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  1. Sands of Temptation Now Hiring: Dancers Strippers Escorts - both male and female Host/Hostess Temptation appears in everyones life in one form or another. Here you can give into that temptation and not be judged. We have strippers, dancers, escorts and special rooms for you to play in with our escorts. Shops, Fishing, Crystals and Gold Hunt too. Be prepared with a head shot and a bikini shot. (Thong shot for males) You gain 80% of your tips and the option of a free skybox with 20 prims available for you to live. Need DJ for 8-10 Mon through Sun Need DJ for 6-8 Mon-Sun Need host 6-8 Thurs-Sun Need host for 10-12 mon-sun Need Dancers and Strippers for 10-12 Mon-Sun Need Dancers and Strippers for 8-10 Mon through Sun ( male )and (female) Need dancers and Strippers for 6-8 Mon-Sun (male)and (Female) Need both male and female escorts with availability between 6-12 pm SL time Mon through Sun ( 1 males and 2 female) Contact People: Alstria, cabot242 for an application or stop by and click on the now hiring board in front of the club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ascalon%20North%20Toxavia/38/203/26
  2. Need DJ for 8-10 Mon through Sun Need host 6-8 Thurs-Sun Need strippers for 8-10 Mon through Sun ( male )and (female) Need strippers for 6-8 Mon-Sun (male)and (Female) Need both male and female escorts with availability between 6-10 pm SL time Mon through Sun ( 1 males and 1 female) Emoting is essential for this job because you will be stripping (except DJs) Contact alstria (me) or my gen manager cabot242 for an application
  3. My new club has several events that I would love to have sponsers for. Will put out landmark boards and create a special gesture for your buisness. It is an adult parcel so keep that in mind before you contact me.. Contact me or cabot242 inworld for more info
  4. I have opened a new club in an adult rated parcel.. I am currently hiring pole strippers, hosts, and escorts.. We have rooms avaliable for clients to use with our escorts. We have daily Themes as well as events with a contest board as well. Please contact me in world for an application.
  5. okay so I just signed into the default viewer and everything is fine. What should I do about FS now?
  6. So I have dumped my cache and logged in 3 times now. My inventory is empty. All my folders are there but there is nothing in them. I had to pick a new avatar to rez myself. I had no issues last night and then today BOOM
  7. I won one of these cats and it's sick. Where do I get the food for it?
  8. can someone please help me. I have bought several cats from the MP and the contents are not the smae as if I bought it forom the inworld store. No notecards came with it. There are about 24 different pieces of a cat. What am I supposed to do with them
  9. no land I want an apartment or hotel room that is already furnished for 50-100L a week with 25-35 prims
  10. I am looking for an apartment on a RP sim. I have been RPing for 20 plus years. Tabletop, chatroom ect. I can play a lot of different roles but my favs are a therapist ( I am a Psych major) A history teacher (History is my minor) as well as many other positions. If I haven't done it I am eager to learn it. Except GOR ...No thank you Throw me a line and I will come and check out your sim Thanks~ Monica
  11. If TV is not working ATM count it as a blessing there is nothing much on it worth watching anymore. :matte-motes-yawn:
  12. How do I cancel a request to downgrade my account?
  13. Alstria

    Looking for RP

    Hello I am looking for somewhere to RP. I have 20 years experience outside of SL with tabletop and chatroom characters. I play mostly vampires, demons or humans. This is a new avatar and I haven't decided which way I want to run with her yet so I am posting for you guys to respond what kind of RP you have to offer. You can contact me in world...That would probably get you the fastest response as I only come in here every few days...One RP I refuse to partake in is GOR....Thanks for reading this Monica
  14. okay whivch one does it belong in please so I can move it
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