territory. When you have watched the courts tied up for years deciding whether a Jaffa Cake is a cake or a biscuit for VAT rating purposes you might get an inkling of how little you understand about VAT, or Europe even.
  4. Sonja Smedley wrote: there are 5 parts and more than 6 hours to watch You lost me at this bit. As someone recently pointed out, you wouldn't even want to have sex for that long. Oh, that's right; it was me; but the evidence has been removed to protect the guilty.
  5. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Seeing as one of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence, I feel safe in saying.. Sod off! Most of the people in my area can claim bloodlines back to the revolution. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Would that be the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution, or perhaps the Prague Spring, or even the English Civil War?
  6. steph Arnott wrote: Im 29 and female, do that make me stupid? Oh well, have to sack my agent US$20,000 is not a lot of commission. Just because you are 29 it doesn't make you stupid.
  7. Ceka Cianci wrote: they must be getting delt with faster..i haven't experienced any this weekend so far.. You're obviously not on European time. And LL is obviously not very concerned about those who are.
  8. Phil Deakins wrote: There are far too many 'new' posts in this thread for me to bother reading, but I do have a comment about one little sub-topic that's come up... All you U.S. citizens did NOT free yourselves from British rule, so almost all of you can completely forget that idea. Why do I say that? Because very very very few of you had ancestors in North America at the time. Almost all of you were still over on this side of the pond, as it were. So when you think about the war of independence, remember that your ancestors didn't win it. They lost it I disagree Phil; most of them weren't British, but subsequently emigrated to the US from Europe/Asia (voluntarily) and Africa (less voluntarily). Which might explain some of their continuing problems with English comprehension.
  9. Take a look at Wikipedia's summary of Gun-related deaths. The UK and USA are conveniently located next to each other in the table for comparison. Where would you feel safer?
  10. We can tell you're a new alt anyway, because your surname is "Resident".
  11. This post discriminates against zombies! As well as being contrary to Anti-Ageism legislation.
  12. Dresden Ceriano wrote: at this point, I'm over giving a crap. Me too. After receiving the anticipatable template response, I won't be commenting further on the ridiculous time it takes for disgustingly intrusive spam to be cleared from the forums.
  13. Gadget Portal wrote: As a matter of fact! I'm going to do something unusual for me and encourage people to drop me a line in-world if they're actually curious WTF I'm talking about with this thread. It would save a lot of time if you just posted the information on your profile feed. The Feeds are completely unmoderated.. Although Linden Lab does delete stuff from its own account which doesn't accord with the corporate truth.
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: We could go deeper into facts like crimes with knives are seven times higher in the UK than what they are here. I've yet to see a semi-automatic knife that can kill sixty people a minute.
  15. Summer Tison wrote: Yeah the cost of living may be higher here in the UK...but I still like living on this little rock, better the Devil you know and all that.... I'm quite happy paying VAT if it means my kids have a HUNDRED times smaller chance of being killed in school by a lunatic with a gun.
  16. They never answer me. I think I use too complicated a vocabulary.
  17. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Charly Muggins wrote: I heard a rumour that someone sent a Moderator a Private Message saying they were going to kill themselves if the Moderator didn't reply, and it would be the Moderator's fault. The Moderator gave him a lifetime ban for harassment and questioning moderation. I heard that too, but it's not as scary as the guy with a hook for a hand. ...Dres Scary? Just make a noise like a clock and he runs away.
  18. I heard a rumour that someone sent a Moderator a Private Message saying they were going to kill themselves if the Moderator didn't reply, and it would be the Moderator's fault. The Moderator gave him a lifetime ban for harassment and questioning moderation.
  19. VAT is the compulsory version of the US Sales Tax, which as orl fules do kno is pretty much a voluntary tax on internet-originated transactions in the same way VAT was before the Euro governments got their act together to put the kybosh on my nice little business of moving organisations that sold electronic "goods" to a server in Jersey (no, not the New one, the original one) because they had a zero rate of VAT there even though they were subject to the protection of civilised business legislation in most other ways. I am sure the USA will catch up with the UK eventually.
  20. Oh Sir Jasper! Do not! Stop! Oh Sir Jasper! Do not . . . Oh Sir Jasper! Do . . . Oh Sir Jasper!! Oh Sir!!! Oh!!!! O!!!!! Oh Sir Jasper, do not stop!!!!!!
  21. I must admit that when my kids charge into my study claiming that the internet is not working I suggest that they write a letter to Tim Berners-Lee. Does that count as unsolicited advice, a faux pas, or a means of getting them to cut to the chase?
  22. It is possible to reclaim the VAT on SL fees if you can make a case that it contributes to the marketing effort of a business, or if your business is focused on services provided to virtual worlds. And before Phil turns up to say "piffle", I have succeeded in doing so. Mind you, you're not likely to get it back if selling cheap virtual furniture IS your business. Although I'd back myself to convince the HMCE even then.
  23. GoldxRazer wrote: You must be one of there's weak people that can't stand up there them self's and want stand up for what's right. That reminds me; I heard Adge Cutler and the Wurzels on the radio the other day.
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