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  1. That place is a scam lemme tell you. The dancers are hungry for money and will tell you how much they like you until a missunderstanding happens and you're banned... Wait no, that's the owner. The owner isn't a nice person once you know her.
  2. Then why do people go to out on a restaurant if they can cook for themselves? Its not the same and its something that needs time to understand.
  3. I have lot of thoughts about this kind of sims: 1- They are fine, people just want to get off. Some aren't willing to do the extra to hire a worker, even less to roleplay, so for them this is fine. Usually this people don't tip. They are hurting the club economy though. Yeah, some people just want to get off, but if this trend continues I'm scared that I won't be able to do what I used to do in the last year comfortable since I am that kind of person who just wants certain conditions and clubs asure those, afk sims don't if you're checking every minute. It spawned bots and lots of low quality avatars, because mister number 1 can just do a quick 3 minute round with a lame base sl body and some free genitals found anywhere and they aren't gonna tip, people aren't gonna care about avatar and just throw something there. I've got a decent avatar, but it gets lost in the bunch of white women with granny faces and almost pixelated corners. Comunity on this is good, I'm on some fur group that does this and they are fine people. You've got your out of the ordinary, but every place has those, and even so they're fun to read or reply to, sadly it isn't the same with the people who join in. I miss the whole club shebang, I know I've exhausted some clubs myself and I don't want to go back working at them for differences and such, but I enjoyed the whole process of working at one, from the welcome to the tease to the possible transaction and do, this feels lost and its a shame. I ramble a lot.
  4. Yes and No. Yes because I've seen escorts/dancers make a good bank on places. I've worked in a couple places myself and I've got to see people get up to 7000L in their jars, or just enough money to get new outfits to work with and hold a propierty for themselves. and No because they get money to spend on SL to make more money and rarely have enough to pull out and spend in other things. Making a living out of SL seems to be an imposible thing. Also, as a personal note, if you're looking to make something out of that job line you can't "be unique". My avatar is a purple elf and I've always had my characters everywhere emulate that and it has barely payed off for me. I worked the same hours and I got way less than other people with "normal skins" did. Also, timezones!
  5. Its my first time pulling money out and LL is processing the money but it didn't ask where I want it to be transfered so I'm a bit worried on where it'll go. Can someone explain me how the process works so I feel better?
  6. I'm looking to rent a skybox kind of thing but I do not know where to look or how to look for it. I was looking for something closed, similar to a two store modern flat, but I have no idea where to start looking for. Any help?
  7. No, no puedes denunciar o mandar un ticket por que tu hayas dado dinero de tu mano. Si te hubieran entrado en la cuenta entonces si pero tu diste el dinero y es tu responsabilidad. Y es normal que te pida dinero una chica de compañia, ese es su trabajo, si ellas no te cobraras entonces no lo harian por que podrian estar con sus amigas u otras personas en vez de estar "obligadas" a esta contigo y encima de gratis. Resumen: No te estafaron, no te engañaron, te dejaste llevar y caiste.
  8. Cuando un creador de ropa crea una prenda, generalmente no la optimiza para el juego y eso produce lag. No es tu ordenador, es el "mesh" y otras cosas que hacen que SL te vaya lento. Si los creadores de ropa se parasen a refinar sus scripts y demas entonces SL correria mucho mejor pero bueno, que le haremos.
  9. Don't ask me where I learned this, maybe it was 4chan or some other obscure place, but I think that in the US you can eat someone if its consensual. If a person is okay by you eating them, then it can happen. Also, zoophilia isn't allowed? Why then is there horse genitals for feral horses in the market place? I know of a sim with a bull and a horse that you can make it mount you, with a very crappy animation. If that sim is allowed, and its got quite some traffic on it, then zoophilia is allowed on this game. My two pennies and my poorly typed rambling. Hope it helps.
  10. I can't seem to find the option to make the windows solid. If I'm editing my options, graphics and such, the chat goes transparent and if I focus to type on the chat, the options windows goes transparent. I'd like them both not being transparent. Does a singularity user know how to help me?
  11. Yep, I can load other sims. But right now I could join it so Iguess it was a temporal problem with the sim or my connection.
  12. I did clear the cache a couple times, clear and disconect, then try and if not repeat. I guess I'll have to give it time till its accesible for me.
  13. First, I haven't found the appropiate forum so if a mod could move it to the appropiate subforum I'd be thankful. Now... A couple days ago I joined a sim and spent some time there, then the sim crashed. I wanted to try if the sim was back operational today and its stuck on "connecting to region" so it leads me to an error and I crash. I asked a friend to join that sim and he told me he joined it fine, no issues, so the problem must be on my end. Any help? I'm using firestorm as the viewer.
  14. Leather fetish kink with red lipstick and visible genitals.
  15. Hello, I'm looking to know what managers do and how they work in SL. I've been brought to SL to manage a brothel/strip and I would like to know more about the job. I already moderate and co-own a similar room at f-list, an adult rp site. My job there is to look over the room, what is post and if something is unapropiate to act. Also, I take care of interviewing people, usually rp with them and judge on their performance, and to add and remove people from the lists at the description. Those are the things I do and I don't know if some will be similar in SL or if there's more to it. Any help, tips, explanation will be greatly appreciated. -Aishtha
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