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  1. I hadn't realized that a quick snapshot was going to cause anyone to judge the type of hardware I was using or I'd have attempted to take a more polished picture for your scrutinization. I have my graphics turned down because I was told to. Since I use windlight settings someone said I don't need anything higher. Also, I took the picture in a nonspecific area and snapped it quick (the focus was on my glitch). My pc (not a laptop) probably does need a cleaning but I'm not a smoker (just dust bunnies here). Anyway, the problem is fixed. Thank you again Heart.
  2. Sweet it worked! Thank YOU! I thought someone had told me that I had to have that checked though. If it doesn't need it then I'm good to go! lol Thank you Heart! :heart:
  3. http://gyazo.com/4241b880bfa8d8bcdf9d94b86b67b43d I've had this top for a long time and it's never done this before. Could it just be this particular top? I found the top on the MP (by another creator) and it looks like, by the reviews, that it doesn't happen for everyone (or that it is a recent issue). Would messaging the person I bought the item from for a new copy make a difference? Or is it just a lost cause at this point. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cross-Strap-Tank-Fatpack/5651612?page=1This isn't the one I bought but the top is the same one. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blueberry-Jennifer-Mesh-Tank-Top-White/4848190 Ironically, this is the same top but this issue doesn't exist (or it appears to not exist from the reviews). I just grabbed the demo of this top....and the demo is doing it to me too now. :( I admit, my new house is fully mesh, my hair is mesh, my eyes - mesh, my body is now fully mesh, my clothes - all mesh. Could these things all be interacting with each other? I've noticed when I change anything mesh on my avatar my house has to render itself all over again. Am I being paranoid? lol Thank you for the help guys. Idk where I'd go to ask these questions if you all didn't help. lol
  4. I realize I should have the hang of this by now....anyway, I tried to forum search this question but to no avail. Sometimes when I go to edit my avatar's face the camera angle switches to a behind view. I can't really see what I'm doing and I don't know how to forceably make the editing window centered on her face. I'm sure there is a simple solution, could anyone share it with me please? <3 Thank you!
  5. That's the one that I remembered from Dura, thank you! It's got those pieces hanging straight on the sides though. I think the one I'm looking for will have softer curls or waves but no bangs. Thank you for linking it. That one is similar too Heart but definitely not what I'm looking for. I'll keep looking. The problem is...I see so many pieces that I like and I keep spending my money on ones that aren't this one. lol
  6. It isn't really an updo, it's somewhere between wavy and curly, and it's somewhere between short and medium length. I keep thinking I've seen it somewhere before...but I can't remember where. I've searched Truth, Magika, Exile, D!va, Catwa, ploom, Analog Dog...and I'm going to recheck Dura. I think it seems like I've seen it in the unisex section there (but I did check there already). If anyone has seen something like this, please help? It's making me batty. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2190/2222273622_85b10f796f.jpg p.s. It's probably best not to ask who the girl is. lol It might not be appropriate for the forum. :O
  7. I sincerely wanted to understand what you said here. If I were to make it out of mesh I would have to make it in a program first and then upload it right? I'm assuming that's what you mean. I don't have photoshop and wouldn't know where to begin to use any outside programs. I'm going to see about taking the flexi off again. I had gotten a curved prim that looked like this ( but when I unchecked the flexi box I think it snapped back to this |. I figured if I could make it look like this ( and then stretch one side (_ and make it all one piece I'd be good to go. Wasn't even that easy (for a newb like me anyway). Thank you for the quick replys! Rolig! Thank you! Don't have a clue how you did it but it's GREAT! and exactly what I was looking for! :heart:
  8. I'll link the MP listing of what I am trying to make here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Studio-Backdrop-Photoshoot-backdrop-Builders-Kit-Set/2230140?page=2 I'm not trying to make something to sell. I know how to plop in textures into a prim. I just can't for the life of me figure out how to make a curved flat prim like this one. Can it be done with 1 prim? Is that why this is a 2 prim object? I just want a wall like this for my tiny apartment to take pictures with and 200 is way to much (in my honest opinion) for a curved flat prim. lol Can anyone just link me to a tutorial that I can read on how to do this? I managed something close..but it turned out to be flexible and looked like a flag waving in the air. lol Thank you in advance.
  9. 30 a week seems doable. If I don't have to deal with crippling lag then I might stick around this one. I loved the last landlord I had but when she moved my location (because I wanted less and less prims I think) to an Adult sim the lag caused me so many problems I eventually bailed. This place is cute though. Thank you to all of the replies I had so quickly too. You guys are awesome!
  10. I miss the changing rooms! :womansad: I've found that I need just 3 things. I need a pose stand, a "home" location, and some tunes. So literally, the amount of prims I need are ..well none if there is a pose stand and I can open boxes. Sandboxes freak me out btw. They're not private and I've had people push me, cage me, box me, throw me....you name it. Help? <3
  11. Thank you Freya and Hitomi! I thought that option was a little freaking weird! lol To Sigren, I happen to like the SL viewer. I've tried the others in the past and they had a clunky feeling to them for me. I assumed if I used it long enough that I would have gotten used to it, but I like the SL viewer, so why bother. Thank you though.
  12. I hadn't logged into SL for awhile, so I had to update it (ofc). After restarting it, I clicked my avatar to move the camera and a hand pops up and the camera goes in the opposite direction that I want it to go to. I looked for an "invert" or something option...but I'm finding nada. This is really frustrating because I feel like I can't even move my avatar. Which kinda defeats the purpose of logging in at all. :( Can I change this back to how it used to be? Edit: Ok....I found the "invert" tick box....but it's not changing how the camera is controlled. I like to use the mouse left click and drag to look around (like the MMO's I play) and this is seriously not working. Why is that little hand even there? :(
  13. I recently realized what those filters were and I'm impressed that they added them. I don't know when they did...but I remember when the suggestion for the filters came up. So yea! for that! :) My question is, we can "Close all folders", but can we "Open all folders"? After I apply a few filters I'd like to be able to open the remaining folders so that I can delete things much faster. Instead I've got to open each one, omg it was tedious and I gave up after 10 minutes.
  14. Well, I was going for some kind of fairy-esqe look. I managed to find a pretty hairstyle, dress, boots, no eyelashes and no fae ears (which are kind of tantamount to the look but those things jacked me up to like 140k). I'm at 41, 731. I'm not nude tho! :smileytongue:
  15. Thank you Tamara, going to IM Lain now (if the thing will open that is). I messaged you privately Medhue.
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