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  1. Back in 2016, and on this thread, I stated that I would not go with a mesh body, and was perfectly happy with my legacy avatar. In the two years since, I have changed to the Aesthetic male mesh avatar, got tired of that (even though I spent thousands on clothes for it), and finally went with the Signature Gianni body and the Catwa Daniel head. I have tried several skins and once I found Birth, that's where I've stayed. So yes, I have moved into the mesh avatar, and I'm very happy with how I look now! I've spent a lot of money to get my avatar right, but it's very satisfying once you do! I'm really looking forward to the Bakes On Mesh system going live, though I'm not sure how system clothes are going to look on my Gianni body. If it works likes what I'm seeing posted around, wearing some of my old system clothes is going to be fun!
  2. Rolig is right, Clancy. You may not use any copyrighted image (logo, character, etc.) in any of your uploaded textures. She is also right that Disney is one of the most strict companies with their images, and you will get a DMCA from them faster than you can say "Jack Robinson." Make your own textures.
  3. Rhys Goode wrote: I hate to tell you Zenrei. But if you *need* to use the collar to have your sub dress as you wish, and when you wish, they are not really your sub at all. *laughs* I just prefer to dress or undress them myself as I want. Yes, I could order them to put on or take off what I want them to wear or not wear. But if they have no say in the matter, the Dom aspect is reinforced.
  4. I have had a legacy avatar since I was born in SL in 2008. There are many reasons. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars over the years on clothing and accessories for my avatar, and I am loathe to give them all up. Secondly, I have also looked into the mesh avatars and they are all exceedingly expensive! TMP avatars are over L$13,000 to get the full package!! That's over $50,00USD! Not everybody can afford that or wants to spend that much on their avatar all at once. I don't want to spend that much. Thirdly, and since I am in the D/s scene, the alpha layers and mesh attachments are very difficult to discern when looking through a collar or ring menu. I don't want one of my subs wearing a mesh body. Fourthly, the male mesh bodies are most times, WAY out of porportion! (this is the reason I chose TMP) Most of them look like they have "moobs" and I'm not interested in having man boobs. So, for now, I will stick with my legacy avatar. I get told all the time how sexy I look. I see no reason to start all over again with a new avatar now.
  5. Tari Landar wrote: I have gone around inworld wearing some of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen...I have no regrets But then...I don't much care what others think about what I wear, so there's that. As for wearing a medical device of some sort out in public, I see nothing wrong with that. I've gotten a lot of flack for my kid wearing her medical devices, at varying times throughout her still somewhat young life, from others. It annoyed me, frustrated me, angered me, and saddened me, at one time. Now, I just laugh at folks who point, stare, make fun, and think they get to decide what she can and cannot wear out in public A little advice from someone who has also been on the receiving end of those stares, finger points and judgmental commentary from the peanut gallery....no one gives a crap if you want to see it or not, nor do they care if you think it is taboo. For some folks, it's merely an extension of their body, albeit often temporary. Give folks a break, it takes a bit of courage to leave the house knowing that others are going to take issue with it. Having to leave the house with medical equipment, isn't much of a picnic to begin with, just be grateful you don't have to, and keep moving along about your day. It's no longer cool to pick on folks less medically fortunate than yourself. Times, they are a changin' Howdy, Miss Tari, I have absolutely no problem with people wearing medical devices out in public. Heck, I work in a nursing facility where a lot of my residents have catheters, colostomy bags, oxygen, and all manner of things to help them go on living. However, there are things to help make those devices discreet. The fella in the doughnut shop? He could have wore long pants. Nobody needs to see his urine sloshing around in a clear bag strapped to his leg. Especially in an eating establishment. No, he only walked out of his house like that to garner sympthy. I would never point and snicker at anyone who had to wear a medical device. I knew, before I even started this thread, that I was gonna get the "It's the fashion police" posts. People saying that this is SL and people can be and do whatever they want, and...the rest. My whole point to this thread was to try to show, in a few words, what can happen if one doesn't take a few minutes when they change cloithes to inspect how things are attached. If my post helps one new person, then all the flack is worth it.
  6. I am constantly amazed at how people leave the house and present themselves in public nowadays in the real world. Some can't even be bothered to shower and wash their hair! And so as I travel around this wonderful world of Second Life, I am even MORE astounded at those who just attach something and have no care whether it's right or not. I'll give you an example: Today, I went to one of my normal hangouts, and there was this dude there who was a complete wreck. He was wearing a pair of glasses, and the left side of those glasses were tilted up into his forehead. His prim chest hair was hovering out from his body about three feet, he was wearing a females prim pregnancy belly which was this really pale white, while his avatar skin was very tan, and it was WAY too small for his gigantic body! He was old enough to know better than all that mess, too. So I ask you...is the carelessness we see out in the world every day making its way into SL as well? Are we going to start seeing avatars walking around in shorts with a catheter bag strapped to their legs? (I saw that last summer in a doughnut shop! Dude walked in wearing shorts, and here was a catheter bag strapped around his leg just full of urine for all the world to see!) So here's a tip, folks: When you attach something, swing your camera around, zoom in on it and inspect its fit from all angles. If it is tilted wrong, or hovering off your body, fix it. Have a care. You can be as beautiful as you want in this marvelous world. You just have to double check things once in a while.
  7. Howdy, Miss Chic! Yeah, I was thinkin legacy avatars. I didn't even think about mesh bodies and hands. Okay...time to think this through some more. Ha! Thank you for your efforts!
  8. You need a rotate script inside the sign prim, Iliana. I think I might have one I can send you. I'll be inworld shortly and check.
  9. I'm building an item that, in the end, will need to be held in the hand, and so I'm looking for a way to close the avatar hand around it when it is attached. I've searched the marketplace for a holding animation with no luck. It seems like I've seen other attachments close the hand when they were attached, so I know it's possible...I just need to learn how. Anybody have any suggestions? :-)
  10. Howdy, Pedrw! Your avatar looks good, Bro! If I could make a couple suggestions though; 1) Get rid of the sleeve tattoos. (this is a personal opinion of mine. I hate SL tattoos. They look terrible, all of them) 2) Get some body hair for him. The "shaved smooth all over" look is really tired. Here's a couple of links to body hairs you might consider: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/B-Hs/3489845 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/B-Hs-3/4796799 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/B-Hs-2/4213048
  11. Hoorenbeek is one of my favorites (but he hasn't adpoted liquid mesh (or fitted mesh) yet. Another of my favorites is Redgrave. She was one of the pioneers of liquid mesh I think and I love her designs. I've worn her male skins for several years now! Check those out too.
  12. HayleyDixon wrote: @ Marcus...thanks sooo much for sharing the step by step instructions on how to do the bulk editing with everyone. I wasn't sure how it was done. Miss Hayley, you're quite welcome! Hopefully others who don't know how will also see those instructions so they can get it done easily also!
  13. Howdy, Ivan Dude For the record, I have almost 700 and use Google Chrome. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  14. I'm off work now and checked my listings again. They have all stayed in General, so mine seems to be fixed. I'll still double check them once a day until the Lab indicates the problem has been resolved, though. Check to be sure you're bulk editing properly. Step 1 - Change the "Items Per Page" to 100 Step 2 - Find the items listed incorrectly and check the box next to the date to select the items that are wrong Step 3 - At the very bottom of the page, find the drop down box marked "Modify Selected Items" and change the drop down to "Edit" Step 4 - Click the "Go" button Step 5 - Once the edit window appears, check the box next to "Maturity Level" and click the "General" button (if General is already hilighted, click the "Moderate" button, and then the "General" button again to make sure it's selected) Step 6 - Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update." This should solve your problem if you're not willing to wait for Linden Lab to get them all fixed for you in a timely manner. It worked for me! :-)
  15. I just checked and mine are all still marked at General like they should be. I guess we'll have to check them from time to time until this whole mess gets repaired. Thank you for the heads up, Miss Phoebe! @Miss Sassy: I thought about doing that too. The problem I see with waiting for Linden Lab to fix it is that we don't know how long it will take them, and I didn't want my items in adult only category any longer than they had to be. It only took me a couple of minutes to fix, but may take days for the Lab to correct. I don't make much from my store, but I really need what I DO make.
  16. I had quite a few listings that got changed as well. I was able to bulk edit them (1 page at a time) so that they are all back to "General." In the edit window, the maturity category was showing "General," but I clicked "Mature" and then "General" again just to be sure, and then clicked Save. This solved MY problem. Until whatever got broken gets fixed, you can fix your listings this way.
  17. I know of several places that have the "Sit & Win" machine in their stores. When I had an inworld store, I went looking for one also. I found out that the maker pulled the item and no longer sells them. I don't know why. So, as far as *I* know, you cannot get one of them any longer and the only ones inworld now, are the ones purchased from him before he stopped selling them. :matte-motes-frown:
  18. Good Morning, Rosaline! It's actually quite easy. Darrius Gothly created a .pdf with instructions on how to do just that. Find it HERE.
  19. Good Mornin, Ren! I just wanted to let you know that your suggestion did the trick! I was able to take photos just like I wanted using the Ctrl-0 trick! Thanks again! Marcus
  20. Ren Toxx wrote: Change your camera's angle of view (Ctrl + 0 narrows it, Ctrl + 8 widens it, and Ctrl + 9 resets it) in conjunction with actually moving it closer or farther from your face, until you manage the desired closeup without the associated perspective distortion you describe. Most likely in your case you'll need to narrow the angle about two or three steps - therefore two or three presses of Ctrl + 0 Thank you, Ren! I'll give that a try in a bit and let you know if that worked!
  21. Howdy, Everbody! I have just completed work on some new eyes. All the creation work is done, but I have no idea how to photograph them so that the vendor graphic looks nice. I've tried different angles, close up's, distances, and every snapshot looks terrible. I wear a cowboy hat inworld and in closeup shots with the angle up towards my eyes, my hat looks like it's miles too big for my head. So, I took it off. Then my forehead looked huge. It was a mess. :-) I'd appreciate any help you can give on how to photograph eyes so they look natural and are close enough in the photo so that customers can actually see the color and details. Thanks in advance! Marcus
  22. When it comes right down to it, Syle, I see only two choices when it comes to this TOS. Either accept them and go on enjoying SL like we've done for years...or close down your store, delete your inventory, and close your account. Linden Lab isn't going to change the TOS back to what it was in the past. That part is over and done with. The group that was started not long after the new terms went into effect, the UCCSL, has proven to be a farce and ineffectual getting anything done. So, the choices again: Stay and enjoy, or Go. I choose to stay.
  23. Howdy, Haze! Yes, Homestead sims are the same size in square meters as a regular full prim sim. They can only hold one quarter of the prims though. A full sim holds 15,000 prims. Homesteads, 3,750. So 1/4. I don't see any reason you would have HAD to have a commercial parcel to have a public beach. Commercial parcels (sims) are made for stores and shopping. If you rented a homestead sim, you could have ALL that so long as the sim owner allows it and since you would be the only tenant on the sim, I don't see why they would object.
  24. Ilyra Chardin wrote: When we spoke about it in the group, we thought 40 or 100 dollars US as a one-time fee. That might stop the bulk of the scammers. And it would certainly reduce the volume of stores on MP, hopefully keeping the legitimate ones. Anyway, it was a thought. That's my two cents (L$5) There is no way in H.E.doublehockeysticks I would give Linden Lab ANY more than I do now in upload costs and transaction fees. $40 to $100US?? That's a colossal joke! Because of the current TOS, I am not doing any uploads, but, when and if it gets changed, I have over L$15,000 in texture uploads to do currently (and I'm still creating so there will be more than that). If some sort of fee like you suggest were actually installed, it would force me out of business because there is no way I could pay it. I make enough in sales to cover my home parcel tiers and have a little spending money inworld, but, that's all. No...I say absolutely not.
  25. Marcus Hancroft

    Sudden Flight?

    My roommate is a resident in SL as well, and he has a very frustrating (if interesting) problem. He demonstrated this for me last night, on the very computer I am on now and on which I also log in and use SL. He was on the ground standing there. Began walking down the sidewalk. Suddenly, he took off in flight! Arms and legs flailing, he went higher and higher until he double click teleported back down to the ground. He then teleported up to the building platform he uses. We noticed that, as he was standing there, he was hovering a little above the platform. Then, two steps, and off he went again! A double click teleport was needed to get him back to the platform. I use this same computer for SL, and I've never ever had this happen to me. He wondered if it was the new mesh shoes he was wearing. He took them off, tried a few steps, and up and away he went again! Whatever is causing this is triggering the "falling" animation because each time his arms and legs start flailing around. Has anybody ever had an issue like this before? Any suggestions on a resolution? What gets me is that this is the same computer I use, the exact settings I use (we use the latest Firestorm), and MY avatar never does this.
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