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  1. I agree with Celestiall's statement on intelligence and confidence. True, appearance does amount to some things to some, and there are those out there in RL and SL who are shallow to base all of their attention and affection on looks alone, most people prefer the dialogue and interaction of who they speak to. I have a friend who buys me gifts every time he logs on, telling me how he enjoys my company, how I make his day better, and how fortunate he is that he met me on SL, he stated that it was not my looks that caught his heart but how we got along together. We first met in a crowded social place and I was an egg or some grey figure when we met, what I looked like when i finally rezzed was an "added benefit" in his own words. The same goes for some of my female friends who said the same thing.
  2. Hi Finrod: There are many roleplaying sims in SL, too many to list on these forums, use your destination guide and search under 'roleplaying communities' and a lot of sims will be listed. Other places to check out are the chat rooms. Have fun!
  3. I would not suggest a specific hairdo, clothing, or skin/shape. Everyone sees each person differently and that includes in SL. I would say that a good wardrobe is essential in terms of getting or two outfits to fit a versatile lifestyle, meaning some for casual wear, some for formal evening wear, some for semi-formal events, some for other things. This of course includes hairdo and skin...I have several hairdos and skin variations of my looks (fair to deep tanned). Versatility and to be comfortable in your own "skin" is essential as well. You could ask women on what they think, but they know what they like, not always knowing what a lot of women like since they do not wear or look for men clothing and haircuts. This may sound weird, but you can always ask gay guys on what looks good on a guy...they have good fashion sense.
  4. You mean like me? Big glasses, denim shorts/pants, sneakers, bubble gum. In the college RP sim I am in, I do not know how I can study when I am being asked out so much.
  5. WOW LANAS! Love that energetic pose! (God I need to work out more often, I can't even do that)
  6. Hi Sonja: Welcome to SL! Please feel free to IM me if you need a companion to explore. I am often hanging at a RP sim, shopping, dancing, or exploring as well.
  7. My avi has continued to evolve in different forms since my birth, still a work in progress. Dancer --> model --> business woman right now.
  8. Hi Miyuki: I did a search on SL marketplace and got a few good ones under search word "elf" Nothing good appeared under "Arwen" Do the search, take note of the stores listed, and find them inworld. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Sky: I am often around SL in a roleplaying sim, shopping, or just chatting. If you want to chat, IM me if you see me online. I do not mind having another friend to chill/chat/hang with. One question: your RL GF doesn't play SL?
  10. Hi Belle: Welcome to SL! Social interaction can be a task for some people, I used to be like that when I was younger, and computers and SL can be a better medium to open up communication with others without the social awkwardness that live conversations can dish out. I have found roleplaying built my social skills and rid my shyness, I created a fictional character (you can say, your SL avatar for instance), entered into a social roleplaying group (sim in SL), and acted out my character. The difference between this type of social interaction and real-life situations was that the characters and social interaction were not real, so there was no actual repercussions or real life elements to affect my actions towards others in the group. The more I indulged a willingness to be more expressive, the more I personally built my own inner strength to be the person I was. My personality are not the roleplayed characters I played, I used roleplaying as a means to learn to be more sociable and open with a group of people. The part of making friends, when people get to know you even through your roleplaying, they will eventually want to know the real you behind the avatar and that is where the real friendship you seek will be presented.
  11. Tell us what are your interests. Based on your response, we at this forum can help lead you to places that may be of interest to you and find like-minded people to chat and hang with. Everyone is looking for friends, but friendships stay if there are common interests. Welcome back to SL!
  12. My nerdy girl avi in a college RP sim, funny how guys still hit on me...go figure.
  13. Hi Hellena! Welcome to SL! Hope you find your time in SL to be a most enjoyable and eventful experience like I and many others had. Free advice: be sure to get some new skins (rid yourself of those noob skin/shape, there are freebie places that offer free skins/shapes), new clothes (there are freebie places to get free clothes), complete your profile with something interesting about yourself, maybe add in some groups/picks that interest you. How you look and how your profile looks says a lot about you in addition to your SL birthdate. Have fun exploring SL and making friends! :womanvery-happy:
  14. Excellent visual guide, Penny! I will use it for my own avis.
  15. I used to be one of those tall amazons too, 8-1/2 heads tall...I did not want to be an amazon! Worked my height down to a shorter stature, but I am still over 6 feet. Funny, how when you shrink your height a bit, drop some muscle for a more slender look, it makes your boobs look bigger and I did not change the boob size/cleavage/gravity settings...guys keep asking me if I got some boob job. There are some benefits to shrinking :womanvery-happy:
  16. Would love to post some of mine, but I am having difficulty trying to post pics here. Tried <img src="hsgvjh"> and , no result...am i missing something here?
  17. Interesting, other than Shiki, I do not know of too many asian skin vendors. In the number of places I have been to, I haven't even seen any hot asian guy-avis. Mostly its been white guys, some tanned, some dark tanned guys, a few black guys, but no asians (other than that noob one you start off with).
  18. I must be at a loss here, I am unable to post any pics on this thread...tried img src, img, and so on. Grrrr :robotmad:
  19. Hey I thought you looked like a dwarf shemale! So disappointed now :matte-motes-crying: Just kidding :matte-motes-silly: You look hot, Ian, very niiiiiice!
  20. Sounds like good advice. Sounds familiar on who you heard it from. Havent seen you online lately....guess we login at different times. :matte-motes-shocked:
  21. Welcome to SL, Nike. Actually, in RL you are only as old as you feel. In SL, you are only as old as what your avi looks like. :matte-motes-oh-rly:
  22. The profile can say a lot about a person. If you have a interest in RPing, story-telling, and wanting to meet like-minded people, make sure it states that in your profile text. Also, join a few RP groups so that it shows up as your groups and picks on your profile. Some people prefer to read up on a person before responding or start a chat. Lastly, appearance in a virtual world is mostly superficial, so be sure to lose the noob looks, shop and wear some new skins, clothes and so on (there are a ton of freebie marketplaces everywhere), people respond better if you look less like a noob. Welcome to SL and have fun!
  23. I love LAQ skins, have not tried Belleza skins yet but I heard they were also excellent. IMO there is no best shape, your shape is really up to what you want. The vendors that sell shapes have made what they like, but perception is fluidic...what he/she may like may not be what you like. So, the best shapes are what you make. I change my shape (just tweak here and there) every so often depending on my mood.
  24. Take the compliment anyway, Kelli...it looks good. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  25. Wow, I love drow elves! Yours is a hybrid of animal and drow elf, superb look! Very nice! Compliments to you.
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