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  1. Northfarthing region has been down and/or not accessible since 21:38 SLT on Jan 6, Monday night. Ticket was filed when sim crashed Monday night, and nothing was done, or done correctly. The Big Map showed another region from the mainland (Northfarthing is a private island sim) as replacing it. But there was no region there and no access, just fake water, as observed from the adjacent region south of it. Then Tuesday mid day the correct private full region was returned and restarted, but the region was closed to any residents, including the owner -The "unable to grant capabilities"
  2. You might want to try this, copied from Patch Linden's Topic: "Additionally, we have implemented the ability for parcel owners to reset their house controller scripts (the mailbox or life ring for rezzing a different house) should a Resident encounter an issue generating the house selection menu. If you do not receive a house selection menu when you click your House Controller, simply click on and hold the Controller for at least two seconds to reset the scripts. This should correct for most issues of this nature. If the problem persists after attempting this, please contact support."
  3. Time to remind the new residents about setting their security orbs. I was flying over the new houseboats tonight and triggered this one: 'Alyssa_Security_Orb' --Warning-- You have entered a private parcel, please leave now or you will be removed in 2 seconds. Good thing I was in my jet cruising at 30m/sec - just made it through before losing it. I sent her a polite IM with Covenant security orb rules.
  4. This would be the perfect time to announce the 2nd batch of Linden Home houseboats are ready.
  5. Well at least community.secondlife is still up - so don't have to do something useful in RL yet I was logged out with about 6 mins left in my set tonight - but kept streaming just in case. Looks like we all got hit w/ the planned network maintenance.
  6. I was logged off at 19:04 slt, was able to get logged in again about 19:26
  7. Assuming you have turned on Sit/Lay and Walk/Run in the Animation menu, your cat should start to move within 20 mins or less. If you think something is wrong with your free Firestorm cat, just file a support ticket with the cat's ID#, and they will send you a fixed copy to replace it. Callie Cline is the owner and designer for KC, but not a customer support person. She was in an auto accident a few months ago and on her doctor's orders, must remain in bed while she recovers from her injuries. She can only sit at her computer a short time until she heals. This has nothing to do with
  8. Green, where do you get that neat online graph? I just logged in, 13840 residents currently logged in I show
  9. It sound like you took the box contents to inventory which will break the kittybox. You must file a support ticket and Kittycats support will replace it for you. You can register at their website https://kittycats.ws and file a support ticket under the Support tab. You could also go their Main shop inworld, and ask a CSR to help you. The way you get the kitty out of the box is to left click on it after rezzing, get the Kittycats menu, and then click on the Unpack button and wait 10 minutes for your tiny kitten to appear. If you did this and your cat is in pieces inworld after you Unpack, st
  10. Founder of the Buzzeri group is Eleri Catlyn with an empty MP store and has no in world store atm - profile says she is moving and be patient. Send her a Notecard, she says. Buzzeri also shows her group and name in the LL Websearch in Firestorm.
  11. Welcome to the world of private sims run my land management companies that care, unlike the LL mainland ghetto. I never shout, and have more trouble with Firestorm putting me in whisper mode - the slow left thumb problem (a comment only you will appreciate.) Unless you are into sailing and want direct LL sea access, why does anyone live on the Mainland? LL are nothing but slum landords, allowing the grossest collection of crap to be erected anywhere, at any elevation, with no themes, ban lines everywhere, and some amaziingly terrible performance sims - again caused by LL's lack of enforce
  12. Yes you killed it, but it's not dead - just lost it's pixels. You need to send a support ticket to KittyCats and include the cat ID#, and you will get your whole kitty box returned to you within 24 hours, usually much less. http://kittycats.biz/index.htm That is the web page - you need to make an account. Then you can hit the Pedigree tab and see your kittenbox that you still own. Copy the ID# from that, and hit Support button - and send a support ticket with the ID# and title it "Lost Cat", or "I Killed My Kitten." All they need is the ID# to get your cat back. This happens to first t
  13. DMColz wrote: I know it says on the website So you don’t have to pay for the great services you receive on listen2myradio, your free account is financed by the ads on your page. That means your radio station can only be listened to on the subdomain you have created. However in reality thats not exactly true becuase to listen to the stream, you just encode it in SAMS, and add the server info into SL and BAM... you dont need to open a webpage to hear the music - it is delivered directly to the parcel just the same way any other shoutcast server would. IDK if its a loophole or whatever but
  14. Linden Labs has fixed the "Drop bug" and KittyCats has announced it is now safe to Cuddle/Hold/Lay and Walk with your cats again, and use the Drop button to detach them. No information from LL as to just what was causing the new bug (no surprise there). Announced today Jan 4, at 2:32 pm slt in the KittyCatS forum by the owner. Shamu
  15. Tari, I do not see your name mentioned in my post as claiming it was not a problem. I have seen other posts that venture in-world, find a sandbox, rezz and take a few items without any asset server error, and from that vast experiment, come back here and report it is not a problem because it didnt happen to them. And there are those who once had breedables, but now don't, but think their experience of 2-3 years ago is relevant to today's problem. Maybe it is, but the folks who see this problem today are in-world today, and it is an order of magnitude greater problem now. I quoted you about
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