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  1. Having a bit of an issue concerning reciept of my sales from marketplace. Overnight (11/12/2014-11/13/2014) I had sales totaling 137L$, whch of course was WONDERFUL to wake up to, however, I had no reciept of these sales in my email. I promptly checked my viewer settings, my email spam settings, my email settings on marketplace. I've checked everything I can think of. I have of course a copy of the transaction in my ltransactions log on the main site, but Im really wondering why Imnot getting the emails - especially when none of my settings or information has changed.
  2. I've had some nasty run ins with various (and often the same) griefers on alt accounts. I've notified LL via Abuse reports, with nearly NO reconition at any point. Howver I have noticed they respond to my friends who are premium members with a near instant speed. Do they not care about the rest of us? Do they even Respond to the abuse reports of non-premium members? some of us have just as much, if not more money tied up in SL. We maintain homes, businesses on marketplace and at various locations, as well as rent and maintain sims of ALL sizes. Why would Linden Labs have a seemingly obvious "go screw yourselves" policy towards their non-premium members?! Is there anything that can be done to get them off the pot?If not, are there any potentiual, positive soltuons that dont involve leaving SL or notifying their shareholders, or BBB?
  3. You CAN usually go into your web browser, which if you're lucky will have the saved password stored somewhere. Its not hard to find, you can usually find out how to locate the information by just doing a gogle search for "locate stored passwords on (insert web browser here), I had to do it that way when i switched browsers myself, just went back into Google Chrome and viewed the passwords after I found out how... Second piece of advice, ALWAYS....ALWAYS keep a written copy of all of your log in info, update it, and change passwords often.
  4. Ive been support staff at a Dinosaur sim for about a week now, and within the last few days, an odd glitch has popped up. Mesh avatars specifically seem to be rendered disjointed or completely out of alignment of their rigging. Sever guests have complained about this issue, regardless of what viewer they are using, or grahics settings. Some have them on low, other have them on high. Even the sim owner has stated he has been having these same issues. Ive tried a sim restart, and it solves the problem for only a few minutes to a couple of hours. We've investigated every possibility we can consider....Im wondering is this is a glitch LL doesnt knwo about, or if perhaps there's just too many mesh avatars in one sim, or if they're just too many facets for anyone viewer to render properly. Please note this seems to only occur in this sim, with mesh avatars. If anyone can shed some light on this, Id be grateful...and Id be even more grateful if there was a potential solution. Thanks in advance.
  5. I've been spending a LOT of time sprucing up my co-owned sandbox. Im really interested in making out logo visible from the map search. Like THIS:(Below) If any of you Wizards out there know how to accomplish this feat, I would be MOST grateful. Thank you in advance.
  6. So, here's my situation... Im a co-owner of a sandbox, and everything generally goes well...we do have a problem with a griefer who consistetly creates new alts, comes in and crashes our sandbox. In an effor to combat him, we'veinstalled an age range scaner, which works very well....however, he only needs a split second to rez his sim crasher, and he has managed to use this to his advantage. What I NEED to know is, if there is a way to isolate this small area around our landing zone, and make it non-rez capable, without subdividing the land. If not, is there a way we can subdivide the land, and keep the landing zone routed to where it is, for example, keeping it the same location, regardless of the parcel division?
  7. Seems like for the last few months each time rolling restarts are being done, they take progressively longer to get the regions back up. As I write this, its now been over an hour. Last week it was 45 mins, the week before 35, and well, i think you get the idea. SO, my question is, WHAT is going on that this is the issue? Please...if you dont have an actual answer, try not to respond (I dont mean to seem crass, but I want facts, not opinions)
  8. In a world of hurt right now. A friend and I rented a parcel starting yesterday (11/18/2012) and almost immediately started having major issues with what seemed to be lag. After careful inspection, of the region, there was no script lag., FPS seemed to be fine, and no lag registered, and we looked at roughly 3-5 different sim monitors to verify...all of them had the same result. I know the problem is NOT my connection because I don't have any issues logging in, or teleporting to other regions, or anything relative. My internet connection is FINE... there just seems to be no way I can connect and transport into my new home. Im not sure if there's a way to file a support ticket, and my compatriot isn't available to get the information on the sim owner to contact them. I've checked the sim status reports and there hasn't been ANY issues documented since 11/17/2012 (which was phone maintenance) On the few times I have been able to get into the region, none of the builds rez thoroughly, or scripted objects are non functional, but all indicators suggest the region is fine. I've even spoken with 2 other residents in the region, resident I spoke with said they were having no issues, while another was. Clearly this suggests a connection issue with a server on the opposite end. To reiterate (quickly) Connection problems NOT on my end. The region does not appear to be affected to at least one of the other residents. Scipted objects are Slow or inoperative, Full builds do not rez completely. SO now comes the hard part... HOW do I let Linden Labs know they have a server issue on their end (which seems to be only on my side of the USA.)?? (and PLEASE don't give me a stock answer - I've tried everything under the standard technical fixes already)
  9. Absolutely. There's an array of avatars, everything from bears and cats to dinosaurs and monsters. You canbe a wizard or a superhero too. You might even take to learning how to build your own once you do some reasearch. for NOW, you can customize what you have until you find something more to your liking.
  10. Absolutely solveable. If you still have the email account active for that SL account, just go to the support ticket page and file a request there. Simply explain that you no longer have acsess to the account and would like it back. Provided you have acsess to that email accout, youre pretty much all set. To start the process: Open a support case. Under What type of problem are you having? choose Account Issue. Choose Reactivate an old account. Enter the required information Click Submit. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  11. I am loking for some GOOD open water sims to go scuba swimming in. There were some off the mainland Id been to a long tome ago, which one of the sims had a small atol beach in it...seemed pretty exclusive and under populated. had docks etc...but the locals knew their way around it. There weer parts of theese open water sims that had sharks, fish, treasure chests, coral reefs and various other water related themes. Im also trying to find a place thats a huge water park, in the mid part of the oceans between the mainland and the rest of SL...it was on the southern part of the norther continent....dont rememebr what it was called but it sat on the water, and linked up the the rest of the ocean in SL... Id love to go back and revisit my very early days in SL again, now that winter is fast aproaching the northern hemisphere.
  12. Aside fromt his forum, http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld-Employment/bd-p/InworldEmployment There are OODLES of places you can go to earn money. Some of the more popular places are Bletaverse ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mino%20Volcan/88/182/1202 ) which is one of my favorite ways to gather some quick cash, and Earn2Life.( http://slurl.com/secondlife/DuoLife/57/56/35 ) Another site you can earn Lindens on, and have transferred to your account is : http://stuffpoint.com/earn.php If youre looking for a real job, you might want to be well aware that MOST of them are very adult in nature, so youre going to need to be comfortable with that, not to mention youre likely going to have to be age verified.
  13. I have this problem infrequently myself and Ive noticed it seems to stop being an issue at low load times, realative to the ISP Hub. Its not really related to SL...its an internet connectivity issue...you MIGHT be abe to counter-act some of the issue by using a wired connection if youre on a wireless connection. Also, clearing your cache is ALWAYS a good first step when you have any issues with SL, if that fails, check your computer itself. the hard drive may need to be defragged, you might have malware or a virus too. it NEVER hurts to do an overhaul and make sure everything with your computer is working fine!!!
  14. You should have no problems at all, provieded youre not going above the limi (which I believe is 5 accounts).
  15. I have a group, that as owner I want to transfer ALL control and fucntion over to an ALT account. I have tried several times to do it by going into the members list and asssigning the rol to the alt account, however, when I hit the apply button, it does not take. I have checked with the alt account to make sure, and it indeed did not work. I AM the creator of the group. I can assign officers and any other roles I want, but cannot transfer or add an owner. How can I get around this issue? I really want to get my main account dis associated with the group.
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