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  1. Same for me, we had this same issue not that long ago, they really need to fix this stuff, there always seems to be some kind of issue going on with Marketplace.
  2. Same, I just listed an item and it's not showing
  3. I have the same issue, over the last couple of days my listings have decreased by at least 200 and I know I've only sold a few items. I just refreshed the page for my store and it dropped by another 10 for no reason!
  4. I filed a ticket and the response I got was this "Thank you for contacting Second Life Support. We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Marketplace. We did recently make some updates, which we posted in a blog that you can read; Marketplace Search Updates. As part of the changes to the way search works, in order to get an exact match you will need to put the search phrase in quotation marks. For example, if you are searching for a product called little red wagon, you will want to search for it as "little red wagon". You will find that this provides you with much better results." So basically this is how the new search engine works and you have to get used to it, smh!
  5. Here we go again! We had this same issue last month and it was supposed to be fixed, now it's back, last time it took hours to fix it..
  6. This has been happening to me too, 3 times last month, then it stopped, then yesterday someone bought a Rare then posted a bad review saying empty boxes, scammer, then this morning another one bought the same 2 rares then posted it was copybot. The reviews last month were removed by customer support but I also noticed that the accounts disappeared from search. One of the accounts that purchased from me did message me and said her account had been hacked. So it looks like someone is hacking accounts, buying gachas and leaving bad reviews, each time I've checked transaction history it says they had 10 items in their cart although only 1 or 2 were purchased from me, I have heard that others are also experiencing this, it's very frustrating.
  7. I'm having the same issue, it's not letting me edit any MP listings, I get the message. "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back!" I also noticed it deletes the Listing category. This has been happening for the last few hours.
  8. I've also been having this issue for about 2 weeks now, getting lots of out of stock emails but no sales ones and in transactions it says "being Delivered" I usually get the sales email a few hours later or the following day. If they are saying it's fixed, clearly it's not lol
  9. I've been having the same problem for the last 3 or 4 days, I receive an "out of stock" email but no sales email. I'm also seeing the "being delivered" in the transaction history under marketplace.
  10. This is the thing that concerns me too. With all the creators we have from around the world, I have no idea what would be classed as intellectual property and yes I know as you say you can google, but what if you don't suspect and you list something anyway, then you get hit with a warning or a ban for something that you honestly didn't realize you had done wrong because you didn't create the item. I'm then gonna be worried about anything else I've listed. I do try and stick to creators I know and whose Gachas I have played regularly but mistakes happen. I will certainly take more care when listing in the future but feel that resellers shouldn't be treated as harshly as a creator would, Just my opinion of course.
  11. Second Life Marketplace is down for maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience. It'll be back online soon! Hopefully they will fix it
  12. I was thinking the same thing Dessi, I don't know whether to list or not, I may try listing one item and then check if it shows
  13. The only way to know is clicking "unlist" then "list" for every item you can think of, I've been cleaning out my inventory over the last week so I have listed so many items, I can't remember them all, ughhh
  14. So I just did a test and I unlisted and relisted a set of items using the marketplace inworld that were not showing on my marketplace store and they now show, I don't have time to do this for every item i have listed though, there seems to be some connection issue between marketplace inworld and marketplace.com
  15. They may have resolved something but they screwed up something else. All the Epiphany Gacha items I've listed over the last 2 days, there must be about 150 of them are not showing when I search marketplace.com
  16. Over the last few days I have listed multiple items on Marketplace which now seem to have disappeared. I can see them in the folders when I open Marketplace inworld but if I search for them through my browser they are all gone, what's going on??
  17. Got an update on my ticket about Group chat not working, said the engineers made some adjustments. Group chat is now working again for me! Hopefully it's working for everyone else too and it stays that way
  18. An update would be nice, they posted on Grid Status 2 days ago but have said nothing since, this isn't a new issue as we had this same problem a month ago and they fixed it, all be it temporarily. 3 days without being able to post or see any group chats is frustrating.
  19. I had this issue about a month ago and it appeared to be fixed but for the last 2 days again I am unable to post in any of my group chats. Very few group chats are opening for me either, so I can't see if anyone else is posting. This is very frustrating.
  20. I'm getting the same problem, spoke to 2 friends of mine and they are getting it too, it's not just you Also on every one of my listings old and new I have this - SL folder name:The folder name failed to load. Refresh the page to try again. it still lets me list the item but not sure why that error is constantly there, it's been like that for about a week. They do MP maintenance but it's not fixing the issues, just causing more.
  21. I've noticed this over the last week or so, advertising my gacha stores, the chat doesn't show up in the chat box for me but others see it, the problem is people are posting 2 or 3 times cause they can't see their own chat but others can. I have noticed it only seems to be when a slurl is attached to the post, regular chat goes through ok.
  22. I can't see my friends online in my dashboard either, it's been like it almost all day
  23. Thank you Kristin, Just got the email and my Lindens back 🙂
  24. I had a linden dollar assessment too, I actually reported it just after it happened as I was suspicious of it. noticed the money was taken back this morning so I just filed my ticket, waiting to hear now. 3 of us got hit by the same person.
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