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  1. That dance was so cute. Good to see you again Val.
  2. http://www.avatarsocialnetwork.com
  3. They only take Paypal connected with a bank. I have on that I set up for Visa gift cards and they don't accept it.
  4. I noticed there is a half price sale to become Premium. I also notice there are less choices for linden homes. What is up with that?
  5. This store has some nice makeup for nice prices: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Glamorize-First-Impression-Eye-Makeup/3257128
  6. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: http://www.thehugshack.com/ I now have the song Love Shack in my head only "love" is replaced with "hug"
  7. Czari Zenovka wrote: Studio09 wrote: Czari Zenovka wrote: ... Where's Waldo Czari: ETA: Meatloaf is on the far right (just in case you (generic you) have not seen Meatloaf since his younger years; his daughter, Pearl, is the blonde on the far left at the mic. I would guess on the left of the group of people in the middle of the stage. The tall blond in a white top and jeans. She looks right in her element. Zzzzttttttt. Wrong...but thank you for playing. Next! So what is the answer?
  8. Thank you Sara. Joey picked it out for me.
  9. Thank you Val. You are the one that makes this thread come alive.
  10. I'll pop in here too with a recent picture:
  11. LeetahSoulstarr wrote: Hey Girls Hitting you up inworld. If I miss anyone, add me. Mariah created a group..open enrollment. Lets crash it! What is the group?
  12. Treyu wrote: I've been here a long time and don't have many friends to show for it either. Over 50 on my FL and maybe 3 or 4 of them talk to me regularly. I'm mostly at fault for this, though. I vanish for months at a time and hardly talk to others. I wait for people to talk to me instead and even then, sometimes I'm too anxious or uninterested in conversation to carry it on long. And then I wonder why I'm lonely, heh. :c So then you or any others in this thread should send me or another an IM and say Hi.
  13. Frawmusl wrote: ^.^ It would be a delight to talk sometime! Toss me an IM whenever you feel like it, Im usually sitting with my head stuck in blender so I might be slow to reply intially Sounds painful. :smileyvery-happy:
  14. caliella wrote: Or more than one person! Hi, I'm Callie, and I get bored sometimes, so I thought I would go on the lookout for a friend or two. I used to come on SL a while back but I left, and about a month or so ago I decided to come back I'm 22, but I would be happy to befriend someone of any age if we clicked. Guy or girl, I really don't mind! I'm not looking for a relationship though, as I have one of those. I suppose I don't really have many hobbies in SL, although I'd say I'm fully qualified in shopping. I love finding bargains, so to have a shopping buddy who gets just as excited as I do about these things would be pretty fun! I like exploring the music scene, although I'm not really a clubber, and I haven't found a place to haunt yet. I also love to just explore in general, so if you know places that leave you in awe or spark your curiosity, maybe they will spark mine too! I'm a dorky weirdo so chances are I will always be doing something odd/going somewhere odd/wearing something odd. I suppose it's a way I can express myself, because I'm not sure if I have the confidence IRL to go shopping in a wetsuit, or get dressed up as a granny and go to a gig. I may fantasise, but that never happens, unfortunately. Despite the previous paragraph I'm not into any kink or the sexual side of SL. It just doesn't really interest me. And despite the previous essay, I am shy at first. But, if I get comfortable with you, you won't be able to stop me from talking, and I would like to think that you'd have found a loyal friend. Okay enough bigging myself up, anyone? EDIT: Oh my gosh it's the attack of the smilies, sorry! Me too if anyone is on during the day. I'm usually on my own
  15. So let's make a group, or set up a meeting spot for people who want to meet and chat to hang out.
  16. caliella wrote: I'm new to the forum, although not new to SL, having been around for a few years on and off. I never even knew this forum existed, the whole time! Anyway, I feel a lot like you, Moz. I haven't had friends the whole time I've been on here. I suppose I never really tried that hard, being quite introverted, and I guess I was waiting for possible friends to stumble across me. Basically, I'm pretty sure I was doing it all wrong I'm also the kind of person who values deep, meaningful friendships, so if I don't click with someone, I can kind of predict the outcome of the friendship (Just another name sitting there on my list). I'm initially quite shy but when I feel close to someone I can talk for England There was one girl on another grid who I suppose was like my best virtual friend really, we had stores and we shared a sim together, but she had a baby and then disappeared. I will always think fondly of her and miss her. But you've gotta move on, so here I am, hoping to make some friends. IM me inworld if you like, I would be happy to chat! (Also, my partner likes skateboarding in SL but equally has no-one to do it with, so I can point you in his direction too. ) Also if someone makes that group, Count me in! And whoever mentioned that story about the tables at a camp (can't see the posts now as I'm typing on the message page) I think that's so sweet, and it brings back some similar memories for me Everyone seems to be waiting for someone else to make this group.
  17. Why assume she meant she thinks furries are that way? Maybe she meant she won' t be that way to anyone whatever her av is. Way to go for people to jump on a new person and make them feel welcome.
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