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  1. PARTY STARTS @6PM!..SANTANA SUPERNATURAL! 2 HOUR HOLIDAY EVENT Cinco de Mayo @ CHAINED...BDSM CLUB TONIGHT @ 6PM! ◢▧☠✠☠▧◣◢▧☠✠☠▧◣◢▧☠✠☠▧◣ ★ıllı★ WHAT: ♬• SANTANA SUPERNATURAL♬ ★ıllı★ WHEN: ♫•PARTY STARTS @ 6 TO 8 pm SLT•♫ ★ıllı★ WHERE: ♬• CHAINED BDSM CONCERT VENUE•♬ Brought to you by Thunderstorm Entertainment ◢▧☠✠☠▧◣◢▧☠✠☠▧◣◢▧☠✠☠▧◣ JOIN US & RIDE THE LIGHTNING!: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Peak/134/61/3902
  2. So I was able to buy some linden today and I have been trying to comb through Marketplace.. I got really annoyed and bummed out because it's all gatcha stuff now..Anyone actually making stuff for maitreya bodies anymore? I can't handle the gatcha stuff anymore
  3. Hello there We are hiring at Chained BDSM Club for Dancers, DJs and Hosts. We are hiring for all shifts but most need is 12am - 8 am SLT You will get 100% of your tips !!!!!!! Your avatar must be 30 days old.. Unless it's an alt for one you have that is over 30 days old DJs must have their own steams Dancers must know how to emote Hosts must be friendly and attentive Visit us to get applications or hit me up in world !!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Peak/132/103/3500
  4. Indeed it is, people like that make me sick and have no honor at all.. and unfortunately there is nothing you can do about being a revenant. Unless you become a vampire and then use the mandrake potion to reverse it. I would suggest just not wearing the hud and state in your profile that you are no longer playing the game. I am sorry for what was done to you. It would also seem your mistress doesn't love you as much as you think... VelvetAngel25 Resident's soul is in the Abyss. They need to drink the Hemlock potion to rescue it. Only she could throw away your soul...
  5. So I am on firestorm first of all I was decorating my house and when I tried to walk somewhere my avatar wouldn't move. I logged off and am trying to log back in with no luck...help????
  6. I had to sign in just to reply to this topic... I just had the pleasure of looking you up in game Ernesto and I would tend to agree with Orwar here. This is for attention.. Quote your profile: Also I like to put up some community. Its not important what kind of community, important is to all meet in my castle. You can't put it in your profile but you can put it in forums for all of us to see.. And just because I can say this.. I am a Bloodlines Vampire ... I am Wicca and no one I know in Bloodlines is Satanic so assuming vampires are is actually just ignorant.
  7. Hello there Candi and welcome to SL !!!! I looked you up and the first thing I suggest is doing your profile and putting a pic on there of your avatar. If you need help I will gladly help you. A lot of people won't talk to you if you have nothing in your profile. It's a shame but there is a reason. New people with no profile have been turning up as griefers or peoples alts that just wanna cheat on their mains partner or cause some kind of drama. I hope you have a wonderful SL experience
  8. Come and check out the greatest club family in SL
  9. First of all if the 'vampire' had any class they wouldn't have to trick people...I am in bloodlines and poaching souls is frowned on by most bloodlines people.. There is a potion to get your soul back and a necklace to keep us from even asking to bite.. People who use tricks are not part of the actual bloodlines community... or shouldn't, wouldn't be if they get caught doing that crap
  10. both times I went there it was empty
  11. I have been in a few but they seem to disappear quickly.. I am looking for some RP... I am in bloodlines so Vampire RP is cool. All I ask is it's not the kind of RP that gets me killed or scarred and no sexually explicit RP please
  12. We have awesome staff and are looking for more!!!!
  13. Come down to Chained BDSM Club tonight at 8 pm SL time for an awesome event tonight We have Best in Spring Colors tonight at 8 pm SLT 1000L on the board The sponsor is KCB LLC DEJ Luna will be spinning some awesome tunes tonight so drop buy in your best spring colors and enter for a chance to win a piece of 1000L
  14. this post was from a year ago.. you can stop replying now.. it's all good.. I found what I wanted
  15. you get 100% of your tips
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