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  1. Blush, I think BoM will be nice. I don’t think it’s been released for Firestorm yet. Can’t wait!
  2. The transparent “lashes” don’t go away, no matter what. Alyona’s idea is logical, and I bet it would work.
  3. Alyona—That makes sense. I tried to select them for deletion, but no dice. With transparencies highlighted, they didn’t turn red, either, the way I would think a transparent prim would, Do you know how I can take your input, and set lashes to none? Where would I do that? Thank you!
  4. I really appreciate the input from you, Love, and you, Dilli. I will check out your ideas. It looks like the texture doesn't appear until I put on eyebrows and/or eyeshadow. I do *think* I'm wearing the Catwa head/eyes alpha. And yeah, the textures do look like ann eyelash *something*. I have both windows AND foliage in my room, so I'll take a walk and see what happens. My skin is third party. I think it's OK, but who the heck knows??!!
  5. WHAT in the HECK are these eye bugs? On the left, this is what it looks like if you get around to the side of it, which is a little tricky. On the right, this is what you see from the front— it blocks part of the eyebrow and the transparencies move with the eye, I think. This is driving me crazy, and I know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I have tried everything, like removing all layers and getting new copies of the Catwa Bento head, basically starting from scratch. The glitch doesn't seem to crop up until doing something with the eyes. I don't know if it's when I remove Catwa's eyelashes or what. It's just maddening! Have you seen this?? Help!
  6. Well, I'm celebrating Skell's solution to the eyeshadow/eyebrow conflict. It worked! Thank you, Skell!! Ready for the problem that followed? I don't think this one can be fixed... the eyelash alpha is having a party and didn't invite some of the other eye makeup. *sigh* I would love for there to be hope with this one: It MOVES with every blink of the lashes. See it? Cute, right?
  7. Hi, Skell. You're pretty awesome. Thanks for such a fast and informative reply! I appreciate it. So, I think I get what you said. I have the current update of Catya, so I'll follow your instructions that apply to her. Thanks very much! —Soul
  8. Thank you, Skell, for your post. I want SO badly for your solution to resolve this unsolvable issue. I got to the point where I cleared makeup, applied eyebrows, clicked the "upper" box, and tried to save the brows to the HUD. No dice. The eyeshadow saved. The brows won't save. Help!
  9. I *SO* need an answer to this problem! —Soul Tripp
  10. I really need to know the answer to this question. Thanks, Chase01, for suggesting what should have been done. —Soul Tripp
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