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  1. the one that shows lands ,cant believe u asked
  2. wtf is up with the web site everyday it goes **bleep** up and no one explains anything ?
  3. ok used to be aglitch now and again opening the site but now it,s like everyday the site is down wtf??
  4. trying to log all day but site is down any news??
  5. how to turn off that annoying rendering warning,i dont give a stuff if people cant see me.
  6. many thx for your help ye long time scince i asked tech.so forgot to include system etc etc
  7. every time i log in i am in darkness.no matter how many times i fix enviroment settings.it,s starting to get really annoying even if i go to other sims i have to reset everything.any ideas???in the dark jeeps :).
  8. ok ive found a few times i have typed in names in search but they are not found.yet i can find them through groups.is there now a tool to hide names in sl search?and yes i do spell correctly,before some smart ass suggests it.
  9. ok guys wen are u gona sort it????everyday is another griefer in freebie galaxy,and no one does anythingabout it.crap was nearly bad enuff nearly marrying a slapper but this is even worse .sort it sl plz!!!!!!!!ps.any dumass that says just dont go there then take ur head out ur ass
  10. hi!i thought by deeding land to group others can work the land ??can someone advise plz many thx .
  11. k many thx for help
  12. hi!found some linden land but its 1500mtrs over my limit.is it ok to buy it then just abandon the bit on the end to keep wit=hin my limit??thx for any raeplies
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