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  1. Looks good Sara, but you know I like you as a redhead
  2. UncommonTruth wrote: Saraya, I Love that dress too! You look like a celtic bride or something, very pretty Kelli, your pirate definitely has the booty! Great shot Raven you look so pretty! Were you going dancing? Love the hair too edited cause I thought I'd already said WOW to Marianne's closeup, but guess I hadn't D: My newest crosspost lol, since I'm not on as much, I don't take as many pictures and the ones I do take I wind up posting Everywhere <_< oh well, this way they're well documented :smileylol: Went to a live music event at a mansion. Thank you Like your garter
  3. Trying out a shorter hair style. Usually go long, but think this is kind of cute.
  4. "I feel pretty oh so pretty' zombie by Neal
  5. So I made a mini me. She looks sort of ill.
  6. valerie Inshan wrote: Lacking words here... but none are needed.... It's about time you came back Val! It's not the same without you.
  7. UncommonTruth wrote: Raven1 Short wrote: A bear a banana and me. Hahahahahahahaha, you're letting the bear drive your banana?! You're very trusting! :smileylol: Well, he won't let me drive!
  8. I had fun. He's a riot Here's a shot I got of the two of you.
  9. Saraya Starr wrote: NealCrz wrote: Raven1 Short wrote: Cold Logic shopping with Sara. 50% off sale! I'm always at the wrong store , damn! ,,,,,Sistas looking good. Yes we some hawt sistas Have to post MY pose of the dress.. pokes her little sis and grins Yowza again
  10. Cold Logic shopping with Sara. 50% off sale!
  11. I'll join in too. Showing off my dress from Inguene. They have the cutest clothes that fit really well.
  12. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Saraya Starr wrote: LoriLexa wrote: Thank you Saraya and your pics are amazing, I love to see all the different outfits You are welcome Lori. I love seeing new people here and their pics. I am afraid I am a fashionaholic? I love trying new things..lol I am still learning Photoshop, so many of my pics are hit and miss I could fill many pages with all the clothes I have in my inventory but I am afraid people would revolt and come after me with torches, screaming, " burn the crazy woman!" Who cares what people think? You just keep posting as much as you want. I may not always take the time to comment on every pic, but I always enjoy seeing them. Here's one I took of myself last night at a Wizard of Oz themed party... ...Dres (Eat your heart out, Billie Burke.) I think the chest hair makes the outfit complete
  13. Saraya Starr wrote: And another Of course you know....I like that hair!
  14. NealCrz wrote: Raven1 Short wrote: Dress. shoes and little Fawn that I got in the Inspiration Hunt looking good bud. Whats her name? I don't know yet. any suggestions?
  15. Dress. shoes and little Fawn that I got in the Inspiration Hunt
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