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  1. the common workaround for this problem is to link the rigged mesh to an unrigged object, and handle the touches from the unrigged piece.
  2. the promotion still saves money if you switch the subscription to annual before the first month is over.
  3. you're welcome! strangest coincidence, I saw somebody wearing that hair just after seeing your thread.
  4. Roanna from elua, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Color/218/51/25
  5. agentronin wrote: What I see at that link is an update for the OpenCollar Remote, but not something that is iteself the OpenCollar Remote. After reading the online documentation I have come to suspect this is a menu that opens for those that have the owner access level. but you didn't actually try it. if you click on that panel, it delivers you a fresh complete remote HUD, and it doesn't matter if you had one before.
  6. the remote OC HUD is available inworld, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage/248/127/23 once you have that, you'll see its gear icon on its bottom right.
  7. Shiva Meiler wrote: Is there anyone who owns the Banned Dea mesh body? What happened to the store and the groups? I'm still using it but right now I'm experiencing a problem with the HUD and I don't know where I should ask for help! do you have some aspirin? [bANNED] closed down. the assets were sold on, the body returned as Maria by Isteni, but then Isteni closed down. the assets were sold on again, the body is now sold as Sapphira at Imagine Skins. i do not know if Imagine has any updates or support for the older incarnations, but that will be the surviving place to ask.
  8. https://lists.secondlife.com/pipermail/opensource-dev/2016-August/010271.html
  9. Core 2 Duo is going to mean a fairly old PC, but that part isn't fatal. Exactly what kind of Intel graphics does this PC have? And what exactly happens when you try to start the viewer, are there any error messages at all?
  10. set ShowMyComplexityChanges in debug settings to zero.
  11. debug settings, set FloaterUnfocusedBackgroundOpaque to true
  12. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/Magic-Box-and-Xstreet-Shut-Down-Dates/ba-p/2953286 We will leave Xstreet up until August 27, 2015, so that interested Merchants can pull their data before the site is shut down for good. merchants were responsible for saving any Xstreet data they wanted to keep before the deadline.
  13. you can get PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION but not PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS. you would have to go with a feature request in JIRA if you think the latter would really be needed. for a vehicle, llStartAnimation and llStopAnimation ought to be fine. for a sitting avatar, you don't even need experience permissions to avoid a permission prompt.
  14. it would be possible with a custom plugin. a thing like this was made when SL shared media was still in development, but it never saw official release. you might still fake it with a Flash-based remote access program pointed to a real PC somewhere.
  15. debug settings changes can get lost if for some reason the viewer does not quit cleanly before the preference file is written to disk. one way to get around this is to go into preferences and change anything (say, move draw distance down a notch then back up again) then save, this will catch any pending debug changes too.
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