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  1. thanks a lot i make mesh clothes and know how to make UV map!
  2. I saw that there were a lot of animated t-shirts in marketplace... I tried to make an animated texture, i found a script in marketplace for it... but gif covered everywhere of t-shirt. I think its I related to the script. Is there a script where I can make gifs for clothes?
  3. Hello everyone. I'm working on kids clothes for TODDLEEDOO, BEBE. I make clothes on Marvelous designer and i dont know how to fit clothing on 2 different size bodies ( without UV shape change!) any tips? i'm not sure is is there an easy way .. waiting for your answers thank you.
  4. I'm trying to make a dress with unfitted skirt for Toddleedoo body. I need to delete bottom vertex groups after export dress as avastar.dae. When i delete those, i get error called Please fix 596 Unweighted vertices on dress. I know there're unweighted vertices on my skirt but i shouldnt paint bottom part because i want a unrigged skirt of dress. Can anyone tell me how can i fix it without paint vertices?
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a creator who can make a custom face mask like super hero but it must be something very special. VERY URGENT!
  6. Yes same for me! I couldnt login since last night too. Now understand that this is a general problem. Thanks for reply
  7. I'm trying to login to Aditi grid (not my first login) but it cant connect to a simulator I tried all lands it's not working. My friend tried to register to Aditi but she can't because https://aditi.lindenlab.com/ isn't working so we couldnt check server status. Is there a general problem with aditi?
  8. I solved problem i checked again normals and it worked now thank you
  9. I have a problem about my mesh creations i make mesh cloths on Marvelous Designer 5 software and export them as dae file so i rig them on blender. but when i upload my mesh clothes on SL i see some problems on back sides https://gyazo.com/ced0bf98887602dbba635ae6839fa253 https://gyazo.com/60a5e654b6a2d0053c55f81328df7f62 so, how can i solve this?
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