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  1. Hey there, I just need someone to take photos of my products since my graphics are not that great. It just needs to have background behind the item that makes it easier to cut it out in photoshop. I have several upcoming items I will need photos of, some will be avatars that will need to be worn and posed.
  2. Hello, just looking for someone to take my photo in some pretty place. I need you to choose the location etc. My graphics are terrible so I cannot take my own photo nor find a good place for one. Please post ratesand samples, thanks :)
  3. alright ive deleted half my inventory, tried switching viewers... and still having problems here. It will eventually log in after several tries, sometimes taking an hour... I'm at a loss here.
  4. Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: While Ren is correct about the maintenance this shouldn't keep you logged out for 5 days. Regardless of which viewer you are using try the steps in this article: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_run_crash thanks but everything i read is for when none of your accounts can log in. I'm only having trouble with my main account. I don't know if its due to my large inventory or what... but all my other accounts work fine.
  5. Hello, I can't seem to log in or stay logged in my main account. My alts work just fine its just my main that seems to be having this problem. Ive tried logging into different regions with no luck. When I log in normally the prograss bar gets stuck at "connecting to region" it takes several minutes then finally gets past and looks like its logging in but when SL pops up, I can't see my avatar, I can't move, nothing is loaded, and then it finally says Ive been logged out. But if I clear viewer cache 1st then it will log me in looking like it has no problem, I can move around and chat etc while things load, but then it will start freezing up over and over and then freeze for 2 minutes and then say ive been logged out. During this time if I click clear inventory cache then try to log in, it will again log me in looking normal and have a slim chance of keeping me in. But it takes doing this process over and over a few times before it keeps me logged on. So it seems this might be an inventory loading problem of soms sort. I've tried using an older version, I've tried the update, Ive rebooted my computer, I've done several clean installs, I've deleted chat logs. I've messed with graphics and connection settings... I don't know what else to do. This started probably about the 20th very suddenly with no change having taken place.
  6. Lewis Luminos wrote: When I googled my name, the first entry I got was an ad for glow-in-the-dark paint. Even Google can't spell. To answer the OP though, I think there are some celebrities within SL. The "sex man" you couldn't remember the name of is Stroker Serpentine, creator of the Sex-Gen engine. There's also Chip Midnight, Cristiano Midnight (no relation), Marianne McCann, Torley, Qarl, Steller Sunshine, Sarah Nerd, Amy Weber, Yadni Monde, Teeny Leviathan, Cubey Terra, Desmond Shang. Even Prokofy is a celebrity, in an infamous kind of way. Waaaah No mention of me! ;-; I did meet a celebrity in world not long ago hes a pop star but I'm keeping his identity secret though even though he does say who he is on his profile.
  7. Diogetz Barbosa wrote: Racia Fiertze wrote: yes people do pay 60+ for a video game.... a WHOLE video game... not just 60$+ for one shirt in a game if he was selling me a whole line of clothing i could understand... but 100$ for 1 shirt is a little too much in my book Thats what people usually dont understand about custom/uniques, when you buy that videogame, for example, your buying a full product that is sold for hundread thousands of people only to cover its cost, thats why you can buy it for $60, but when you do a custom it is like getting in that game company and asking them to make a full videogame only for you in the way you want, i bet the price will be a lot higher than 60 in this case, i come across this kind of misunderstanding often because im a custom developer myself, so it is always good to explain the difference Finally someone said something about that. I was about to post this too. I sell mesh avatars and I've had many people ask for a custom avatar and when I gave them the price for it, they asked why its so high and thought L$200 would of been fine since thats what most of my avatars in my store sell for. There is a huge difference between creating your own design and selling it to many costumers in a store vs. making a custom order off someone else's design for them. Many don't also seem to understand that pixels are still art. People pay hundreds for just a tiny simple looking logo. What they are paying for is the design not the pixels. Its funny I had just seen this comic strip recently too http://37.media.tumblr.com/8fb81a6b67e0d7df5369f46e9683336b/tumblr_mrjsboZbbf1qhze5no1_r1_500.jpg Also, I am curious about how the dress is coming along as well, rigging clothing is not as easy as rigging a mesh avatar since clothing has to be rigged correctly to the SL avatar. Its also more difficult to weight paint.
  8. Would you like to have your very own custom mesh character created for you? They can be just about any size or shape as long as they are humanoid. The eyes will be rigged with blinking. Clothing is fine as well as long as its not too complicated to reduce any glitches. Permissions will be copy/mod and a UV map can be included if you desire. Multiple textures will be used to create high detail. Please send me a notecard inworld along with picture references of the avatar :)
  9. MIstahMoose wrote: 2.5k-3k Linden = $10-13? dollars Est time on that avi w/ AO and such = a bajillion hours A bajillion x minimum wage per hour = a crap ton more than $10 yeah, we freelance artists don't seem to get paid much really. We put in hours and hours of work for pennies.
  10. Perhaps my post was confusing. I apologize. What I mean is that I create entire mesh avatars, meaning there is no avatar skin to match its just mesh on mesh and I have created seperate eye lids that blink. I just need the eye balls to move as if they were real instead of just staring ahead.
  11. Hello, I make mesha avatars and I'm looking for a script that will make a sphere twitch like an eye so I can use them on my avatars to make them more lifelike. I will need it full perm of course. If you can please provide me with a script, make one for me, or point me to where I can buy one, it will be much appreciated. Please IM me or reply here.
  12. Yes that is true, thank you for the reply. I'll keep this in mind.
  13. Hi there, I've been struggling with this problem for some time now... I use Zbrush for mesh creation and Blender for rigging and exporting. I can create avatars but I'm having a hard time with clothing. I can make one sided clothing and add the interior side by flipping the normals but it makes my clothing appear too thin. I have seen thicker clothing that looks a lot better and I've been trying to create it by using extract in Zbrush. It looks fine until I try to rig it. For some reason it does not what to cooperate with the weight paints and when the clothing bend the inside will poke thru the outside. I cannot seem to create my own weight paints with this since blender only uses X symmetry and Y is needed. Creating my own would be a mess anyway and would rather it use the model's the same as my other avatars I've rigged. I am using Blender 2.66 to rig the clothing, does anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem?
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