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  1. valerie Inshan wrote: It's been a long time since we had a silly pic thread like we did in the old forums. So this topic might be just as good as any other. Do you send you avi to bed before loggin off? Pajamas? Sexy lingerie? Underneath or on the sheet? Blanket or no blanket: that is the question. This being said, good night to all! Zzzzzzzz! I don't usually go to bed before I log out. I do get dressed before I log out though if I'm naked.
  2. Saraya Starr wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: Neal, here is what my life looks since Ajja left. Not very glamour huh; cant even remember last time I danced a couple dance... Maybe this on, lonl, long ago... And that is now. :smileysad: Aww Val hugs you tight , I know it's not the same as having someone to be with. But you have so many who love you here :heart: Exactly! Well put Sara
  3. Innula Zenovka wrote: In that case, you are going to have to unlink the door and set the door to being a movable obstacle, leaving the rest of the house as walkable, otherwise the door won't Unfortunately I don't know how to unlink individual objects.
  4. The customer is me. The only change I made to the house itself as far as pathfinding is changing it to walkable for my vkc cat. Otherwise he won't work.
  5. SilentBrokenDreamer wrote: If u want, i can try to make u one >.< I doubt I could afford that.
  6. Raven1 Short


    Any recommendations for a place to buy a small house for a 2048 land parcel? Something fairly low in prims but good quality?
  7. Viviana Baguier wrote: I have 2 skins, which is better? I use photoshop to match skin color, thank you. I like the bottom. You did a really good job making you look like you.
  8. sunnygirl OHare wrote: 30 a week seems doable. If I don't have to deal with crippling lag then I might stick around this one. I loved the last landlord I had but when she moved my location (because I wanted less and less prims I think) to an Adult sim the lag caused me so many problems I eventually bailed. This place is cute though. Thank you to all of the replies I had so quickly too. You guys are awesome! The owners and managers there are great. I lived there for quite awhile.
  9. These are great apartments for a low amout of rent. Furnished and you get enough prims for your pose stand and a little more if they are low prim. http://world.secondlife.com/place/0fdc2a60-6ac9-c523-9b78-9df207b16fd6?lang=en-US
  10. Fusionbolt2000 wrote: Well, I'm looking for something adventure like, something about missions and a plot ^^ Then you need to play WOW or Guild Wars or something.
  11. valerie Inshan wrote: Raven1 Short wrote: My new kitty Jerome Jerome! SPIT THAT MOUSE, I mean NOW!!!! No Val!!! Me like my mouse!
  12. valerie Inshan wrote: Kylie Jaxxon wrote: Merry hugs & kisses to all....Happy Holidays What a lovely picture Kylie! All my best wishes and hugs back at you! :smileyhappy: What nice cards and greetings everyone! Kylie looks like she's saying "No the stockings are all mine!"
  13. I think the face is adorable. I'd make him smaller so he could be carried or just sit cute on a shelf.
  14. valerie Inshan wrote: Since I destroyed my house and feel kind of homeless, I accepted a ride with a perfect stranger this morning. My Mama would certainly blame me for that. :smileywink: That polar bear is mooning you.
  15. NealCrz wrote: Been on a poetry kick lately so I offer this on a beautiful Sat night. Merry Christmas all Love worth the journey ... by NealCrz I tarry by the fragrant.... mistletoe for my one true flower, that will dare to know, that love is greater than her past pain and fear and that intimacy is turly be able to bare A wonderful joy, as the snow and tree that one day a year brings so much glee. Families sharing hugs and kisses opening presents and sharing dishes memorries bare and new ones found where love and trust forever abounds I like that Santa look.
  16. NealCrz wrote: Saraya Starr wrote: Ok, found a better dress for Sunday..in my opinion anyway ----------------------------------------------------- simply stunning color and cut, agrees. I agree. That dress is fabulous!
  17. 4. Do you think the real outside world would be more or less sexist then in second life? Why? Than.
  18. NealCrz wrote: dreams of Sara's party seeing the entry table with all the goodies. OMG I thought that was a dream i must of walked in my sleep and raided the store bought cookies . Bring on the homemade ones pleeeeaaaassseeeeeeee. He looks stunned to have all those cookies. Did he sleep walk?
  19. Kobuk Farshore wrote: Saraya Starr wrote: Well, it's that time of year when I long for a change..new skins..lol.. Here is one from LAQ called Maria..first pick is the Fair shade..the second is Peach..opinions please Both look so good with your shape, Sara. I think I prefer the peach, but just to make this opinion really unhelpful-- I'm betting the fair shade would look gorgeous with your red hair too. Both look great! I'd pick peach. Only because that's the shade I have from LAQ.
  20. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: ummm, I was referring to Santa.. He mooned me so i sat on his big fat butt... I was wondering why Santa had his pants off...
  21. Here's a picture of Bo getting under hoof! Oh no!
  22. Kobuk Farshore wrote: Raven & Val; YAY party-photos!!! I had so much fun. Val, I second Sara's comment about you being a wonderful hostess, and Raven... *narrows eyes*... hold onto your cookie while you can. Neal: That Santa avi makes me smile. Secretly though, I can't wait until Spring to see if you show up as the Easter Bunny as well. Coby: OMG cuteness!!! I especially love the school pic. :heart: That cookie is long gone in my tummy!
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