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  1. Absolument impossible de se co depuis plus de 3h .... le site de second life lui meme offline ..... mais aucunes informations sur le online statut ....
  2. Ok same here !! Guess we have to wait .....
  3. Thanks so much for your reply animats, i was so sad noone was helping. by the way i resolved my problem alone, maybe it will be interesting for someone else ^^ I don t know how but, all the items i was wearing went double, i mean i was wearing everything twice, 2 heads, 2dress, 4earrings ... everything was double .... then when i tried to wear something i was " full" of attachment that s why i couldn't click on add or wear ^^ i have detached all and attached what was needed .... strange experience ^^
  4. Hi dear all, since few days, i can't wear or add anything from my inventory on Beta Grid. I can upload my mesh, it works fine but when i wan't to try it ... i can't ... Any idea to fix this issue ? KD
  5. ho i did a another topic , did not see yours before .. Yep same as july for me too , mesh are invisible
  6. Hello dear all, Up this topic because i am actually on beta grid and the mesh i am uploading not rezz . it s on the ground but transparent ^^ Where can i report the bug please ?
  7. oh thanks so much chinrey for your answer ♥
  8. Hi dear all, i know Beta is Beta but is it possible to get a small piece of land on beta grid? i sometime work a long time more than 4hours and getting all my stuff back in my inventory and start again is just .. erk ^^ Thanks to let me know ^^ KD
  9. Works perfect for me now . thanks so much !!
  10. Yayy ^^ Thanks so much Chinrey ^^
  11. Any idea when they will make it work please ?
  12. Waouh ! Going inworld to see that !! Thanks a lot to let us know ^^
  13. Same for me : the inventory system is currently unvailable we have to wait i think
  14. Same for me with this : Loging Failed , the inventory system is currently unvailable . Waiting .....
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