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  1. Hello! Do you have any adittional information on the Linden scripting the .anim exporter on his free time? Id like to ask to see how his coding goes, would solve me a big problem if he had something done already
  2. Gaia, After reading your last message I just tested with your lastest avastar version with the intention of reproducing the same issue when parsing a BVH with translations made in blender Yet again, for me, blender avastar BVH export does not seem to include translations. Or if it does, it gets, somehow, ignored by SL. I do the exact same animation from my previous post (with the 5 steps) on the bento angel. I export as BVH, and nothing, only rotations. I export it as anim, and rotates and translates perfectly. Could you please please please have a check? Its probably me (again I'm not quite
  3. Hello! thank you for replying I did as you recommended, reduced the framerate to 15 fps, reduce the frame length to 50 (no need to specify the FPS in maya, the bvh exporter will just reproduce all the frames in the timeline, all you need to do is specify the frame speed in the BVH after exporting). So in this 50 frame animation I reproduce the issue as basic as possible: 1 Add mFaceJaw, mFaceLipCornerLeft & mFacelipCornerRight keyframes on frame 0. (Both rotation and translation, all 3 axes, 6 curves) 2 Go to frame 25 and Rotate mFaceJaw bone to open mouth. Then rotate & translate
  4. Hello Cathy, thank you for answering. I bought your mayastar. Can not use it directly, since i use custom mesh models, but it solved the main issue with the info you gave about the scale difference when uploading models vs animating, aka solved my maya to SL workflow. Thank you for the great work! So yes I am creating them with Maya. I already got closer to the exact issue, seems its the BVH parser not processing translations from a BVH correctly. I have changed the framerate as you suggested: 15 FPS, directly editing the BVH. Animation is 50 frame total. Bone movements (rot and trans) from
  5. I might be wrong, but i believe that is the way is supposed to work, in fact, its always been like that: Previously your limbs and head would return to its normal state (the internal SL animations every avatar has) because there were animations controling these bones underneath. But the additional bones do not have these underneath animations. So lets say you play a closed fist animation. The animation is not looped and ends, but for you, remains closed. Other avatar arrives and sees you. He sees you open-handed. you see yourself close-handed. Why? Because that avatar does not know which anim
  6. Hello! I have been creating avatars for a long while now. If you want a suggestion: forget about 3DSMax. You will be able to export the rigged models, but there is no workflow to export animations from 3DS Max. Believe me, I looked for it for years as a big 3DSMax user i was. Nobody has scripted a good BVH export plugin. I gave up. Started using blender at first, which I dont really like, but it was the only workflow I could use to animate my avatars. Daz & Poser will let you animate their default models (no reference of your avatar on it) with very limited and basic tools IMHO. Now I am
  7. Hello bento creators! I recently started updating one of my avatars (a werewolf) to bento since it got broken with the update (who was supposed not to mess with any previously working avatar. but oh well). So got it rigged with bento skeleton and the model is working well on SL.Time to build the animations: Right now I am building complete expressions: Smiles, frowns, growls, etc etc. They move the whole face. And here comes the issue/strange bug. I succesfully made an snarl expression and a few others. Also got the tail animated, hands moving properly etc etc. So the rig is properly done,
  8. Is there any information about the animation limits we will have to deal with with our bento animations? I need to know if the bone number per animation limit is the same or has it increased? Same goes for the file size of the animations. Because with all the new bones we can create for sure separate animations for the hands, face, etc.... But if we want to do single animations with hand/body/face movement that needs to be synced, that would need a looooot more of bones per animation. And yes, we can split them in multiple animations, but we all know animations on SL do NOT sync well.
  9. This guy wich avatar's name I'm not going to say here have attempted to obtain a free copy of one of the items I sell by this method: He IMed me saying that his girlfriend accidentally deleted the folder asking me for a copy of the item. I only sell items on marketplace, and i keep all the records to track and give support to my customers. Hes not on the list. Not as buyer nor as recipient of a gift. I asked him if he was using an alt, or if someone gave him the item as gift and said that he forgot the name of that "**bleep**" that gave him the werewolf. The question is: What can i d
  10. Wow people talking about me in the forums! Now I feel like someone! hehe Omg, Jack, I would forget about secondary skeletons. I've read about using the attatchment bones and animating them, but it sonds just like a pain!! In my case I do classical and old styled script based animation. I just try to keep the mesh low-poly-enough and the scripts smart and lag-free. In fact my meshes have lower prim number than most other mesh furry avatars around. About the seams, the werewolf was my first attempt with that method. Also, I modified the uv-maps to be able to use default clothing. Seams are mo
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! My specs: AMD Athlon X2 Windows Vista 32 SP2 Nvidia Gforce GTS 8800 3GB RAM Using Both Second Life client (most recent version) and Phoenix Firestorm (most recent vers as well) Upload Mesh: On upload options I Tick Include skin weight and Include joint positions, then I "Calculate Weights & fee" and "upload". I dont click on anything else other than those options. I havent build LOD yet, I just let second life client generate the rest of LODS. What I just do is export from 3DSMAX into DAE, then in SL. High: Triangles: 10937
  12. Hello! I'm testing a new rigged mesh. Works smoothly on not crowded sandboxes. But if I go to sims with more than 5 or 10 avatars, I find myself not being able to walk, and finally it disconects. The render weight is 29468. I tried with Second Life viewer and Firestorm, both last versions. Please help. Thanks in advance
  13. The mesh looks perfect if rezzed on the floor, but when i wear it, normals flip. It is a rigged mesh, and yes it has all bone information (included with the DAE editing method). Exported using 3dsMax 2011 with latest autodesk collada. Any hint? Thanks in advance
  14. My rigged mesh looks great, perfect sized when I rez it on floor. When I wear it it looks GIANT, titanic, so big it would fit a whole sim. I've double checked the units setup: I'm using metric system, and avatar has got 2 metters tall in 3dsMax. In fact it shows 2 metters when rezzed on the floor. But you wear it and Voila! HUGE mesh! Perfect looking, but huge. I'm using 3DSMax 2011 with method explained on wiki explained here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_3ds_Max. Anyone having this problem please help
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