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  1. Deleted because I should read all the replies before I post. WHY ISN'T THERE AN OPTION TO DELETE MY POST?!?!
  2. I completely agree with this!! I pay premium for this reason. The offerings for premium membership are a bonus to me. When I joined SL 8.5 years ago, I was really surprised (happily) that SL didn't require some kind of payment/subscription to have an account. I hope it stays that way.
  3. I hope you come back to see if SL is still for you. There are lots of cool recent developments for building and content creation. If you do, please look me up in-world. I'd love to invite you to see the community I am part of - four sims of art, music and creative people.
  4. You can apply it to a marketplace purchase - at the payment screen where you confirm that you are paying with your Linden balance, you can use any USD credit you have on that account. You can send a gift from your alt to your main or something similar.
  5. Do you have a citation for that? My understanding of derivative works is that the creator of the derivative work has to add something to modify the original form of the work. I don't think that taking a photograph of multiple items with trade dress would meet that standard unless the photos were post processed. That being said, it's really a moot point unless the trademark owners pursue it. Regardless, in this case, I would go by the LL policy I cited above, as that has more possibility of affecting the OP's use of the items she is creating.
  6. For those who are newly arriving to this thread, there 2 are FAQ posts from the Linden Lab official account from late yesterday afternoon. They can be found on page 5 and 7 of this thread. The second ends with "We’ll be back tomorrow with more responses!" Hope this helps - I know there are lots of people who didn't see the replies and might miss them in the flurry of messages.
  7. You don't *as a consumer* - I have an Amazon Payments account because I receive income from Amazon and subsidiaries and I do have to provide them with this information. If I make over a certain amount, I also receive a 1099 tax form from Amazon. In SL context: if you only buy Lindens and make transactions in world you do not have to provide that level of information. If you take money out of SL and have it sent to PayPal or equilvalent (receive income), then you do.
  8. Yeah, there are lots of infringements. They are all banking on the likelihood that the big brands aren't going to come in and file DMCA complaints against them. I don't think it's ever worth the risk.
  9. Yes, you need to change them if you want to comply with the law and LL regulations regarding intellectual property. From Linden Lab official policy: "You should not use copyrighted, trademarked, or celebrity material in Second Life, unless of course you are the intellectual property owner or have permission from the intellectual property owner. Your use of Second Life is subject to applicable copyright, trademark, and right-of-publicity laws." The entire policy is here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property
  10. There is a lengthy discussion elsewhere in the community forum. There are clarification posts from Linden Lab official account on pages 5 and 7 (so far). I encourage you to take a look there to get correct information.
  11. Hi Kota! There has been a lively discussion or two about this topic. You can find those if you go to the Land Forums on this site, then the Linden Home subforum.
  12. It will keep LL and SL in financial regulatory compliance. That is about keeping the ability to cash out Linden dollars at all, and that is something that benefits all of us. If they did not do this, there would be no SL economy and that would pretty much put an end to the user experience.
  13. I'd prefer that SL events were reliable but they aren't and haven't been for many of us for years. It became a matter of diminishing returns, and you see it differently which is fine. I had your attitude about it too. When I host events, I try once but don't waste my time to repeat the process or manipulate the info to "fix" it if my listing doesn't show correctly. It's not worth it to me. I focus on building up groups and scuscribos and use Facebook and Discord both for promotion and to find out about events. I am sure I miss some stuff, and some people don't hear about the events I am working on, but that would be true regardless.
  14. Many of us do post on SL event listings and the listings don't show up correctly or at all. It is not a reliable means to get info, not to mention listings in wrong categories, a "live music" category filled with DJ events, and other stuff.
  15. Tilia is owned by Linden Research and appears to be set up as a separate entity that can offer money handling services to other clients. They have gotten licensing through many states (I didn't stop to count if it is *all* but I am sure it will be by August 1) to comply with money handling regulations. These licenses come with very specific security and regulatory requirements, including protection of personal information. I sincerely doubt a registered corporation would be careless with this info. As far as I can tell, the process for *buying* Lindens won't change. My screen when I go to buy Lindens has said "powered by Tilia" for quite a while now. If I am reading correctly, this new stuff applies to *processing credits,* to take your Linden dollars to RL currency. If you leave a balance of RL currency on your account and do not use it to pay your land/recurring fees to LL or cash it out, and it stays there with no activity for 12 months, then you will be subject to the Inactivity fee. That is like a bank - you don't do anything with your money, and you make them deal with it, they are going to charge you maintenance fees. And it looks like you do not have to provide ID unless you are cashing out, which makes sense to me. I wouldn't expect to be able to convert money without showing my ID. Online should not be any different. Not a banker, Linden, or expert, but this is what I see.
  16. if you go to SL16B and pick up the Swaginator HUD at the welcome area, the 4 gifts for the hunt (easy peasy to get with the HUD) are accessories/decor for the diner. The HUD takes you directly to each one.
  17. It would be FANTASTIC if these small batch releases could be done on some kind of schedule, more than some random message in a group where many of the people already have a new Linden home, and more than "maybe every other day." Also... I am finding it somewhat annoying that there are people who have more than one premium account and have gotten more than one new Linden home. Yes I know they pay for it like everyone else, and they are not breaking any rules by doing so, but it would be nice to give other people a chance to get *one* first. Yes, I am grumbly. This is tame compared to my rant I erased.
  18. Contact support. The same thing happened to me, and the lovely (seriously!) Linden I chatted with was able to help me sort it out. I would recommend doing this via live chat.
  19. I think you'd have to abandon your current and try for one when they are available, like any time you change Linden Home type.
  20. It gives you a confirmation screen before you actually have abandoned the land. Use caution and read the confirmation screens when you get them, and you should be able to avoid catastrophe. Another option would be to add a prim counter to your land so you don't have to go to about land to find out how many prims you are using.
  21. Go look at an old Linden Home neighborhood. It has said this in about land for Linden Homes as long as I've been in SL.
  22. Not sure what would be considered a fair price, but do keep in mind that the transfer fee for a grandfathered region is $600 USD.
  23. There is no way that I am aware of to ban avatar types, if what you mean is the child avatar bodies or whatever. Many teen avis use the same mesh bodies as adult avis, but proportioned smaller. If you are insistent about not having underage looking avis on your sim 24/7 you will have to have staff to handle that.
  24. I've heard a lot of complaining about Gachas but this one takes the cake. Nobody MAKES anyone play Gachas. The consumer has the choice. I get that the OP and his girlfriend wanted a specific thing, but really that is a WANT. It is legal to have Gachas in SL. It is NOT considered gambling under LL gambling rules because you get an item every time you pay money to the machine. Yes, it is a RANDOM item from the set. There are 100s of places that resellers have their extra items, and there are groups where people trade. It is ridiculous to get this upset because you don't like the idea that you put money into a machine and get a random thing that may or may not be what you want. Yes, there are "gachas" in RL. Look up "gachapon" on Google. It's just a more expensive bubble gum machine. If it is determined that the lootbox laws will mean the end of Gacha, I am sure Second Life will survive like it has other regulations that changed our Second Lives.
  25. To the people who keep saying things to the effect of "Basic users spend lindens, often more than the value of a premium membership," I'd like to point out that premium members spend money in SL too, on top of their premium membership. Premium membership and buying lindens are not mutually exclusive concepts.
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