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  1. VAT can only be changed if the company is being billed for it witch there not as they not got a office in EU so they can't change for VAT so LL is taking money that is not there's.
  2. At the end of the day they should not be changing us the 20% VAT as they do not pay VAT to the UK.
  3. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/linden-lab-make-second-life-fair-for-every-and-stop-over-changing-eu-countries-on-tax-2 Stand up to them and stop them from double changing EU countries on tax by making us pay for USA tax too.
  4. You must be one of there's weak people that can't stand up there them self's and want stand up for what's right.
  5. Then they should change there prices to make it far for everyone they make more the enough to do this.
  6. LL are thief's all they want is your money and they don't care if they don't run a far system if you're not in the USA you have to pay more for a full sim in the USA it's $295 in the UK it's $354 how is that far how can we all enjoy SL if they change different prices if someone out said the USA want's to run a estate they can't as there out priced this needs to be changed we all need to stand up to them and make them make SL far for everyone.
  7. Yes FREE SHOPS for everyone all I ask for is 20% of every sale IM me redxrob LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Razer/34/74/1021
  8. We have Sandbox, Games and places for rent IM GoldxRazer for INFO http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Razer/141/92/21
  9. Looking for a really good sales rep thats got 3 months exps in renting out land. Must be 6 months old. You must be able to rent out some land every week. you will get payment every time you sell:- Parcel: 5% 1/4: 8% 1/2: 12% full sim: 20% Anything les 3% If you rent more then 3 lots of land a week you will get a bonus. IM GoldxRazer or redxrob. You will be working for Razer Estates Group.
  10. Looking to buy Homesteads IM me GoldxRazer.
  11. Looking to buy a full sim IM me GoldxRazer.
  12. Razer's Retail We rent out Homesteads, Full Sims 1/4 1/2 at very reasonable prices with, any size available! Lands for everyone here, whether for living, for a club, a shop, for breeding or adult! Our Land Holding has well-trained staff that always helps you with questions and problems. The lowest prices, Long-term experience, No premium account needed, Always present a Support member, Personal care during the tenancy. LAND BOOK➥ http://www.stxcentral.com/?p=landbook&lb=706a5911aa34ce0670312776a236244d367e7a1d
  13. I think theres a lot on here that say you will get a full sim for rent but once you pay them they run and you get nothing.
  14. Razier Estates Group If you are looking for a full sim / full region / homestead? then come to Razer we may have what you want. IM GoldxRazer for more info. We would offer you the following: Full region: > 65'536sqm > 15'000prim > 18'998L$/W 1/2 > 32'768 > 7'500 > 9'400L$/W 1/4> 16'384 > 3'750 > 5'00L$/W Homestead: 65'536sqm > 3'750prim > 7'498L$/W LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acidic/71/244/22 Land Book: http://www.stxcentral.com/?p=landbook&lb=706a5911aa34ce0670312776a236244d367e7a1d Sale only available on some sim's 1/2 Pay for just 3 months and get 2 weeks FREE Rent a full sim for 6 months and get 1 month FREE
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