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  1. How about some Hangover Puffs, The cereal for adults who partied too hard last night.
  2. I have made some cigarette brands that I would share from a previous project. As for taking photos of the things I am creating lol, I am doing just that!
  3. I do live in the United States. I also called Oreo company to ask them just to find out what they would say. They told me I'd have to write to the company informing them of my intent of use having the brand logo image in my project and get permission from them to use the photo. This is all becoming too much of a headache. I have decided not to use the photos I took and go the long hard route of sitting here spending hours creating my own food brands and labels to throw on a million cans and boxes to fill a grocery store... which also adds to the prim count which is what I was trying to avoid i
  4. That is why I asked. I don't usually create items that I even have to worry about something like that. I don't need nor want anyone coming after me!
  5. Wow, I looked up grocery store on Marketplace and you'd be shocked at how many people are breaking that then! So many name brand products popped up... well this is going to be a lot more work than I expected but I'd rather be safe than sorry! Thanks for the info.
  6. I don't usually run across this issue because its not something I've really had to deal with before. I am building a grocery store in SL, and I went to my Real life grocery store and took a bunch of photos of products on the shelves to use as images on the shelves to reduce prims of having a bunch of prim items.... anyway, some of these products are name brand products... oreo, Jiffy peanut butter, Orville popcorn just to name a few that are shown in these images. By using these images am I am breaking any copyright infringements? Do I need to go through and change the names of everything? Or
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