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  1. Alright, I'm closing up for the day and the weekend. Thank you all for the discussion, the questions, and the suggestions. Most of all, I appreciate the civility of the discussion so far. You're the reason why we do what we do, and why we're passionate about making Second Life bigger, better, and more awesome. There's been some good suggestions in this thread. I encourage you to submit your feature requests through JIRA - our team reviews every request. If you still have questions about the fee update that are not answered here or in the blog post, please utilize your contact
  2. Attention gotten! I won't personally rule out some premium feature tied to lindex fees in the future, but it's not currently planned.
  3. I agree, and I appreciate your concern! It is our intention to give much more notice in the future.
  4. To the first: it was a constant, static value that only had to be changed in a limited number of places and there was no logic change required. In contrast, the lindex had no concept of percentage based buy fees prior to this change, nor did it have the concept of a floor and a ceiling to fees. All of that had to be implemented from scratch. From here on out, we can now change the static values of those fields as necessary in much the same way as we did with Premium prices earlier. To the second: I cannot give you an explicit answer here. We would have preferred to provide more heads up
  5. Since I did the work on both of those, I can say with confidence that increasing the Premium fee was comparatively easy.
  6. There may be, but I think this is maybe not the right forum for that conversation. For the record, I don't think it's a bad question.
  7. Hi, RunawayBunny I think your question is valid, but I agree this isn't the place to ask it. I am not a lawyer, and I have no idea. I would encourage you to reach out to our support representatives who might be able to direct you to a better resource than little ol' me.
  8. Potentially. I don't have the information on that personally, so I can't speak to it. I do know it's actually fairly hard to quantify exactly how much it costs to run a single region. We have a general idea, but so much of SL is bespoke and each individual region has different needs and requirements that while we can say fairly confidently how much a given machine costs to rent, the rest of what goes into maintaining a region is much harder.
  9. Good question! The answer is that this fee change was a lot harder to implement than we expected (so true of pretty much everything we do here) because the lindex is so intrinsically connected to so many pieces of the overall Second Life product. Pretty much every system needed to be touched in some way or another, including (to our surprise), the Viewer itself. Wrangling the expertise and manpower to get all of those pieces in motion and in the correct state without also breaking things over in, say, Profiles or Groups at the same time was a rather more monumental effort than we anticipated.
  10. Hi, Adam As I mentioned above, we remain committed to making land ownership as accessible as possible. That effort is ongoing and will continue!
  11. This. I cannot stress enough that this stuff is not easy. This is well put and illustrative of the type of challenges that leveraging the opportunities that AWS provides presents.
  12. We did consider a more phased rollout. In the end, we made the decision that if the intention was to end up in the same place regardless, better to rip off the bandaid all at once, rather than prolong the pain over time. This is why we took such pains to ensure that the pain would be distributed as equitably as possible, and do our level best to leave the most vulnerable residents unaffected.
  13. This is exactly the type of thing we're excited to reinvest in and leverage. More functionality for less! But the road from here to there takes effort and expertise. Not overnight and not free. The future is bright for Second Life!
  14. 1. It's not a 1 to 1. The updated transaction fee will help offset some costs associated with the move to AWS. To your point, one of the ways we will be reinvesting this revenue is in leveraging the new options the move to AWS gives us to provide exactly the types of benefits you're talking about. 2. I can't comment about the potential benefits associated with Premium Plus - those will be announced when they're finalized and we're able to commit to a release. It's possible! 3. It still might! We remain committed to lowering the barrier to entry for region ownership as much as we're able. C
  15. There are no current plans to raise the cost of premium membership.
  16. I have a lot of ideas, but nothing is set in stone yet. With a product like ours (more accurately, many separate but intricately related products), much care needs to be taken to ensure that moving a widget in one place doesn't completely bork something in another service entirely, so our scope will (initially) be limited, I suspect. My (admittedly biased) focus will be on protecting payment methods and account security (passwords, email addresses, RL info) first and foremost, so that would be mostly web-based. I want this thread to stay on track, so that's probably the last questi
  17. Hi, Kimmi! This is slightly off topic, but I opened this can of worms, so I'll own it. I am still scoping out how I expect this to work so there's nothing set in stone, but my intention is to keep it as non-intrusive as possible. I envision it being opt-in.
  18. Hi, Bitterthorn I'm the payments product manager, and I have my grubby hands in a lot of our backend stuff, but not much front end, so the new onboarding stuff is not on my desk, so to speak. I wish I could tell you more about it, but suffice to say that as a company, we're very excited about it and that means we're going to want to share it with you all as soon as we can and in big bold text. Stay tuned, I guess! For me personally, I'm super excited to be working on Two Factor Authentication this year, and some updates to our web account management to give you all more options to int
  19. Hi, Prokofy! We remain committed to the stability of the Lindex exchange, and we will continue to monitor that rate closely with this change. I don't have the concurrency:spend ratios available, but I can say that we're very proud to be at an all time high on premium accounts for the month of March, 2021.
  20. If you're spending less than about $20 at a time, you won't see any change at all. Residents like you are the heart and soul of Second Life, and we specifically calibrated the fee change to ensure that residents like you would not be affected.
  21. 3 months is a tight timeline! We'll do our best!
  22. This is a very valid question, and one we struggled with, too. The most transparent way to say it is that we didn't feel like we had a choice. The revenue associated with this fee increase is tied directly to all of our plans for the future, and our ability to keep Second Life vibrant and engaging, including right now. If we had had the ability to hold off on this increase any longer, we would have. We appreciate how important Second Life is to our residents, especially now, and we feel the critical need to reinvest in that experience and bring in NEW residents as soon as possible.
  23. This will not happen. Keep that shoe on.
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