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  1. Commerce Team, have any idea to prevent scammers making money by stealing, cheating (creating fake stores & selling fake stuff), and abusing flagging system?
  2. No, it actually says "This can be done either by fax or written letter (regular mail or courier). Emails will not be accepted unless a prior arrangement has been made." "a prior arrangement has been made" means you've already or ever sent a written letter or fax to them in prior, if they treat email the same as fax according to what you said, they don't bother to say "This can be done either by fax or written letter (regular mail or courier). Emails will not be accepted unless a prior arrangement has been made."
  3. No http://secondlife.com/corporate/dmca.php says email is not accepted.
  4. By the way, copyright infringements and disputes won't disappear automatically even if my suggesion or other similar appeals were not accepted by LL, I'm nothing to them, and I don't need to depend on this company either, (even that my personal copyrightinfringement case is only just a miserable thief grabbed my L$1 dollarbie AD and put it on his own AD with another item which can't even been seen in the image, sold as L$99 each--changed to L$50 about 3 days ago, even people with the worst math knowledge on earth won't buy from him, what can I lose from it?), but what really matters is when yo
  5. Cherrie, just like other online report system in SL, when you submit a ticket or to file a jira case, it allows or requires you to upload attached files along with the report, what I assume is something like that. send a DMCA would be ok, but the evidence such as 2d or 3d files are not just papers, if emails can be an option to do DMCA, both the company and creators can deal with the computer files in a more efficient way (don't tell me that email can't be the option, as far as I know, aonther virtual world allow people to do DMCA via emails), but email is not an option so far in SL, and MP
  6. this is totally not complex at all. truth speaks, and the truth is hidden in the original files. when a creator reports a copybotted item, he provides his original files, for example, if one creator's pdf or obj or dae or whatever files can provide strong evidence but the other creator has no ability to provide any evidence, this is what I mean a simple case. and if two of the creators both provide evidence and LL can't judge who's the owner, the dispute remains unsolved, this case is what I mean complex. as I said, it's case by case, whether how difficult and complex a case is, it's not an ex
  7. My opinion is still the same, if this case can't be judged, this is still not an excuse for LL to not deal with other cases.
  8. better than nothing, as long as this method can really help to verify the copyright and clean stolen items. I'm not so naive to assume that all copyright infringement cases will be resolved by one tool, in one day, but I'm also not so naive to believe that LL can do nothing to solve any copyright infringement at any level (because this is a lie). If 2 sculpties share the same UUID, LL can't judge who's the original creator by any uploading record or data (maybe the thief has a copybot in his inventory)? If someone reports that Mark Ryden's paintings being sold as prim paintings in the secon
  9. it's pretty similar to what I've mentioned in the begining of this thread, MP falgging system seems to be very "efficient" when being used abusively, but nearly useless when something really matters needs to be reported and resolved. flagging disputes also occur in judging incorrect categories, keywords, or cases like yours, etc, but the reporter never be asked to provide any evidence or descriptions, why flagging abuse (like your case) can be passed ("judged") so easily without evidence, but stolen stuff can't even be reported? in some cases the copyright owner can provide sufficient origi
  10. sassy I believe it's not a problem. becasue even though the final result of the both skins look the same, the original skin creator must own the original files (including source material images, editing process history, texture layers, different files in progress, etc) as the powerful evidence. if I were a skin creator, I would create my skins in much higher resolutions (for example 3000x3000 pix), but to reduce the resolutions when I sell them (actually the maximum pic in SL is 1024x1024 pix), and maybe I can use smart object layers in PS to keep the larger detailed source pictures or files
  11. In my opinion I doubt Linden Lab really has a problem-solving department to manage copybot and piracy issues. There're many ways to protect copyrights, it all depends on LL's attitude. if LL can curb the main source of crimes (copybots) in the first place, there'll be much less IP infringements to waste everybody's time. However, LL's attitude, whether to the prevention or removal of the piracy both encurages the happenning of piracy, and leads SL to a government-sponsored theft-friendly virtual world. To judge the copyright might be disputable in some cases, but what I've observed in Marke
  12. this is good news for many virtual content creators and digital artists, I'd like to try this new virtual world in the near future. if SL have more competitors, LL would probably be willing to improve services and take responsibilities for issues like this Marketplace case, and maybe then they would be willing to ban copybots because they'll finally find LL itself becomes the victim of content piracy. If users of other virtual worlds can easily steal virtual contents from SL and upload them to another virtual world, and if another virtual world can provide its users better services and copyr
  13. what?? this is not a Resident-to-Resident business issue, this is purely an issue of the platform's dysfunction.
  14. unbelievable this issue remains Unresolved!
  15. thank you Ry0ta. yeah...very unfortunately...I hate that SL is theft-friendly. In my opinion, the level of easiness to judge the creation's copyright varies from case to case. Some controversial cases might need to be judged through DMCA, but in some cases, the stolen behavior is too obvious to be confusing. For example, if my store's name is "LLSL" and my product's name is "LLSL Bike", and another merchant sells exactly the same bike which is also called "LLSL Bike", and I own sufficient original computer files (evidence) which can be provided to LL... Why SLMP only gives me flagging to
  16. stari, I don't think it's like RL situation. Whether virtual creations are built in the 2d or 3d software, creators have original building process files of their creations, take my case for example, even the textures of my mesh stuff are computer-generated from specific 3d environment settings with specific lighting and material properties, so it's almost impossible to rebuild the same 3d environment files as the original one, not to say that the geometry of mesh itself is gradually built as model layers or history data or different files across different applications. RL brand is a different
  17. This is the unfair side of MP flagging system -- a blameless marketplace product would probably be flagged or removed due to flagging abuse, however, a copybotted or pirated item can still live well in MP and stay dutiless under current flagging system. I personally have been one of the victims of this situation, and this also makes me curious (and worried) about that since more and more people can easily use DD to sell in MP, are there growing number of pirated products being sold at content thieves' stores in MP? I hope Marketplace Team will serioauly consider including "this item is co
  18. Sassy Romano wrote: SL has slowed up dramatically recently. People just aren't spending money. the world economy is bad, hope it won't last long...
  19. Toy, I still think merchants need an out-world platform/association like real life Labor Union, at least this kind of union is the only workable way how RL workers can deal with unfair treatment and government disability in human history. If we can't find an effective way to focus our energies and appeals, nothing will be solved in the end. We need our own SL Merchants Union. We deserve our own labor union. Maybe it will take a little more time to establish this union and recruit enough merchants, but as long as quite enough merchants join us, this union can be representative for SL merchant
  20. "Silence for silence leaves the whole virtual world bleak." Ghandi would say that if he were a second life resident. However, I can understand how exhausted and frustrated you feel, maybe you just make a wise decision. Take care.
  21. one day when he starts to receive 1000+ tweets from SL merchants a day, he will certainly post an announcement here.
  22. You can select different options among: ( )None ( )Unpacking ( )Land When I first migrated to DD (before I found extra listing options), I was also quite confused by "Use it Now" which automatically added in my boxed items. Again...shouldn't Linden Lab have announced changes affacted by DD to users instead of keeping silence and letting users to observe and find these changes on their own?? How difficult would it be for Linden Lab to officially provide clear information of what changes they made to affect every user and store?????????????????????????????????? These changes are not
  23. So far most DD problems only brings risks to merchants but not buyers, if you're sure the product's pic and store name can match the product's description itself, it might be safe.
  24. Ture, I personally have the same thoughts as you and Deej. We have been through what you call the "craziest and darkest times in the marketplace's history", and this is also personally my most disastrous time as a SL resident--from disappointment to inflaming anger, then I felt heartly sick of Linden Lab and continuously growing issues, finally feel numb about this . I've had very low standards for anything about LL now. Rod's response compared to commerce team or marketplace team is actually very impressive to me, at least Rod responds, he is the only Linden who admits this situation is not
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