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  1. Hello, wanted to test some meshes in beta grid on a mesh sim and all what i have after uploading is a transparent ball. That happens to new and older mesh objects, which i already tested before weeks. https://gyazo.com/acc806f2c3aa5e102ce912381c503284 Rigged or not, there is no difference. Other user have same problem. Is this a known bug or is LL just working on something ^^ Its only on beta. Thanks!
  2. Hey, its Not the same, but thanks ?
  3. Heya, working on some new clothing stuff and have 3 Mesh Bodies from 2 Labels and have 2 Blender files with the bodies. Now i have done a clothing piece with rigging fitting... I will put this piece of clothing in the other blender file to fit the clothing item on to the other mesh body, but everytime i must do rigging and fitting new. That cost a lot of time. Is there a way to do it faster? Export import from blender without loosing any modifier and rigging fitting setup? Its crap to have one clothing item with different rigging setting in weightpainting.
  4. Please trust me i talked many many times with paypal and they say iam same person...bye bye sl (
  5. Hey have a big problem, i have a business and wanna transfer my L$ to my rl bank account or credit card. The problem is my paypal is capped and cant use it becouse paxpal says i am same person as in the house here, dont know what happend and i must pay thousands of euros ^^ Talked with sl and they say i cant add wire connection. Can i close my shop because of this **bleep**? No chance to paypout like virwox? Thanks
  6. Tahnk you mikli, This is a picture and it MUST be with alpha. Look at all the stores, this kind of pictures sre always with alpha.
  7. Okay i find out..its the atmospheric shader, that breaks all textures, not only at my item.
  8. Hey Guys, im soo happy with the new viewer with enabled normal map.... But when i set the advanced lightning model option on, some of my vendor pics are going black. Please take a look at the picture. To see normal and spec maps, i must set advanced lightning model on right? But this bug makes me sad. What im doing wrong? Its same item here. Thanks !
  9. Have same problem, tried all what listed here to fix the problem. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks
  10. Hello. i wanna make some fashion stuff and aking me, can i edit the mesh size item in Blender after i rigged it? Or must i rigg it again? In sl are the standard mesh shapes and i have to change the size many times for different shapes. You help me so much with your help
  11. Have deinstalled icloud and now it works. Very crazy..thank you ! Greetings
  12. Hey Guys, when i try to upload mesh, i click in my inventory + and when i choose model it crashes at opening my explorer to choose a file. Have try it with other viewers, same problem. Its only on my computer, what can be wrong? ( clean cache, reinstall all viewers, setting down grapchis, dont helps me) Using win 7. Thanks!
  13. yeah im building my meshes in Blender 2.58 and rigg it at 2.49, its very simple to use. greetings
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