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  1. Residents will need to re-subscribe to the thread in the new location.
  2. Residents will need to re-subscribe to the thread in the new location.
  3. Can people who received this message PM me? Please include a copy of a message and a link to a profile of the person who sent it. Thanks!
  4. Interpersonal Disputes or Personal Negative Commentary: If you have a personal disagreement, do not post about it on the Second Life community pages. Residents who have personal differences have other channels of communication available to them — private messaging in the forums, IM within Second Life, or chatting within Second Life.  Please follow the guidelines. If this fighting continues I'll issue warnings to people participating in it.
  5. I let Lindens know. I'm sure they will fix it asap!
  6. Hi, can people who received this message send me a print screen of it and/or forward it to me (just click reply and change the original sender name to mine). Please include a link to spammer's profile, too.
  7. This thread went off topic and there's no reason for it to stay open.
  8. That thread has been closed. Please, do not continue threads closed by Lindens or moderators. Thank you.
  9. I ja się przywitam. Jestem moderatorką na forum i w razie kłopotów służę pomocą.
  10. An extract from Community participation gudelines: Content that is blatantly off topic is not permitted. You may also not post regarding subjects that do not relate to Second Life. It means all posted content needs to be related to SL.
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