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  1. Dancing with my Joey to celebrate our anniversary.
  2. Perrie Juran wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: @ Coby and Perrie, LOL! You didn't expect me to actually pee in public, did you? Might be an idea for a picture posted in the adult forum, though.... :smileytongue: Well, this is Second Life you know. It is Second Life. We don't need to pee or poo. We are perfect
  3. Bobc49 wrote: Thank you all very much, alot of information to take in. Don't be overwhelmed. It's a gradual thing. When people stop giving you advice on how you look you know you are doing good.
  4. UncommonTruth wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: Huh... Not too sure about two things. :smileysurprised: Plus, am I not a bit too old to wear this kind of hair? No, you're definitely not too old, it's so pretty! Cute kitty Saraya ^.^ I've been tweaking my shape over the last few weeks, and decided it was time for new skin (skin shopping :matte-motes-crying:) I bought one, but then found another that's completely different than the old me, or the new me. My friends have had mixed opinions, and I cannot decide! Pleeeeaaase, help me! Al Vulo skin or Curio skin... I vote for the second one. It looks adorable.
  5. Bobc49 wrote: I would like to find someone that can help me tweak my AV. And how can I know if they are any good at it?? And what could I expect to pay for such services? Post a picture. People will give you some constructive criticism here to help you.
  6. NealCrz wrote: Lol cool pic. Where's the kitty? I didn't think to put the kitty in there.
  7. I've joined the ranks of LAQ bed owners. All snugged in bed:
  8. Saraya Starr wrote: Me, just hanging around at home... Red is always good!
  9. Saraya Starr wrote: ..sighs..guess it is one of those days today when I am wondering whether it is worth staying in sl Sorry, just in one of those funky moods :smileysad: You can always send me an IM if you want to talk. I can shoot you in the head a few times
  10. Val that made me laugh. I want to hear you bark
  11. That's the puppy I thought about getting! What did you name it? I was going to name mine Stella.
  12. Where are you from? US When did you join SL originally? 2006...quit...came back in 2008 been here since. What have you mainly spent your time doing in SL in the past? With my SL hubby and friends How are you planning to spend your time in SL in 2013? Hopefully the same. Question back at you: Where did the name Porky Gorky come from?
  13. valerie Inshan wrote: PG bath. New from LAQ. (Non PG is allowed ) What a pretty bath scene!
  14. NealCrz wrote: cool pic. You feeding that cat chocolate? lol No he's just a little tubbo.
  15. Thank you Val. I decided to try a zooby, the vkc ones are crazy.
  16. My new zooby kitty Jack. He's a tubby little thing.
  17. Val! Never apologize for sharing something like that. We are all so happy when you are happy. I love that you share those intimate pictures.
  18. UncommonTruth wrote: LOL Neal, why yes it is a giant rubber duck in the pond, good eye! :smileylol: Very good eye. I dont' see a rubber duck.
  19. valerie Inshan wrote: Lol Raven, sounds very close to wearing a night gown... What does Joey sat if I may ask? :smileyhappy: Plus you chetated: ,pic???? Awwww! What does Joey say? Stay that way? I just got a new bed with covers so I'll work on a picture.
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